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Artificial intelligence application areas

Artificial intelligence application areas


The robot is one of the fields in which artificial intelligence has entered, as the robot is a mechanical device designed to perform the work done by humans in general, and the invention of modern robots has led to the emergence of countless devices and machines, which replace the work of individuals.

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It is worth noting that most robots are built on software to operate independently of direct human control, and the term is also used for vehicles and other machines that are remotely controlled by a human operator.

Computer software development

Artificial intelligence led to the development of computer programs, and an example of this is chess programs on computers.

In 1948, the British mathematician Alan Turing developed an algorithm for the game of chess, where computational software was used, and ten years later, the American mathematician Claude Shannon drew an algorithm for playing Chess is played by two people on the computer, this software calculates all the possible moves of each player, and the consequences as far as possible of the moves.

Other fields of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has entered into limitless applications and fields, including:

  • Developing computer applications in medical diagnosis in clinics and hospitals.
  • Developing a search mechanism on a computer via the Internet.
  • Development of stock trading systems. Develop cognitive simulation, using computers to test theories about how the human brain works and the functions it performs, such as recognizing familiar faces and activating memory.

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Artificial intelligence application areas

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