Disappearing Object Phenomenon why do things keep disappearing?

Disappearing Object Phenomenon why do things keep disappearing?

Explanation of the phenomenon of the disappearance of things and then their sudden return

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DOP. phenomenon

It always happens to us that we notice the disappearance of an object suddenly and strangely, and the person makes every effort to search for the lost object here and there, and after a short time or perhaps the next day, the person is surprised to find the lost object and returns to the place where it is usually kept, or he returned to a place known to which the relentless search attempts that had been made to find him were supposed to have brought him.

Example: A person puts his car keys on the kitchen table where they are always kept. When a person goes to get them, he does not find them, so he tries to search for them everywhere but to no avail, and then later finds the keys on the table where they were originally placed!!

So what happened here? Where did the object go? Why did he “disappear”? How do I recover? What is the role of the influential forces in this relatively strange phenomenon? In fact, there are several possibilities for the phenomenon to occur.

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  1. Evil spirits
    When the phenomenon of DOP occurs, many people (if not half of them) seriously blame the jinn or evil spirits, and although the person is likely to be a spirit responsible for the loss of purpose, science has not revealed the truth of that spirit, and in some countries the prevailing belief is spread With the influence of the jinn on human life, the jinn is usually the first responsible for losing the purpose in many cases.
  1. Mind wandering
    The object that you lost one day may be just a wandering of your mind, that is, you made a mistake in placing the object in its usual place and placed it in another place while you were unconscious, for example.

Example: A woman may always put her hairbrush in the same place on the dressing table but now it is no longer on it, it is very possible that her mind was somewhat distracted so she went with the brush to another room and unconsciously put it on the kitchen table for example, of course when she went to check The brush was surprised that the brush was not on the dressing table and was on the kitchen table.

  1. Temporary invisibility
    There is also an explanation given in the matter of the car keys or any lost object, which is that the object becomes obscured and becomes invisible for a temporary period only. Sometimes the “hiding” can be a psychological phenomenon, meaning that the object is still here in front of us, but our attention is so distracted that we do not We see it in front of us.
  1. Dimensional transition
    Science confirms the existence of dimensions other than the three dimensions that determine the place in which we live every day, and these dimensions are sometimes referred to by the phrase: “other levels of existence” by spiritualists, and it is believed that these other dimensions contain the world of spirits and other forms of reality residing in them.

Can the temporary incarceration of objects or their transition be explained by the occurrence of the process of sliding objects into another dimension? And can some kind of temporary shift in dimensions be to blame? It is undoubtedly a beautiful and strange idea but in this case, it would be difficult to explain the phenomenon of DOP.

Disappearing Object Phenomenon why do things keep disappearing?

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