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Everyone wants to be rich, but you will never be rich if you have these qualities

Everyone wants to be rich, but you will never be rich if you have these qualities

There are plenty of articles and self-development videos on “How to get rich” or “Tips to save money that will make you rich in a few years” and more, and although there are no really secrets to making you rich overnight, in this article our topic is a little different , I will not advise you to do this and stay away from this, but I will raise in front of you a yellow card, and warn you of several qualities if you have, you are taking the wrong path towards wealth.

From living beyond your means to earning from a single source of income, you wouldn’t get rich if you had these routine traits, and it’s time to make some changes when it comes to managing your money.

You care more about saving money than earning it

You care more about saving money than earning it

Everyone wants to be rich, but you will never be rich if you have these qualitiesEveryone wants to be rich, but you will never be rich if you have these qualities

Of course, if you dig a little bit into the history of the world’s richest people, you’ll see that they really focus on saving and investing, but on the other hand, they realize that the key to getting rich is to focus on earning. In an article titled How Rich People Think, Steve Siebold writes: “Audiences focus on how they can save coupons and live a frugal life, and they miss out on big opportunities….” Even in the midst of economic crises, the rich refuse to think and the dollar, no no, focus their thinking and all their mental energy on the bigger place, where the big money is made.

Saving is a must, and it is a smart way to live, but if you want your balance to reach the 7 digits, “you should focus not on running out of money, but on how to make more,” says Siebold.

Working one full time job

Working one full time job
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The author Thomas Corley also conducted a study that included self-made money owners, and lasted for 5 years, in which he came to the conclusion that the wealthy do not depend on one source of income, and the majority – about 65% of them – had at least 3 sources of income before achieving the first Million dollars in their balance.

If you are an interested reader and reader of billionaire life, you will notice that most of them have one trait in common: they are not full-time employees, but rather have an average of 7 different income streams! The entrepreneur spends most of his hours analyzing and organizing his investments, never taking his financial situation for granted no matter how high, always looking for and studying unfavorable changes and devoting his time to take care of his resources and creates an incentive for him to create additional sources of income.

“At school, we learn that work will take us forward in life, but that’s only half the story,” says Rick Edelman, a senior financial advisor. The situation depends only on his salary, he is hardly looking for another source of income, simply because, this salary will be spent in the simplest ways: paying bills or rents or taking vacations or taxes, so you can hardly save from your salary if you are only an employee, and it is impossible to become a millionaire! .

Everyone wants to be rich, but you will never be rich if you have these qualities

You have no financial goals: You are not planning to get rich!

Experts always advise setting goals before getting to achieve them, and that is the natural thing. In his book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” the self-made millionaire “T. Harv Eker:

“The number one reason people don’t get what they want is because they don’t know what they want!”

Indeed, sometimes we think that we have the strength and drive to do and build anything in life, but simply put, we go through a long period of time when we don’t achieve anything, and the reason is that we haven’t really set something to achieve!

If you want to seriously build wealth, this goal should be a path for you, beginning and ending with a clear roadmap, and don’t be afraid of overthinking, you’re building an approach that will jump you into the future. Think about if you achieved the dream and became a millionaire, you wouldn’t stop there, but you have to move forward permanently, this thinking may stimulate you and remove the fear of failure from your imagination. Write down your goals and work to achieve them, do you want to buy a home? New car? Traveling for relaxation? Find out why you want to be rich, and then get started.

You have no financial goals: You are not planning to get rich!

You will not become rich if you repeat these words: “I want.. I wish.”

Your choice of words and the terms you use can indicate your financial future. Just as your revealing beliefs reveal who you are, your habits show who you are, and just as you know in your heart the difference between a good life and a normal life, your words can show if you are on the right track for life. Rich and millionaire

You are weak and have little hope of getting rich if your words about money are accompanied by: “I want to earn… I wish I could… I need…”, as if it were an indirect way of saying “I am not in control of my finances!” This is what writer Jane Sensero points out in her book You Are a Badass at Making Money, where she writes:

“If you are broke, or even not where you want to financially, maybe you should improve your language, and instead of choosing words like I wish and I want, say: I have… I can create… I choose…”

It may seem like a bit of self-development only, but if we think a little and look around us at the world’s rich, we see that their words always contain the future, the better, and progress. There is no wishful thinking, there is reality and risk.

You haven’t even thought of investing yet!

You haven't even thought of investing yet!

Investing is one of the most effective, simplest and fastest ways to build wealth! The sooner you start investing, the more chances you have of climbing the ladder of wealth. Think a little: Suppose you put $1,000 in a bank account that generates 1% interest for you annually, and this will certainly be considered savings, how much money will you get annually because of the interest? Only $10, while thinking if you simultaneously buy 3 shares of Netflix for example $324, you’ll get $580, and that’s an investment!

We do not support that all your money go into investing only, this process requires study and analysis of the market and others, but certainly you should not save all your money and freeze it. On average, the wealthy invest 20% of their family income annually, so their financial success and wealth are not measured by the amount they earn each year, but by what they invest and save annually, and this is confirmed by financial expert Ramit Sethi in his best-selling book “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”.

So if you haven’t started investing yet, you won’t get rich! what are you waiting for? Investing today is easier than ever and with small investment apps like Acorns and Stash, you can start investing your surplus cash.

Everyone wants to be rich, but you will never be rich if you have these qualities

Are you always comfortable? You won’t get rich then!!

Are you always comfortable? You won't get rich then!!

If you’d rather stay in your own comfort zone, then don’t think you’ll be swimming in money in the future! Unless you take illegal ways, this is not the topic of our article, or let me tell you, even illegal ways to earn money need to move and work 😀!.

Sebold wrote:

“Physical, psychological, and emotional well-being is the primary end of middle-class mentality.”

Intellectuals and wealthy people around the world know that getting rich is not easy, and that the need for rest can be devastating, they learn to rest while they work, in an atmosphere of uncertainty about the correctness of what they are doing, that is, they always suspect that it is not the time to rest.

If you are waiting for the company you work for to achieve your dreams of getting rich, you are wrong. Many companies promise you financial freedom, but in fact, it is not in the interest of the company to support you financially as you want, a bonus here, a small increase in salary from there, but it will not make you a millionaire in particular, so do not stay comfortable. If you want to grow and make money, you have to take risks and make mistakes.

Quick money will run out quickly

Quick money will run out quickly

No millionaire really becomes a millionaire overnight, money that comes fast goes faster, for example, let’s say you turned to gambling after hearing that he made a lot of money, unfortunately you won’t get rich that way, because the gambler may win today, He loses the next day, and in the long run, punters lose much more than they earned.

You won’t get rich if you think that not being rich is because of your lack of luck!

If you ask yourself: “Who am I to be rich? Who am I to become a millionaire?” You will still be middle-income and not get rich, because you think you are not worthy of riches. Instead, ask yourself: “Why not me?” Yes, this is what billionaires do, they do not stop dreaming, and seek to turn it into reality, and they try to play on the chord of luck, they do not use it as a hanger on which to hang their failure. So if you think the matter of getting rich is divine luck, and one day the time will come and you will be rich, I congratulate you for your limited thinking.

Financial Education: If you don’t know anything about financial markets and don’t learn about money management, you won’t get rich

“If you don’t know how money works, you will never make money work for you”

In the process of driving any machine, if you do not learn to drive properly and understand everything about it, you will never get a driver’s license.. You should think about making money in the same way. If you are not aware of how taxes work, or why the company sometimes cuts your salary, you may think that you may be cheated, when the issue is just a monthly salary cut to compensate for this in another future project for the company that will reflect positively on you and the rest of the employees. You must keep up with money terminology, to better seize opportunities and make smart financial decisions.

You probably won’t get rich simply because you don’t like rich people

You probably won't get rich simply because you don't like rich people

Maybe you don’t like rich people, or maybe you are jealous and frustrated with them especially when you look at their lifestyle and see that they are too comfortable to bear because you didn’t go through it, or maybe you hate them just because you think they are special and they simply upgraded their mind financially and developed in They are the skills that elevate them.

If you have a negative view of the rich, it is time to change it. Instead of getting jealous and wondering how they reached these stages of financial comfort, go around them and learn from them, ask them and they may help you. Many rich people like to hold others under their wings, especially when they see them as motivation to work and progress.

We all have wealth in a love-hate relationship, resenting those who have money while hoping for it. There is an old belief that says: “Money is the root of all evil in the world.” Stop believing in this belief, stop looking at the rich as bad, you can’t generalize, maybe some of them are bad, but there are a large number of them who are kind and love to help. Think that the more money you have, the more people you can help. Don’t forget that the world’s biggest influencers and philanthropists like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are some of the richest people in the world.

You are afraid of how others will look if you become rich

As a complement to the previous one, perhaps since you view the rich as evil, you are afraid that people will look at you the same way in the future if you become rich. Remember: People will try to hold you back in any good thing you do in life, lose weight, start a new job, bond with your loved one.. You can’t please everyone with that and “no” you have to please them! So stop taking their gazes into account, because you will be stuck between their gazes.

Everyone wants to be rich, but you will never be rich if you have these qualities

Loyalty to family tradition: You listen to everything your father says

Loyalty to family tradition: You listen to everything your father says

Let’s be a little realistic here: everything in your life begins with traditions from your childhood, political opinions, social customs, and work ethic, it all starts from infancy, when you are a pulp with which they can make whatever they want. You end up being your family, with their good and bad sides. Especially, you are influenced by your parents, we cannot deny the goodwill of parents and their always trying to protect and educate their children about life, but answer me now: Is your father a successful businessman? Is he a rich millionaire? If that was the case, you wouldn’t be reading my article now.

So at a certain stage in your life, when you feel that you know what you want, do not be afraid to abandon the customs, traditions and beliefs that hinder your development and progress, and instead of implementing everything your father dictates to you, start trusting yourself not from the principle of disrespecting your father’s opinion, but to break barriers and doing big things, no one knows what’s best for you more than you.

Everyone wants to be rich, but you will never be rich if you have these qualities

You are an expert at making excuses

You are an expert at making excuses

In a world full of opportunity, you have to try and try and try and grab those opportunities, if you want to be rich and successful, don’t make excuses anymore, because the creator of excuses doesn’t just want to try.

And you, will you change your characteristics and we will write about you in the near future as one of the richest people in the world? We hope so.

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Everyone wants to be rich, but you will never be rich if you have these qualities

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