Best fashion magazines | international fashion magazine

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Best fashion magazines | international fashion magazine

Fashion Magazines are an essential component of the global fashion industry, the medium that communicates and promotes design vision to end consumers, and the balance of priorities has led to diversification in the modern periodical market.

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Early Leagues History

Fashion played no part in early cyclical literature, until 1678 AD when Donneau de Visé included an illustrative description of French fashion with the names of its suppliers in Lady’s magazine. Le Mercure Galant, considered the direct predecessor of modern fashion news and reports, thereafter, fashion news rarely appeared in the cyclical literature until the mid-18th century, when it began to appear in popular ladies’ pamphlets and notebooks. Seemingly in response to readers’ requests, Lady’s magazine (1770-1832) had covered the poems, music, and story that other journalists had previously given to their middle-class readers. rich class.

An interest in fashion and fashion expanded in general reader magazines such as the Frankfurt Journal, der Luxus, der Moden (1786-1827), and Ackermann’s Repository of the Arts, literature, commerce, fashion and politics (1809-1828), as well as those on women.

Despite the constant wars, French fashion prevailed, making its way into most English magazines. The famous Parisian fashion designer Townsend’s Quarterly (1825-1888) comes out at the end of each month, with beautiful pictures and drawings captioned below.

Magazines were generally elite products, good-looking, expensive, and cheaper when uncolored. From 1810-1820 Mary Anne Bell edited John Bell’s La belle assembléé (1806-1821) and also owned a fashion establishment. Fashion designers were rare, perhaps because fashion establishments relied on personal demands and privacy.

The most important international fashion magazines

Reading magazines was one of the best ways to fill the free time, especially since the usual customers of these magazines were women who wanted to know the latest developments and fashion trends in the world. Fashion and fashion magazines have become a hobby for some women, and a way to see the lives of celebrities.

There are many famous fashion magazines around the world, and the following are the most prominent:

Numero magazine

The most important French fashion magazine, owned by Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers. It is a magazine with high standards in terms of images. Targeted specifically for the elite, it covers international fashion, beauty, design, health, architecture, and décor, as well as articles on celebrity trends and tastes.

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V Magazine

The most powerful American international fashion and fashion magazine, published in 1999, also focused on the general trend, because it maintains elegance with its distinctive fashion style. It is published seasonally, and when it is released we will find articles with international photographers and the most famous models and models.

She has a lot of information on many other subjects of art and fashion, such as celebrities, music, cinema, architecture, and the arts in general. And the most famous Hollywood stars appear on its cover. In March 2016, Britney Spears was chosen to be on the cover to mark the centenary of the first issue.

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

One of the most famous women’s and fashion magazines in the world. It was first issued by Hearst in 1867 and aimed at upper-middle-class women.

is a fashion resource for “women who want to be the first to buy the best, from casual to feminine wear.” It is based in New York City and is published monthly. It mobilizes photographers, illustrators, designers, and writers to express their views on fashion, beauty, and popular culture.

I-D Magazine

A famous British magazine, which was first published in 1980, and remains the best magazine that talks about youth and street fashion. It is famous for bringing in new talents in photography and general fashion.

Several published books are available about her editorial streak and featured coverage. And it appears on its cover pages the most famous models, film artists, and musicians. Not only does she talk about youth and global street fashion, but she also publishes individually about music, cinema, popular culture, and everything.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Owned by Hearst Corporation, one of the world’s most popular fashion, fashion, and entertainment magazines, started in 1886, currently has around 50 international editions, covering beauty, relationships, and all things lifestyle, but with a special focus on fashion and style.

Drapers magazine

A business magazine with a focus on the fashion industry, which means it is for those interested in the fashion business. It provides a complete vision for those who seek to stay alive in the fashion industry with its trends, the latest developments, and marketing trends with in-depth studies.

Elle magazine

Also, the owner of Hearst Corporation, founded by writer Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon in France in 1945 AD, is one of the most famous international fashion and fashion magazines, with photos and articles on fashion shows, and trends in fashion and fashion.

Marie Claire Magazine

An international monthly magazine for women was issued for the first time in France in 1937, and it has various editions in several countries and different languages. Its American edition focuses on women around the world, in addition to many other global issues.

Vanity Fair Magazine

A magazine specialized in popular culture, fashion, and current developments, published by Condé Nast in the United States of America, the first edition of which was issued in 1913 and continued until 1936. It was revived in 1983.

Glamor magazine

A women’s magazine issued by Condé Nast Publications, founded in 1939, and its first issue was in April of the same year in the United States of America. It is usually called Glamor Hollywood. Provides the latest news on current fashion and street fashion through its online articles. It has several independent editions in the United Kingdom, Greece, France, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Russia, the Netherlands, Mexico, South Africa, and Latin America.

InStyle Magazine

A monthly women’s fashion magazine, published by Time Inc in the USA. In addition to advertisements, the journal features articles on beauty, fashion, home, entertainment, philanthropy, and the lifestyle of celebrities.

Allure magazine

An American monthly magazine and brand published by Conde Nast in New York initially focused on women’s beauty, health, and well-being. It is an edition not alien to all readers who are accustomed to standing in front of newsstands and magazines and browsing through them. Founded by Linda Wells in 1991, succeeded by Michelle Lee, it has won the trust of its customers since its inception.

Best fashion magazines | international fashion magazine

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