BTS and their journey from simple albums to world fame!

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BTS and their journey from simple albums to world fame!

The arts in the world are many and varied, and it is not possible in any way to enumerate them in even whole volumes. But at one media art , we are proud of the fact that we shed light from time to time on what is new on the scene on the one hand, and what is new on the other hand. Undoubtedly, Korean hip-hop has spread recently in Arab circles to a degree that cannot be overlooked, especially with the international band BTS, to which everyone belongs is considered one of the pillars of (BTS’s army), or what is called among fans: “Army”.

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Many groups have appeared on the Korean hip-hop scene, but no other group has reached BTS fame; Fame is represented by international concerts, accessories and models everywhere, as well as albums that have easily managed to win awards and top listen, download and buy lists, both inside and outside Korea. Even the band’s singles hit hits immediately upon release, regardless of being “singles” in the first place; Bands are known to succeed with albums, not singles.

BTS and their journey from simple albums to world fame!

The group has broken the rules more than once, but is BTS starting out as successful as this?

Well, fasten your seat belts, we have a lot to tell today!

BTS from formation to fame

BTS was formed in a very primitive way in 2010, but no actual steps were taken to launch it by the production company until 2011. It ranked No. 124 on Korea, but quickly dropped. BTS was able to regain the spotlight again after a group of strong reviews on stage, and proved that it is trying to really connect with the audience on a psychological level, thanks to the album being addressed to young people and expressing their problems and society’s view of them, and with time they became famous for Japan with the song No More Dream, which got Japanese recording.

BTS and their journey from simple albums to world fame!

The band made its international debut from 2014 to 2017 with a group of albums and singles that mixed hip-hop, hard rock, and R&B. The Americas As quiet, dreamy R&B begins to spread among young hip-hop listeners; That is, the same musical category that was taking place in the same paradigm shift as well.

Now, let us forgive ourselves, our lives are long. Trust yourself when you feel lost. When winter passes, spring always comes.

Adapted from the song Love Myself

The alliances stage began in 2017 and concert tours worldwide. ‘Spring Day’ garnered huge praise from Korean critics at the time of its release, topped eight popular music charts in the country, and entered the US Billboard Top 100 Singles at number 15 straight away, with absolutely no critical recommendations. At that time, the group began planning their second world tour from February to December, visiting 12 countries including Japan and the USA, with more than 550,000 fans from all those countries.

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BTS and their journey from simple albums to world fame!

With time, BTS has risen to completely unexpected heights with Love Yourself: Her; The album sold more than 1.2 million copies in Korea only, and was released at No. 7 at once on the Billboard 200 chart with the same release. The successes and performances continued, until she got a sudden and distinctive show in Saudi Arabia in 2019, and she performed excellently at the 62nd Grammy Awards with Lil Nas and many other music geniuses. Until we finally reached 2021, when the group released BTS’s compilation album, the Best, on June 16, and immediately on July 9, they released the single “Permission to Dance” to be one of their most important and latest productions to date.

During that long period there were a lot of changes in the band. The scales turned, they lost fans, and gained others, but their current success is a testament to their creativity.

But is creativity everything?

In fact; Humanity has a role in it!

BTS’ humanity and its role in spreading goodness to people

In the beginning, BTS worked to touch the hearts and minds of millions of young people by discussing the problems related to daily life, specifically adults towards them, and immediately afterwards went to the emotional life with all its ups and downs, until the audience was ready to accept songs with various possible funny topics, associated with the show The genius on stage, with lights and dances tailored to the show, mastered to the hilt.

BTS and their journey from simple albums to world fame!

But what really affected the audience was to treat them humanely, as if they were friends in a café and always chatting, by going out in television and press interviews constantly, in which they say that the credit is due to the audience and the love that overwhelmed them, and that ARMYs are the best fans of all, given what They have good qualities and love for life and people.

Now promise me, oh, oh

Several times a day, oh, oh

Though you feel alone, oh, oh

Don’t throw yourself away

Adapted from the song Promise.

Love appears strongly in the symbol (the heart), which they always embody with the fingers of their hands in front of the cameras; In a sign of spreading love and peace to all. They also encourage the audience to always smile, and to face the problems and obstacles that one may suffer in his life, because positivity is the solution, and humanity is the end of everyone.

ARMY groups and their role in publicizing the band

from formation to fame ing sites helped the band spread like wildfire, especially after the emergence of a wave of Facebook groups in which ARMYs gather to discuss new band members and all the news that comes out of them. Also, the accounts of the nerds (STAN accounts) have a noticeable presence on Twitter in particular, and they are accounts in which users put a picture of one of the band members, and publish all – literally all – related photos, comments and videos, so that the account becomes from beginning to end dedicated to that character Only, in a sign of intense love that reaches the stage of obsession.

BTS and their journey from simple albums to world fame!

On the other hand, ARMY groups and their social media accounts are primarily a focus of ARMY defamation. Due to the fact that all members and fans of BTS are viewed as having bad musical taste, in addition to the innocuous look that is considered any good-looking boy in Arab circles (which we know well), and this is why ARMYs sometimes deal hostilely with these superficial criticisms, which It increases others’ hatred of everything related to BTS. Of course, this is present in almost all groups and accounts of all other international teams, inside and outside Korea, but the situation is somewhat under the microscope with the Korean group because it calls for love and peace, while ARMY’s love for them pushes them to do the opposite – sometimes – in order to defend them.

BTS has achieved a lot over the years, really reaped the fruits of their hard work, and is currently living in glory, spreading peace and love everywhere.

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BTS and their journey from simple albums to world fame!

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