What is the Apple Pay service ?

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What is the Apple Pay service online payment

Apple Pay was created to change the way you shop and buy products, or simply pay money, and it greatly contributes to the plan to move from tangible payment wallets to making devices like a mobile phone work as an ever-ready electronic wallet.

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What is Apple Pay?

It is a payment technology available for iOS systems only because it is provided by Apple, that is, it is present in iPhone and Apple Watch phones for example, and the service collects the details of your payment cards of different nature, to make you able to use the phone as a direct tool for payment.

The service is available in dozens of countries in the world, but it still needs to be expanded further, and Apple is working hard to secure it globally, but its support for all Arab countries will be difficult at the present time until the Middle East becomes accustomed to digital payment methods.

Devices on which the service is running

Currently, you can install and use the Apple Pay service on:

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus or later.
iPad Pro.
iPad Air 2
iPad mini 3 or later.
Apple Watch Series 1 or later (when synced with an iPhone 5 or later) .

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Activate the service

To start using Apple Pay, you must use the Wallet app from Apple, or in a different way save your payment card information.

You can open the Wallet app and add your cards information, or simply use the camera to activate the card code at checkout.

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It is worth noting that the bank you subscribe to will notify you about the activation of Apple Pay or its association with the payment card, and in some cases, there may be additional security steps that require a call with the bank before starting use.

As for Apple Watch watches, in order to activate the service, you must open the Watch app on the iPhone, then go to your watch options, and there you will find the payment options Wallet & Apple Pay, and you can press the Add button, next to the name of the card whose details you want to add.

In the same way the processing will end with a notice from the bank.

Requirements for using Apple Pay

To use it on iPhone phones, you need NFC and Face ID or Touch ID technology, and if you activate the service and finish preparing it, all you have to do is press and hold your fingerprint sensor in the phone near a reader or a special fingerprint sensor In stores (you can use a password if you prefer not to have Touch ID).

On the iPhone X, you can double press the phone’s power button to activate the payment service, and the facial recognition technology will know that this is you before making the payment, if you fail to do so, the phone will ask for a password.

To pay using smartwatches, double-press the button under the watch’s control axis (called the Digital Crown) and simultaneously place the watch face on an automated reader or sensor.

For those who do not want to use the service in stores, or simply not near a store that has an automatic sensor, they can use it as a payment method within the iPhone applications, and in digital stores as well, and simply when you finish shopping, you must confirm your identity before making the payment, through the Touch ID sensor or Face ID.1.

It is worth noting that the service also supports Mac systems, and payment can be made through it, using the device itself, or the touchpad, if available, to confirm the payment process.

Service Features

Apple says on its official website that the Apple Pay service is easy to use and works with the devices you use every day, and through it you can make secure purchases within apps, stores, or in the web world.

Using the service is easier and simpler than using a physical payment card, and it also gives you better security options, and among its other features, the ability to receive and send money to friends and family through simple messages, and the ability to request a specific value of money from your family members or friends.

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What is the Apple Pay service online payment

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