Don’t look up | don’t look up movie | On the eve of the apocalypse

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Don’t look up | don’t look up movie | On the eve of the apocalypse

Released Friday, December 24, Don’t look up is the most awaited movie of 2021. Due to the cast, the story behind the film, and finally the platform on which it is shown, it is a movie that can be considered an “award-oriented movie” and This will only be shown on the Netflix platform, with no theaters. So what awaits us in the sky in Don’t look up?

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Finally a sound scientific plot about space

Don’t Look Up, directed and screenplay by Adam McKay, starring a large group of Hollywood stars, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Rob Morgan, and in addition to many guests of honor such as Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Chris Evans, and others. All these stars, with their popularity and acting abilities, surely guarantee the success of the work, however, apart from them and their performance, the film itself is built on a solid foundation.

Finally, there is a movie about outer space based on correct scientific information, whether about the comet itself that is about to destroy the planet, the NASA space agency, and its specialized departments, the tools, and computers used are all real information.

What if tomorrow is the end of the world?

If tomorrow is the end of the world, then surely the United States of America will try to take advantage of that end in every possible way, as if money, power, and control will benefit anyone after mass destruction!

The movie “Don’t Look up” revolves around the recent scientific discovery of a doctoral student at the University of Michigan, about a gigantic comet about to collide with planet Earth after only 6 months. Far-right orientation – which in turn ignores them. The research team is trying to stir up public opinion to force the government to deal with the situation until they actually succeed, but at the last minute, the whole plan changes.

In the first half of the film, which extends for 138 minutes, you can see all groups of contemporary American society, but also the politics that govern it, the level of awareness and culture of the citizen and most important of all, the problem of American centralism.

Have you ever watched an American superhero movie and wondered why all the problems and cosmic disasters only happen in American society? Why is the commando superhero a white male American citizen? This is the factor of American centralism that American cinema continues to highlight in all its films, and it is precisely one of the many points that the film ridicules.

Likewise, capitalism controls all aspects of life, even in the media. What controls the completion of media stories is their spread among the public – which means more advertisements and money – and not the utmost importance such as the end of life.

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American capitalism: let the world go to hell

Don’t look up is a relatively long movie, and you may get bored in some parts of it, but it’s undeniable that the pace of the movie keeps picking up. For example, in the first twenty minutes approximately, we have understood the main problem around which the film revolves, a good introduction to most of the characters, and a general idea of ​​their attitudes and the laws that govern their behavior.

After another hour has passed, we see events moving towards a solution, and suddenly, after the scene of the launch of the missile loaded with the right-wing white American hero belonging to the army, the campaign retreats by order of the owner of “Bash” companies to discover an important element carried by the comet and suggests that instead of distorting its path, it is broken into small pieces to be used in Industry to fight hunger and unemployment…etc. from the repeated false capitalist talk.

Peter Escherwell (Mark Rylance) is the owner of Bash Companies, a young man who probably suffers from autism, who owns companies that primarily produce artificial intelligence software and hardware. Where false scientific information is presented to the public, there is also a similarity between the personality of Peter and Mark Zuckerberg, even in the monotonous, robot-like way of speaking.

Escherwell’s greed leads to a failed attempt to save Earth, and in a chariot of 2,000 white Americans, the elite of society flee off the planet thinking they have survived, as the wealthy practice a pathological tyranny on the eve of the apocalypse.

Paradoxically, however, they all die on the new planet when a beautiful feathered predator attacks them. The paradox also appears in the way in which the Bash algorithms predicted the death of both Doctor Mindy and Orléan was wrong in one way or another. Mindy did not die alone, on the contrary, he died surrounded by everyone he loved in his life. As for the “Pronterok” that was predicted, it can easily be seen how fabricated it is By Peter just to fit the predictions of his algorithms.

The last moments: Our Father who art in heaven..

Young Yule – who by the way means Christmas – appears as a teenage boy with all the signs of corruption in his looks and behavior, however, as the end approaches and the comet appears in the sky, he is the only person able to recite the Last Supper prayer at Dr. Mindy’s house.

There is no doubt that the film bears many and many symbols, whether in the characters, the events, even the decorations, the paintings in the White House of a Native American citizen of the American Indians, as well as the scenes added in the middle of the natural life among living creatures, followed by scenes of human destruction of the planet.

With all these symbols and a sound scientific plot, the distinguished performance of the co-stars in the work cannot be ignored, especially Lawrence as Kate, the girl who is seeking a doctorate in astronomy at the same time as she suffers from psychological dependence on drugs and sedatives, as well as suffering from anxiety disorders. clear personality.

As for the other distinguished performance, it will be from DiCaprio in the role of Dr. Mindy, an anxious patient who constantly suffers from panic attacks that stand in the way between him and good social communication. Any kind of anxiety or lack of self-confidence, even when his wife leaves him because of his infidelity is not affected in any way. Until we get to the main scene – his master scene and his emotion are impressive without any exaggeration in the program towards the end.

Don’t look up | don’t look up movie | On the eve of the apocalypse

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