Coursera courses free / Most important courses for career development in 2021

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Coursera courses free / Most important courses for career development in 2021

Coursera is one of the most popular e-learning websites in the world. The site was founded in 2012 in California by Stanford University engineers Andrew Ng and Davin Kohler.

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The Coursera website contains many educational programs and courses prepared and approved by experts and specialists from various major and prestigious universities in different countries around the world.

With so many open educational resources available to everyone, here are the most important courses on Coursera for Professional Development and Human Development.

The most important courses on Coursera for entrepreneurs and freelancers

The most important courses on Coursera for entrepreneurs and freelancers

Project management Google project management

A 6-month training course offered by Google to improve project management skills, professional development, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills.

This course provides you with an accurate simulation of the reality of the field of business administration and the work climate within companies – especially commercial ones – to qualify you to deal with various situations and problems that may be encountered during your work in one of the administrative positions, especially project management, where the incumbent of this position is the person who owns all the solutions “Problem Solver” which everyone turns to in difficult times and when problems arise within any business.

It is worth noting that 82% of those who passed this course and obtained a Google Certificate in Business Administration made significant career progress, such as getting a job in a reputable company, a promotion, or getting a bonus.

You can find more details about the course and register here.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook Social Media Marketing

One of the most important training courses for beginners in the field of e-marketing and marketing on social networking sites, especially Facebook. This course enables you to master the basic skills and requirements to successfully manage your advertising campaign on the Internet by learning the following:

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  • Develop an online advertising marketing plan in proportion to the nature of the advertised content.
  • Target the right category for marketing and promoting your products.
  • Learn how to work with Facebook’s advertising policy and choose the right ad package for your campaign’s initial budget.
  • Achieving a strong and continuous presence for your Facebook advertising campaign.

This is done by following the applied learning method and starting your advertising campaign on Facebook to constantly apply the e-marketing skills that you will learn through the course and promote your content and learn the principles of data analysis in the process.

In addition to the experience gained, during this course, you will be able to complete your project and add it to your previous Portfolio.

You can find more course details here.

English for career Development

Offered by the University of Pennsylvania and fully funded by the US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, this free course is designed for non-native speakers of English to learn the methods and skills used to search for work, apply for jobs and conduct job interviews in the United States and use them in your career in your country.

It is one of the most important courses on Coursera, as it is useful for all scientific and professional fields and disciplines to increase English language proficiency in the practical and social field.

The course is divided into four basic stages, each stage of which constitutes one of the stations you pass in your journey to choose your career path and search for a job:

  • The first stage: Guide you to find the appropriate career path for your skills and interests, and to know the different ways in which you can apply for a job.
  • The second stage: the most important steps and tips for obtaining a professional resume.
  • The third stage: Develop your English speaking and writing skills fluently and clearly.
  • Fourth stage: The course focuses on communication skills and conducting job interviews.

The duration of the course offered is about 40 hours, with a flexible schedule that you can choose from to suit you easily, and it is translated into ten different languages, including Arabic and French. You can find out the rest of the course details through this link.

Finance for Start-ups

One of the short courses offered by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), one of the best universities in the world in the field of technology. This course gives entrepreneurs and small business owners a good background in financial management, creating financial plans – short and long term – and valuing commercial properties and real estate, and finally, how to deal and integrate within the business environment between companies and businessmen with confidence and professionalism.

The duration of the course is 6 hours, and it is a completely free course that you can register for here.

Innovation Management

A course offered by Erasmus University, one of the top 100 universities in the field of scientific research and studies in the world, through which you learn, in approximately 29 hours, how new ideas are created and generated and how business owners use them to make products and provide new services that diversify the economic market. The best ways to deal with innovative ideas and create the right environment to stimulate and increase creativity, what is the correct concept of innovation, and how we can create our strategies to increase the productivity of brainstorming sessions within companies.

This course is also completely free and you can learn more about its content here.

The most important courses on Coursera in science and human development

The most important courses on Coursera in science and human development

Science of well-being

This course was ranked as the best scientific course on Coursera for the year 2021, and it is a 19-hour training course in the field of human development whose main goal is to help a person increase the quality of life he lives by increasing his happiness and satisfaction with his life and erasing misconceptions about the concept of happiness and bad ways of thinking Which the mind leads us to and greatly reduces our happiness.

This course is provided by Professor Laura Santos, Professor of Psychology from Yale University, which is well known, and you can register for the course here.

learning how to learn?

More than a million and a half students have visited this course around the world, as it is the most important course on Coursera and the Internet in general.
The content of this course includes the different techniques and methods of learning used by experts in art, music, mathematics, science, and many other fields.

Through this course, you will learn how the human brain processes and saves information in two different systems that especially stimulate each. Dealing with difficult materials and long study sessions.

The curriculum of this course helps you manage your learning journey and organize your time. If you are having difficulty learning anything, this curriculum will guide you on the best way to overcome the obstacles you face and reach your goal.

The duration of this course is about 15 hours and it is translated into more than 20 languages ​​due to its special importance in all educational fields.

You can also find derivatives of this course and its affiliated courses here.

Social psychology

Social psychology

This course answers the questions that come to our mind about human behavior, why does everyone act differently towards the same event? Why do we love one person and avoid another without knowing? How is hate formed and conflicts exacerbated? And how can they be reduced? And many other interesting questions.

The course begins with a simple introduction to social psychology and then addresses several different topics such as decision-making, persuasion, group behavior, and attraction to the other party.

The course focuses on presenting research content in an interesting, shocking, and fun way at the same time and choosing experiments and research results that you can apply and test in your daily life.


Coursera courses free / The 8 most important courses for career development in 2021

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