Drama mean?

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Drama mean? what does Drama mean?


Drama is a theatrical art performed on the stage, television, or radio, a term given to plays and acting in general, as it is defined as an exciting, emotional, or unexpected event, or circumstance,

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And is defined literary as a composition of poetry or prose aimed at To depict life, character, or storytelling that usually involves conflicts and emotions through action and dialogue typically designed for theatrical performance.

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There are many types of drama, including:

  • Comedy: In comedy , theater writers aim to make the audience laugh, and writing them requires a high level of intelligence and perceptual fluency.
  • Melodrama: Melodrama means exaggeration of emotions, as it is full of feelings that attract the senses of the audience directly.
  • Tragic : is one of the oldest forms of drama, and this type presents the plight and suffering of human beings.
  • Musical : Music, melody, and dance play an important role. The role of playwrights in this type is not limited to telling the story through acting and dialogue only, but also to dance and music.
  • Imagination: is a work of fiction; The characters display supernatural skills, and this type is more attractive to children, as it presents the fairies, angels, and superheroes, which are an integral part of the plot.
  • Farce: this type that does not make sense in general, often exaggerated, or deliberately using slapstick comedies.


Drama contains many elements, including:

  • Main idea
    • The main idea describes the purpose of the play, and this is through the plot in it.
  • Plot
    • The plot consists of the conflict in the dramatic action, the show, the escalation of events, the climax of the plot, and the solution.
  • Characters
    • Characters describe the protagonists in the drama. Language: It is the words chosen by the playwright, to be spoken by the characters in the dramatic work.
  • Music
    • Music plays an important role in dramas. Where excitement and suspense increase.

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