Content writing / copywriting and more : Learn more about : content writing services

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Content writing / copywriting and more : content writing services

Content writing / copywriting and more : Learn about the different writing jobs

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Undoubtedly, writing is the basis for any content that is published, so we find many people get distracted and confuse copywriting (ad copy writer) and content writing (content writing), and many do not know the job tasks required of (content writers for social media pages).

Social media content writers In addition to the ignorance of many of us about the role of the (editor) editor, and from here we will take you today on a short trip to get to know those terms that are confused and the functional tasks of each, and what is the difference between Content Writer and Content Creator.

The most popular terminology for clerical jobs

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What is copywriting ( The art of copywriting )

Copywriting is writing for purpose of selling and marketing , and this includes everything written, visual or audio that prompts the customer to take a specific action such as subscribing to a service or purchasing a product .

Many companies rely on copywriting or the so-called copywriting in their strategy in order to convince customers to make a purchase decision by listing the product features in an entertaining and interesting way in several short words for several advertising channels such as: print ads, websites, social media platforms, and catalogs.

The first written declaration that the pharaohs wrote 3000 years ago when a slave escaped from one of the kings, so he made a written declaration to announce a reward for whoever finds the fugitive slave.

Copywriter Responsibilities

Initially meeting with the client, understanding its message, knowing the target audience and the services it provides.
Proposing creative and attractive ideas to clients and then implementing them after approval.
Write clear, simple, and error-free ad text to reflect the voice of your company.
Converting technical and medical information into attractive advertising text for customers.
Share ideas with the marketing team.

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What is Content writing?

Writing textual, visual or audio content for the purpose of marketing, such as articles, posts on social media platforms, books, audio files and videos, the goal is to gain customer trust and create a distinctive brand so that we can sell and profit in the future.

Content Writer Responsibilities

  • A combination of several sources: books, studies, interviews.
  • Writing marketing content to promote products and services.
  • Determine the topics that customers need, in addition to suggesting new topics.
  • Prepare well-organized drafts.
  • Content management.
  • Writing SEO friendly articles in order to appear in search engine results and increase traffic.
  • Check content before posting.
  • Submit content to editors for approval and publication.
  • Ensure overall consistency (tone, lines, pattern, and images)
  • Update content as needed in order to keep pace with changes.

Difference between copywriter and content writer :

  • The main purpose of writing content is to educate, raise awareness, entertain or solve a problem, while the main purpose of Copy Writing is to sell by clarifying the features and benefits that accrue to the consumer through an article, video script or social media post.
  • The content writer wants to sell the product but indirectly after creating a brand, interacting with customers and building trust while the ad writer directly urges the consumer to make a purchase decision.
  • A premium content writer is concerned with improving the results of appearing in search engines by choosing the terms that the customer is interested in and then talking about them in accordance with the rules of SEO.
  • Both require different skills, so we find some specialize in content writing only or ad writing, while some master those skills and tricks and create both.
  • The copywriter is responsible for writing mails that include purchase offers, writing content for sales websites, and writing posts that are intended to sell.
  • content writer is responsible for: writing articles for the site, writing posts with tips and information, writing emails with tips for solving a problem.

What is content creation :

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A content creator is a person who uses social media platforms to provide content whose purpose is to benefit followers, increase interaction, or build a brand in addition to writing on sites and blogs, and YouTubers who talk about different topics are also called a content creator.

What are the duties of a Social Media Copywriter ( Social Media Content Writer )

  • Study the target audience in order to choose the appropriate tone and improve publications based on the behavior of the target group.
  • Writing attractive and creative publications and then publishing them on various social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.
  • Publishing contests and promotions in order to increase interaction and strengthen the relationship with customers.
    Choose the right attractive photos and videos.
  • Follow up on updates and popular trends until the appropriate ones are used.
  • Monitor traffic, engagement rate, number of post shares, and conversion rates.
  • Respond to customer questions and comments accurately and in the fastest time.

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Who is the editor

The editor plans, organizes, and reviews content until it is ready for publication as well as reviews books, novels, and stories to ensure that the information is properly delivered to the reader.

The editor may work in a radio station, as a journalist in a newspaper or on a television channel, or a writer in a magazine, in a blog, or any other means of media, where it is irreplaceable, it is not reasonable to find a published book that contains grammatical or grammatical errors.

He can also write texts of all kinds: publications, short articles, long articles, as well as press editorials, and he also prepares reports on various topics such as: business, science, international and local news on economics, politics, sports, etc.

What is the copyright ?

Preserving copyright for all types of company content from being stolen, including: books, movies, music, advertisements, and billboards.

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Content writing / copywriting and more : content writing services

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