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A classic Super Mario game sold for $2 million It’s a collector’s world!

A classic Super Mario game sold for $2 million It’s a collector’s world!

There are a lot of games in the world, and one of the most famous series of games at all is the Super Mario Bros series – of course, the game that was released for the Nintendo device many years ago, and with time it was issued to various platforms with different versions, but it maintained the aura of Nintendo that has always been It was marked in Japan, and then the whole world.

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Over time, various games were released that tried to simulate and imitate the world of Mario, but failed in general against the Japanese giant, which managed to dominate the game market for many years, and currently has a good share of game sales in the Japanese market in particular. These reasons make the game (in all its versions) valuable to the public, and anything that gets old and days pass has a certain archaeological value that raises its price in the eyes of some collectors, and Mario is not far from the equation in any way.

Recently, it was announced that a copy of the Super Mario game was sold for a total of $2 million to a collector, whose identity is unknown until this moment, and it is not known to the owners of the platform through which it was originally sold. The sold-out (and very classic, in fact) version is a 1985 production for the original Nintendo console, and has never been unlocked since it was made, making it one of the rarest copies of the game ever made in the world these days, which in turn justifies the gigantic price tag at which it was sold.

A classic Super Mario game sold for $2 million? It's a collector's world!

A group of investors on the Rally platform purchased this copy last April at a price of 140 thousand dollars (which is a large number for a classic game, by the way), and the auction was opened to reach about 300 thousand dollars, but the anonymous buyer came in the middle and raised the competition ceiling to $2 million in one go, crushing everyone’s chances of getting a copy.

It was later said that this particular buyer had a notable presence in the market for classic video games with artistic value. And it was actually sold recently for $ 2 million, and this is after obtaining the approval of 75% of the owners of the investments in the game copy. After purchasing the copy for $140,000, it is sold for $2 million, which means you entered the site 1 million, and $860,000 gross profit before taxes.

A classic Super Mario game sold for $2 million? Yeah, well, it’s a collector’s world!
It is worth noting that the market for unique collectibles has expanded and grown very much in 2020 due to people staying in their homes all the time due to the Corona virus and compulsory home isolation in the interest of people’s health. The boredom of staying was created over time to spend money on unusual things through electronic shopping, and this is to compensate for the feeling that a person cannot really go to the markets and buy those things himself during that period.

During that time, the Rally website became very popular and was able to attract more customers who were keen to distinguish themselves by acquiring everything that is classic and attractive. The site offers different price segments for the goods offered on it, there are goods for only 40 and 100 dollars, while on the other hand there are goods up to 2 million dollars like the Super Mario game that we talked about today.

In terms of games themselves, Nintendo has a large share of game sales in Japan these days, and the whole world as well. Especially since it is currently working on the second part of the famous Legend of Zelda game, which is one of the reasons for the acquisition of the Nintendo Switch with its latest version, which contains an OLED screen that is brilliant in color and accuracy. Super Mario is also in the equation, and there are those who buy the company’s devices specifically in order to feel the nostalgia and classic gaming experience again on modern devices.

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A classic Super Mario game sold for $2 million It’s a collector’s world!

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