3 Secrets To Revive Your Day

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3 Secrets To Revive Your Day

How many times a week do you feel overwhelmed with work? Do you spend most of your time dreading the backlog before you even start doing something?

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Note: This article is based on the author Emily Madill, who talks about her experience reviving her day.

Imagine how much lighter the day would be if the unnecessary anxiety that comes with completing daily tasks were eliminated. There is a sense of simplicity and ease that comes when you slow down your day to allow your mind to accommodate your current work pace away from the worries and anxiety.

We may get a result from work anyway, but the way we approach work – how we feel about our existence – is the biggest difference, which determines how we spend our day.

When we focus on the present moment, it is easy to take the next best step; Because it is so easy to experience first hand, it is the perfect way to move forward in life.

Slowing down your to-do list can disappoint your expectations. After all, the long list won’t complete itself. However, the added stress of worry, rush, or pressure to get many things done at once may prove effective at first but don’t push us further. of progress.

When you are busy with a lot of chores at once, you are more likely to miss one of them, and you end up creating more stress than necessary.

The Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education, states: “Studies show that when our brain operates on different levels and switches between tasks—particularly when these tasks are complex and require our active attention. We become less efficient and more prone to making mistakes.”

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Taking a single-focus approach to daily work is a more gentle and efficient way to get more done and feel satisfied at work.

Most likely none of us will eventually remember the amount of work we have accumulated during our life’s journey; We will remember the quality of our work; That is, our existence and the moments we experienced during the journey of our lives.

When I find myself overwhelmed, or focusing on too many things at once, I know it’s my signal to slow down and slow down.

These are the three strategies that help me take one step at a time and only feel the moment when I’m working, if it makes an impact on yourself try it:

1. Make a plan for the future:

Staying organized is a useful way to eliminate anxiety before getting down to business.

I am a big supporter of the idea of ​​making time to make a weekly plan to organize my days ahead of time, and the idea is to pick a day out of each week that you stick to in mapping the week.

Planning is a great way to get all the tasks and plans for the week out of your head and put them on paper.

Your brain won’t need to dig through a huge loop of tasks to remember what’s next, And that’s because you took over before the week even started; So planning your week ahead of time also helps you know if you need to organize your time, and when you should add time to rest and enjoy your time.

Planning ahead helps you get a clear view of what you might want to add or remove from the list even before you start, so when your week begins, you have an organizational structure; Instead of thinking about what’s next, you have space to enjoy the task ahead.

2. Rearrange your thoughts:

Create helpful reminders to help you focus in the present moment and detach from distractions; This strategy is related to its predecessor, which revolves around planning for the future.

When you enjoy your daily work at a slower pace; It’s easier to feel the joy of your present existence, but life distracts us, and we drown in the noise and distractions that keep coming throughout the day.

For example, The Japanese word Ima, which means “now,” reminds me of the present moment. This word has a personal meaning to me, and it is easy to bring back a sense of the moment or allow myself to take a break when I start feeling tired or anxious throughout the day; This word helps me return to reality, the moment, and the task ahead of me; So choose a word or reminder that makes you feel personally connected to reality, and that will be easy for you to rely on to help you manage stressful moments and give yourself the power to put your mindset back on track throughout the day.

3. Letting fun into your life:

If you’re not feeling fun as part of your life’s journey, now is the time to start; Allow yourself to enjoy everything you do.

Pleasure is not just a feeling of elation or positive feelings; Rather, it is allowing yourself to sense the present moment, while you are in fact in the midst of it; So connect with your presence at work, watch how you feel, and live the present with every fiber of your being when you feel like negative thoughts and fears start to take over.

Let your deep breaths come out softly to help you enjoy your presence in your work, as days and weeks come and go, as well as our present tasks and tasks we would like to accomplish.

3 Secrets To Revive Your Day

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