Britain approves the drug Regeneron’s Corona virus sanofi dupilumab : it was used to treat Trump

Britain approves the drug Regeneron’s Corona virus sanofi dupilumab : it was used to treat Trump

The coronavirus surfaced at the end of 2019 as a potentially noticeable virus in Wuhan, China. With time, it turned from an injury incident mentioned on the media in one or two titles, to an injury incident to hundreds, then thousands, and then millions at once, without deterrence.

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With time, all medical and treatment institutions around the world were prepared, and many protocols dedicated to combating infection and limiting its spread to others were launched. Indeed, mankind was able to deal with a strong epidemic that quickly turned into a giant pandemic,

Finally, a group of vaccines were issued together to become the first and last line of defense for the human race against the Corona virus. But the days pass, and the virus adapts to the line of defense, and mutates into more than one strain, until we reach the latest and fiercest strains: Delta. It is a strong strain, capable of infecting many more individuals than previous strains, once its carrier is directly or indirectly handled, and symptoms appear faster. But wait, Ronabrev is on the lookout.

Humanity did not stand helpless in the face of the virus with its many strains, which is why it decided to act in some way.

The action did come, but this time at the hands of the United States of America. In the recent period, it was officially announced that Ronaprev was approved for general use in Britain, after skipping clinical trials and the first stages of trial. The new drug is based on treating people infected with the Corona virus by using a pair of laboratory-made genes in order to identify the virus in the bloodstream, and then combat it directly.

Ronaprif is a very expensive drug, and therefore governments of developing countries will not be able to provide it easily, while countries with good economies will be able to do so, but they will also not be able to offer it to all cases without accountability or supervision.

In most cases, it will only be available for severe cases or those who suffer from problems related to the immune system itself, for which vaccines have not worked at all. It is worth noting that this particular drug was among the group of drugs that were used to treat former US President Donald Trump from the Corona virus in 2020, and it proved effective during its experimental stages at the time, and Trump is currently alive and engaging in political skirmishes as usual.

The drug is manufactured by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in the United States of America, and due to its efficacy, it has received the full support of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, known as MHRA. The agency said that the drug deals with the Corona virus in the same area of ​​infection, that is, specifically the lining of the respiratory system, and thus prevents it from reaching the cells of the respiratory system itself, and this means that the drug is not recommended as a substitute for various vaccines, as it is only an aid to the vaccine, and no It works to produce antibodies, as do vaccines of all kinds.

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Reuters news agency also confirmed that Japan was the first country to officially approve the use of Ronaprev drug in the country, and this is to treat infections that fluctuate between mild and medium levels, while the dangerous level Japan has prepared other plans for. Please note that Japan nowadays has the highest infection rates ever after falling infection levels with a period of rest before the current wave caused by the new delta strain.

It is expected that countries with large government budgets will deal with the new drug in the coming period, taking care not to present it directly to the public, and only identifying it for critical cases for which there is no possible way to combat the Corona virus except through it; Because, in any case, it is not a substitute for vaccines, but rather an adjuvant to them.

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Britain approves the drug Regeneron’s Corona virus sanofi dupilumab : it was used to treat Trump

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