Apple Arcade everything you need to know about

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Apple Arcade everything you need to know about

All the leading technology companies without exception have begun to spend their efforts in the field of gaming. This is because it is an area that continues to grow. Of course, Apple did not leave this field without making its mark through the Apple Arcade service.

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Google is present in this field through the Stadia cloud play service, Microsoft through Xbox Live and Xbox Cloud, as well as Amazon, which is currently developing the Luna cloud play service, in addition to companies that specialize in games and provide their services, such as Ubisoft or EA.

Apple introduced its gaming service, Apple Arcade, in 2019 alongside iOS 13. The company seems to have succeeded in its endeavors so far.

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Apple Arcade service

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Apple Games comes with a monthly subscription plan and is available exclusively for Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

The game offers up to 200 games at the moment. The service has got a ton of games since it was first launched. These games vary in terms of genre and gameplay, and some have been developed as original games under the supervision of Apple itself.

However, Apple Arcade is not a game streaming service like Stadia or Xbox Cloud, but rather it requires players to download games to their devices to be able to play them.

The service and its games can be played on any iPhone with iOS 13 and later, any Apple TV with tvOS 13 and on a Mac, the user needs macOS Catalina or later.

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Without a doubt, the service is paid and not free, and it costs $4.99 per month, with a month free for users who have not subscribed to it before. In the case of an annual subscription, the service will cost you $49.99. Apple also provides Apple Arcade is free of charge for three months in some cases to those who buy a new device from its devices. However, this offer is available in certain countries and markets.

The most important features and characteristics

There is no dedicated app for the service, but rather it is integrated into the App Store. This is on all Apple devices and products, as it has a dedicated tab within the main store tabs. And through the same tab, you can register your subscription to it.

An Apple Arcade subscription is shareable with family members as part of the Family Sharing feature. You can share it with up to five other family members with a fixed monthly subscription price. You can also share it with your friends if you have added them to family members.

You can also cancel the subscription at any time by going to the subscription settings within the App Store to find a dedicated section in the Play Store. In general, games can also be accessed and downloaded through the Service tab within the App Store.

Apple service games do not have subscriptions or payments inside them, since the service itself is paid. It also does not include ads for the same reason. Your subscription to the service does not allow you to access paid games on the App Store for free but must be purchased separately. But sometimes games are available on the Store and via the Service separately.

The Service does not receive new games at a fixed rate, as you receive a new game every two or three weeks. You can see the list of available games with the most important information about them from this link. Whereas, games are usually available on Fridays.

Apple Arcade everything you need to know about

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