8 Unbelievable Common Lies About seo services best seo practices

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8 Unbelievable Common Lies About seo services best seo practices

If you go to Google for a search engine optimization specialist, you will find thousands of results that will leave you puzzled. If you search for website optimization for search engines, you will find millions of results, and between these thousands and millions there are many lies.

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For some, the field is considered a talisman, and like any profession, there are some widespread myths and lies that are used by some specialists, either for lack of experience and good intentions, or to entrap the new client quickly! So, in this article, I present some of the most famous lies you may hear!

Optimizing websites for search engines doesn’t work!

If there is a leak in your home plumbing and you go to a plumbing specialist to do the necessary repairs and he didn’t do what he did, you certainly wouldn’t say that the plumbing doesn’t work! Likewise with SEO, there are many business and website owners who lose hope in optimizing their sites for search engines only because they have not been able to set logical limits to the expectations of their results or the resources needed to achieve significant improvement.

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I guarantee that your site will become number 1 in Google results!

This lie is repeated a lot by some SEO companies and specialists just to lure customers ! But I tell you once, no one, no matter how experienced they are, can guarantee this promise, and a professional marketer cannot promise what he may leave behind.

There are many factors, variables, time, money and planning to reach satisfactory results in the results of search engines, and the matter varies from one site to another and from one field to another. If you are a marketer, do not put this lie in your marketing for your services, and you are a business owner, do not believe this promise.

I’m smart and I can trick Google into improving your site in search results!

Well, if you’re that smart, why don’t you work at Google! Google relies in the nucleus of its search engine on hundreds of complex algorithms that make it difficult to deceive, in addition to that it does not work against you as a user, but rather works in order to reach what you want as quickly as possible when searching in Google. In the world of SEO, we work accurately and professionally to follow Google’s instructions to get successful results, and there is absolutely no need to deceive Google.

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The more external links you get, better!

Until recently, one of the strategies used to improve your site’s results was to get as many external links as possible, no matter how good those links were. Google did not care about this. But the matter is different now, the quality of external links has become more than their number, in addition to the many links of poor quality, such as spam sites, may harm the results of your site and bring you a penalty from Google instead of improving your site results.

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You can not set up your site yourself ! We use unlearnable techniques and tactics!

Of course, you can configure your site for search engines yourself. The information is available on the Internet. It is not that complicated. In theory, if you invest the right time and effort, you can get amazing results and improve the results of your site in search engines. But like any skill and knowledge, there is a learning curve that you must go through. Knowing the factors affecting SEO and the various technical aspects, in addition to mastering their application to suit your site, requires a long time and great effort. You can indeed do it, but if you do not have the time and patience, you must choose a specialized expert.

Google updates are responsible for poor results!

True, Google updates its search algorithms from time to time. Indeed, these updates may cause some glitch in the results, but Google always follows one pattern in its updates, which is rewarding sites with good content and high-quality links from reputable sites. Google often announces these updates before they are applied, so it does not accept that these updates are an excuse for their always weak results.

I will fix your site and improve its results in 1 month !

Optimizing your site for search engines is an ongoing process that you can’t do all at once and be done. Many competitors appear daily, and the world of research is constantly changing and new, and if you do not continue to improve your site and follow the results and continuous development, you will fall behind. Of course, conducting a keyword research, an internal analysis of your site or fixing some technical problems can be completed in a specific time, but it may take more than 8 months or perhaps years of work to improve your site and it varies from one field to another and one geographical area to another.

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8 Unbelievable Common Lies About seo services ! best seo practices

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8 Unbelievable Common Lies About seo services best seo practices

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