10 free courses in artificial intelligence from the best companies .. Learn online!

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10 free courses in artificial intelligence from the best companies .. Learn online!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field in computer science and engineering that aims to develop systems and software capable of enabling computer systems to perform tasks that require understanding and processing data in a way similar to human intelligence. Artificial intelligence includes research and development in techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, data storage, planning systems, and robotics.

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Applications of artificial intelligence range from improvements in simple automated systems to the development of complex technologies like self-driving cars and medical diagnostic systems. Companies, governments, and individuals use artificial intelligence to solve a variety of problems, enhance efficiency, and make better decisions based on analytical insights. Work in the field of artificial intelligence also involves research and development for the future improvement and advancement of AI systems.

1. Generative AI Training Course – LinkedIn

Free training course provided by LinkedIn, carefully curated and taught by 5 AI experts. More than just a technical tutorial, this course weaves together critical discussions around the ethical dimensions of AI, ensuring participants also think about the ethical implications of the technology they learn to use.

2. Structuring Machine Learning Projects – DeepLearning AI

This course from DeepLearning AI walks you through the intricacies of effectively managing machine learning projects and lays a strong foundation in essential strategies for data prioritization and error analysis. Proper project structuring is pivotal in taking machine learning models from concept to successful implementation.

3. Generative AI Learning Path – Google

This is a 5-day course from Google, where each day reveals new fundamental concepts about generative AI, large language models, and principles of responsible AI development. This course ensures a good, comprehensive foundation in these pivotal topics, and is suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners.

4. Data Science: Machine Learning – Harvard Online

Harvard Online introduces you to key concepts and common models in machine learning, as well as strategic techniques such as cross-validation. From exploring data to interpreting results, this course provides a comprehensive explanation of the data science process.

5. Transform your business – Microsoft

Microsoft’s course provides a comprehensive view of how AI is not just a technical tool but a transformative asset for businesses. Learn how Microsoft is integrating AI into a wide range of tools, products, and services, and explore how you can leverage it in your own organizational contexts.

6. AI Foundations for Everyone training course – IBM

IBM demystifies artificial intelligence and demonstrates its multifaceted applications in transforming modern life. Not only will you understand the basic applications of AI, but you will also gain insights from experts on how to navigate a career path in the growing field of AI.

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7. ChatGPT Robot Basics – Digital Partner

Explore the world of chatbots with Digital Partner and delve deeper into understanding OpenAI’s pivotal role in advancing global AI technology. This course invites you to understand the remarkable capabilities and notable limitations of AI-powered chatbots, such as ChatGPT.

8. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng – Coursera

An ideal course for anyone entering the world of AI and machine learning, Andrew Ng’s offering on Coursera ensures a solid foundation in understanding and implementing various machine learning algorithms, with an emphasis on the critical role of data and practical applications.

9. ChatGPT, Midjourney, Firefly, Bard, DALL-E, AI Crash Course – Udemy

This Udemy course delves into many of the best AI tools, with a hands-on approach that includes engaging real-world simulation activities. It aims to transform you from a beginner into a skilled user of these revolutionary AI tools.

10. CS50 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Using Python – HarvardX

Covering technologies from game engines to machine translation, this course not only teaches artificial intelligence, but allows participants to leverage AI principles to design innovative intelligent systems. Python, as a versatile programming language, serves as the backbone of the course, providing practical applicability in various AI projects.

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