Are you thinking of starting in the field of e-marketing ? Here are the most important terms you need to know ppc services mobile marketing company average engagement rate

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e-marketing ppc services mobile marketing company average engagement rate

Any business that aspires to compete with giants must have a distinctive digital footprint, and every company must have a strong digital and e-marketing plan for development. If you are interested in e-marketing, you must be familiar with the most important marketing terms 1, but first, let’s distinguish between:

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  • E-Marketing: It is the process of online marketing for a service, product, brand or organization, and e-marketing is not limited to the Internet only, but also includes marketing through wireless media.
  • Digital Marketing: It is an umbrella term that describes the different types of online marketing such as SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click ( PPC ), and email marketing.

General e-marketing terms

Quality content development and marketing

Quality content and marketing development happens when you educate your customers and users about the products and services you offer, so that you can share the benefit with them, it will automatically help improve the “conversion rate” of any business.

e-marketing ppc services mobile marketing company average engagement rate

Mobile marketing

With the changing patterns of user interaction, many businesses engage with businesses via mobile, so mobile marketing is able to engage and attract all mobile and mobile users.

Social media & reputation management

Companies use “reputation management” and use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Telegram as a method for engaging customers and marketing services and products.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing is marketing through different sites or social media platforms, in this case the party through which the item was accessed gets a commission.

Email marketing and Drip Marketing

Email marketing and drip marketing are two concepts that help you engage and interact with potential customers, stay in touch with them and keep them reminded of your services and products.

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Search Engine Marketing “SEM

Marketing through search engines like PPC, SEO, etc. helps you achieve the ultimate goal of your business.

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Or it can be called “Remarketing”, it is difficult to fully satisfy your customers from the first work, so remarketing is an important process to retarget your customers who interacted with the product, for example, when you shop online and see a shoe you like, this shoe will often appear to you again when you visit a site Another web, a prevalent technique used to attract and remind your brand.


All the platforms you use for marketing help you get a lot of data that needs interpretation and analysis, this data can be arranged in a useful format that helps you improve the details of your business.

Integration with the trending technology

Due to the prevailing technological development, many trends such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and others are affected by the market, and their intertwining works to build an integrated building around the service or product through the use of modern means in marketing in order to increase profits and interaction.

Outbound Marketing ( outbound advertising )

External or outbound marketing which is less modern and more difficult due to its adoption of public and traditional media and personal dealing with target customers.

Inbound marketing

This term refers to marketing through the Internet to reach the customer through modern means of access such as social networks, e-books, blogs, e-mail, etc.

Search engine results pages / SERP

Like appearing on the first page of Google search results.

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

KPIs are used by companies in all types of marketing to measure the success of their marketing campaigns, KPI can be any type of key analytics like engagement rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition

An indicator used to determine the cost of acquiring a single customer. This cost can be calculated by dividing the total cost of your marketing campaign by the number of conversions. This metric shows the actual amount you spend per conversion. If the cost is higher than the profit, you should rethink the marketing formulation of your campaign.

Lookalike Audiences

That is, “similar audiences” are created through email lists as a way to target similar users, by using similar audiences you will be able to easily reach new consumers and customers who are similar to your existing customers.

A/B Split Testing

It is best to split any type of ads when they are running, which means producing 2-3 similar ads that will be shown at the same time to check which ad is performing the best, and here comes the role of A/B split testing which helps to better target users and audience by displaying Most Liked Ads.

CPI – Cost Per Impression

CPI measures the number of times your ad appears on a site whether users have interacted with it or actually seen it or not. This metric reminds us of the term “reach” or “reach” with one difference, that the term “reach” measures the number of impressions Advertising and people who see your content, as it measures the number of times your ad is shown, CPI aims to create user experience for brand recognition while the term “reach” or “reach” helps build your brand.

Lead Generation/Lead Magnet/Lead Nurturing

These three marketing terms stick side by side:

  • Lead generation : A term that describes how to capture the attention of your potential customers and how your business produces new customers.
  • Lead Magnet : A free online guide that your business sends to clients when they place their email, a tool that will help you attract potential clients.
  • Lead Nurturing : Aims to send or forward email messages on a user’s social media or actually contact potential customers to follow up with them.

CTR – Click Through Rate

This term is called “click rate” and it means the percentage between the number of clicks on the ad and the number of its appearance, and the increase of this percentage indicates the success of the ad. Number to a percentage.

Engagement Rate

All blogs, posts on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter, and photos on Instagram have certain engagement rates that indicate how much users interact with your brand. How many comments did you receive on this post? How many posts did that blog receive? It all helps in improving your visibility in search engines. If search engines notice good user interaction with your website and social media channels, you will be shown as a prominent source in your industry.

Relevancy Score & Quality Score

When you run ad campaigns on Facebook, you will receive a Relevancy Score for your creativity and copy it into your ads. Each of your ads will be given this score by Facebook, in order to determine the relevance of the ad and make a comparison with other ads. Quality Score through paid ads, the higher your score, the more your ads will be shown to competitors and the lower the material cost to do so, the better result will definitely reduce the cost per click.

B2B or B2C

Business to business (B2B) and business to Consumer (B2C) are two marketing terms that describe the businesses or companies that the marketer interacts with directly, so will you be marketing directly to consumers or will you market to other businesses? Your strategy will be different if you target customers rather than decision makers or businesses.

CTA – Call to Action

When entering a site, a button may appear to you that is used to attract attention and encourage clicking and buying or submitting to an email and others, and this is called a “CTA”, and your CTA must be bold and large and be able to attract the attention of customers and consumers, when visiting a consumer Your website should know immediately what step you want it to take, such as shopping your sale, browsing your latest products, or entering a customer’s email.

Buyer Person

A “buyer persona” is a status that you create with your marketing team to give you the best picture of what your potential customers are like. This image will include customer demographics such as age, gender, and interests in order to take into account the customer’s purchasing behavior, motivations, and goals.


If you are not familiar with HTML, your Pixel will look like an incomprehensible set of symbols and words, but all you need is copy and paste in the right place on your site, it is a piece of code that is inserted into your website for the purpose of tracking, and Pixel collects Website data and analytics by customers and their traffic, and can also be retargeted by Facebook, and since the Pixel on your site tracks all customers’ visit, you can use that data for Facebook ads later.

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e-marketing ppc services mobile marketing company average engagement rate

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your appearance in search engines (SEO) is a way to optimally configure your site to improve its ranking in search engines. code and get text links.

Pay Per Click PPC

ppc services

Pay-per-click has similarities with SEO, but PPC is paid ads that run through Google, however, PPC is instant, once you set up your ad campaign you can start ranking immediately, PPC includes the task of searching for keywords by creating Descriptive Ads for Your Site and the Web Instead of page optimization, SEO and PPC work great together, but together they will be a huge improvement for your business.

DA – Domain Authority

Domain Rank is a number from 1-100 assigned by Moz for Websites, a marketing analytics company. The larger your number, the stronger your website will be. This metric is used to compare one site to another and to find out the reliability of a site. Predicting a site’s ranking in search engines based on certain factors.

PA – Page Authority

Each page on your website has a certain rank in addition to the overall website rank, so if you have one page on your site that has a high PA of 100 and is #1 in search for example, that would be great, but what about your other pages? The more pages you have with a high PA value, the more likely you are to rank up, which means your chances of appearing in search results will increase.

Bounce Rate

“Bounce rate” is a term used for web analytics, when a user visits your site and sees only one page, Google Analytics will show you the bounce rate of your website, if this number is high you will need to make some adjustments, the more time the user spends on your site and the more pages What they see will increase your chance of moving up the search rankings.

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e-marketing ppc services mobile marketing company average engagement rate

e-marketing ppc services mobile marketing company average engagement rate

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