Animation industry / How Did Cartoons Get Started?

Animation industry / How Did Cartoons Get Started?

The art of animation has gone through tremendous development stages that made it an effective and distinct means of communication for children of all ages, and adults as well.

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Animation films are currently considered one of the most important types of cinema that attract all groups and are enjoyed by all family members.

The jurisprudence of cartoon character creators: (from 1900 to 1920)

The first attempt was recorded to implement an animated film, entitled “The Enchanted Drawing” directed by Stuart Blackton, then followed by the first full-fledged cartoon with humorous transitions of funny faces in 1906, for which he was considered the founding father of American animation, and on the other hand.

the French Emile Cole made the first cartoon film in Europe entitled Fantasmagorie in 1908, and it was the first of its kind to appear on a black background as a result of drawing each frame and then placing it on the negative film strip.

Then the American animator Winsor McKay showed his first animated movie called “Little Nemo” in New York City in 1911, and then his most famous movie “Gerty Dinosaur” in 1914.

As for the first cartoon that spread quickly and was distributed commercially, it was the character Felix the cat by creator Otto Mesmer, who attracted many viewers with his movie at the time.

The commercial dimension of cartoon film industry

During this period, animation began to take another turn with a commercial dimension, as many companies were established in the United States to produce cartoon films.

Disney founded its company that released the world’s first animated movie called “Alice in Wonderland”, which was a 12-minute silent animation.

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After this great success, the company produced the movie “Mickey Cow” in 1928, so that these characters became real heroes that affect and are linked to the viewer until now.

A colorful animated film within the series called Flowers and Trees, which won an Academy Award, and the tales followed Three little Pigs – Lambert: The Sheepish Lion – Donald Duck.

The first feature-length film, after various attempts and diligence, was awarded to the animated whale, that the Disney company in 1937, and it released a movie called “Snow White” with a duration of one hour and twenty-eight minutes, and it was distinguished by hand drawings, and since the success of the film, Disney has worked in the production of feature films so far.

Animation industry / How Did Cartoons Get Started?

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