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Comparison of the most popular Smart TV operating systems

Comparison of the most popular Smart TV operating systems

In the past, operating systems were called systems that work on computers and smartphones, but now the smart TV has an operating system that also does not differ in anything from the systems of computers and phones, as it contains a user interface, settings for settings, navigation between contents, multiple tasks, an application store, and others.

Currently, many smart TV operating systems differ from one another in terms of software structure and special features, and the most famous of these systems are Firefox OS from Mozilla, Tizen from Samsung, WebOS from LG, TvOS from Apple, Android tv from Google.

So far, Samsung has not released any Tizen TV, and we have not seen any Mozilla application on any smart TV, so we will highlight three of these systems, namely WebOS, Apple TvOS, Android tv.


WebOS is an open-source system developed by Palm for smartphone devices.

It was first introduced on the Palm Pre phone in 2010, and it was acquired by HP after that, then LG acquired the system in February 2013 and announced its transformation In 2014, LG announced its first WebOS TV at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, USA.

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As for the TVOS operating system, it is an operating system that works on the Apple TV, and Apple first introduced it in September of 2015 to work on the fourth generation of Apple TV. Through which you can download applications, and last December, Apple made it possible to log in to various applications and services.

At the Google I/O 2014 conference, Google announced the Android TV operating system, which it said will work on smart TVs that the company will manufacture in cooperation with companies such as Sony, Sharp, TPVision, and of course in cooperation with processor manufacturers such as Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek and whose processors support the Android TV system, and Google has announced that the new system will allow installing applications, running them, and synchronizing them with Android phones and tablets with high quality and high performance.

App Store

App Store

The WebOS system contains an application store called the LG Store or the LG App Store that comes integrated with the system. The store contains TV programs, video, and 3D content, as well as regular applications available for smartphones and computers. The store also contains a large number of games, entertainment programs, and electronic stores.

In the TvOS system, Apple has included the AppStore in the TV, and the store, apart from applications for broadcast channels such as Netflix, HBO, and Hulu, contains applications for electronic stores that display images of their products and can browse the store as if on an iPhone or iPad and complete operations Buying directly from the TV, as well as there are applications for renting real estate and hotel rooms, so you can through your TV screen browse the hotel pictures largely and hugely and complete the booking process directly, there are also exercises and fitness applications.

For Android TV, Google has included its famous Google Play store, which will allow the user to install all the applications available for Android phones and tablets and install them on the TV, as well as log in and synchronize them with Android devices.

Special Features

Special Features

Here we will try to highlight the most important features in each of the three systems separately…


  • Ease of connection, and as soon as the TV is turned on, an animated character called Bean Bird will appear that will introduce the user to the different options, system settings and all the features it contains.
  • Multitasking through Cards that makes it easy to navigate between different applications, and also allows the user to switch between live broadcasts and third-party applications without having to return to the main screen.
  • The system is equipped with a built-in Internet browser.
  • The user can surf the Internet and play with a help screen that appears immediately when any new device is connected.
  • External devices can be accessed through the input pickup located in the upper right part of the home screen.
  • Conveniently navigate between your favorite content with the unified entertainment hub for smart sharing.
  • User can login to multiple email accounts and merge them into one mail.
  • The system can be updated without the need to connect with a computer.


  • A software store similar to the one on the iPhone and iPad.
  • Siri personal assistant is integrated into the system, which provides the user with private answers when asking Siri about movies, match scores, weather, and more.
  • Game Center is integrated to login for games.
  • The ability to link from external controllers as there are already some of these devices on the market.
  • The system provides an animated screen saver for the TV, as is the case in the Apple Watch.
  • MultiTasking like the one on the iPad.
  • Safari browser that has been updated to be compatible with the system.
  • Email service.
  • Ease of navigation between the contents of the main screen and the contents of the system, including channels, live broadcasts, and applications.
  • Easily sync between TV and iPhone and iPad.

Android TV

  • Easy to install applications and games.
  • Ease of running and synchronizing applications with Android phones and tablets.
  • Voice search and the ability to control the TV through voice commands.
  • A high-quality graphic interface with a quick response.
  • Android system can be controlled by any smartwatch running Android Wear.
  • Android TV can fetch photos and videos from any Android phone or tablet.
  • The system supports browsing, accessing the Internet, browsing news and various websites.

Comparison of the most popular Smart TV operating systems

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