Brazen movie / A date with lust and death

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Brazen movie / A date with lust and death

The movie Brazen, based on Nora Roberts’s Brazen virtue released in 1988, is currently shown on the Netflix platform, with some modifications in the plot, where some modern technology was added as an influencing factor in the events and changing the profession of the victim, and the film was directed by Monica Mitchell.

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The plot tells the story of Grace – Alyssa Milano – a prominent crime writer who is deeply shocked when she finds her sister Kathleen murdered. By gathering potential connections in order to find out the truth behind her sister’s death, a romance develops between them.

It turns out that Kathleen / Desiree – the murdered – was working as the control of an Internet webcam company specializing in sexual relations, and also fighting in a custody case against her ex-husband, who deprived her of her child, due to her addiction, but she is trying to change her life for the sake of her child ostensibly, works as a school and raises money in In secret to prepare financially to spend on him, but due to the influence and strength of her ex-husband, she is afraid of failing to get her son back, and she collapses in the arms of her sister, telling her the details of the case she is preparing to raise and blackmailing her ex.

These details lead Grace to believe that her sister’s ex-husband may be responsible for her murder, but after Roxanne, another woman working in the same network, is murdered, and a third is attacked, the crime writer realizes that the serial killer, who targets powerful and controlling women, is likely to be behind these crimes.

The investigation leads them to the high school where Kathleen works as a teacher and their eyes are on a student who they think may have had an obsession with Kathleen, especially with some of the killer’s traits matching him, physical strength, and shoe size, quickly becoming a student, but with the passage of time, we discover a completely different truth. , where we discover Rand, the prime suspect.

Well written characters

One of the well-known things in writing a work based on the idea of ​​​​thriller and crime is the presence of a fairly large number of characters, and it has a clear motive and employment within the events, and if you remove a character from the work you feel something wrong, and most of the films are well written, their characters are also written well,

This cinematic genre depends on the presence of several characters, as I mentioned, and part of the fun of the genre creates a state of doubt in the viewer and raises questions about who the killer or the criminal is, and if it is known, the suspicion is based on how the investigator revealed this person and reached him, and the secondary characters are like threads that work To identify the investigator and lead the criminal to him.

The film based on the plot of the thriller is defined as the work that hides some facts and information from the audience and gradually reveals them. The plot is known as the general framework of the event, and it includes the main characters in certain situations, and the events point towards complexity where the characters are forced to perform certain dramatic actions, which leads to the creation of a series of Crises and difficulties that complicate matters until they reach a dramatic climax, then the plotlines begin to move towards a solution, and the plot points are the places that contribute to pushing the story forward and include all the complexities or crises and obstacles facing the hero, and push him to take certain dramatic positions, according to The book “The Art of Screenwriting”.

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Looking again at the film, we find that it employs the secondary characters well to complicate the plot and distract the scenes and increase the possibilities of answering the question “Who is the killer?”, such as the school worker, the two students, and the divorced, a series of doubts, which the work tries to increase and support to maintain and attract the viewer’s attention throughout the events, The work may have succeeded in achieving this factor, trying to complicate matters, but what about solving it?

The Brazen movie does not mention the killer’s motives

Through its dramatic tracks and lines, the film attempts to highlight from the start the suspicion of one student, his looks to the teacher in the classroom, his body build, and his mysterious behavior, when he sends a bouquet of roses using his father’s credit card, and then she wonders what is the use of this dramatic detail, why would he send a card he writes It has the words “You are in the right place for you!”, and after casting all doubts towards this boy, through a scene in which the killer attacks a female ruler and you can wound him in the arm, the immediately following scene shows him injured in the same place, which supports all the suspicions, and this The boy took a wide space to list the details of his personality and his father’s control over him, and then we were surprised in the penultimate scenes, almost without any details or a prelude to the personality and motives of the killer, things unfold.

Through a scene that highlights the personality of the killer and his dealings with his mother, we find that she controls him and orders him to do things all the time, and he lives in a state of her control over him, but this was also the case with the first student, so what is the difference? This is certainly not clear because the next scene was a confrontation between the killer/disciple – Gerald – and Grace at the dead man’s house.

Grace resorted to a ploy to appear in the name of her sister through the network of sexual control and use her clothes to lure the killer, and despite the killer’s knowledge that he revealed himself by assaulting his classmate, after a confrontation between them at school about his obsession with the murdered woman – this detail was never prepared and how this student knew this information No drama line makes clear their friendship or tracking of one another – except that he goes to Grace at home without thinking about the dangers to his security, and during his confrontation with Grace, he justifies his actions as a result of his mother’s control and dictatorship, which leads him to love his teacher, who is shocked by the fact that she works within a network of sexual control and decides He killed her and women like her.

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