Evil cartoon characters – male and a female full list

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Evil cartoon characters – male and a female full list

The most famous evil cartoon characters for boys

Boys are usually drawn to characters that have superpowers, even if they are evil characters. Boys may take on their wild imaginations one of those roles of their favorite evil characters for a specific purpose, such as the desire to have superpowers; This healthy reincarnation can make them feel a sense of liberation and a release of energy, and children do not like villains for their evil, but for the quality of their power.

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– Scar

A scar is one of the most famous Disney cartoon characters, and he is the main antagonist in the animated movie “The Lion King” produced by Disney in 1994 AD, and Mufasa is his older brother and the ruler of “The Land of Pride.” Thus, Scar has the right after Mufasa to rule, but his chances of ruling disappear after the birth of Simba is heir to the throne, so his heart is possessed by jealousy.
Scar plans a revenge plan with the help of hyenas to get the kingdom of the proud land and win its rule, with the famous scene in which Scar kills Mufasa from the scenes stuck in the memory of generations.

– The Joker

A fictional character created by “Bill Finger“, “Bob Kane” and “Jerry Robinson” comic book writers, the Joker character appeared for the first time in 1940 AD in the comic series “Batman” issued by “DC Comics”. It was planned to get rid of the character of the Joker after his first appearance, but some reviews have kept him, making the Joker a close match for Batman in many films, video games, and graphic novels.

– Jafar

Jaafar is one of the famous Disney cartoon characters, which appeared in the animated movie “Aladdin” produced by Disney in 1992 AD, and Jaafar was the minister of the king, and you can realize what hides evil intentions from his features, and Jafar seeks in his evil scheme to overthrow the king And forcing Princess Jasmine to marry him.

Jafar also sought to kill Aladdin, but his main plan was to steal the magic lamp that would give him the power to achieve his goals and enable him to take over the world.

– Captain Hook

Captain Hook is the main villain in the Disney animated movie “Peter Pan” produced in 1953, and Captain Hook is a bloodthirsty pirate who leads his ship “Jolly Roger” in pursuit of Peter Pan to get him after Peter Pan cuts Captain Hook’s left hand and feeds it The crocodile, but all of Captain Hook’s attempts fail due to Peter Pan’s superhuman ability to fly.

But the viewer may sympathize with Captain Hook as Peter Pan has amputated his hand, yet Captain Hook always comes back empty-handed without exacting his revenge.

– Gargamel

Gargamel is the main evil character in the Smurfs series. He lives with his cat and his assistant Scrubble and seeks to conspire against the Smurfs to eliminate them, as Gargamel thinks that he can turn those little blue creatures that inhabit the forest into gold and take advantage of their magical powers.

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And despite Gargamel’s plots against the Smurfs, he sometimes shows good attitudes, especially towards his cat.

The most famous evil cartoon characters for girls

Many cartoon films have been made that contain well-crafted female villain roles that match or are almost superior to male villain roles, and over the years and succession of films, it is noted that these characters are gaining an increasing space, and they have even starred in some recently released films, Here are three of the girls’ villains.

– Maleficent

Malavescent appeared for the first time in the animated movie “Sleeping Beauty” produced by Disney in 1959 AD, and the story begins when King Stephen gives birth to a beautiful daughter, which prompts him to hold a party to celebrate her birth, in which he invites all parts of the kingdom and fairies to bless the little girl, but he ignores the invitation of Malavescent, who Learn about it.

She goes to the party and curses the princess, who, as soon as she is sixteen, cuts her finger with a mandrel, and dies instantly.

– Ursula

Also known as the “Sea Witch” is the main villain in the animated movie “The Little Mermaid” produced by Disney in 1989 AD, and Ursula is a being half woman and half-octopus and makes promises to the unfortunate that their dreams will come true after they sign those contracts that she designs in her favor. Her second side with more suffering. Ursula was once a resident of the palace of King “Triton” before he punished her for her actions and expelled her far from the borders of his kingdom, and since then Ursula has sworn to take revenge and take away the king from him.

– Cruella de Vil

Roella appeared as the main villain in the animated movie “One Hundred Dalmatians and Dalmatians“, which is usually shortened to 101 Dalmatians, produced by Disney in 1961 AD.

And because Roella is an evil woman, her fondness for mottled dog skins drives her to commit atrocities against these dogs such as killing and kidnapping them, with the help of her followers Jasper and Horace.

– The Evil Queen

Also known as the Witch Queen, she is the main evil character who appeared in the story of Fulla and the Seven Dwarfs or Snow White, which was produced by Disney in 1937 AD. poisoned.

The Evil Queen is considered one of the most famous villains in the history of cinema, as it was voted for to fall into a list put together by the “American Film Institute”, which includes the ten most evil characters.

Evil cartoon characters – male and a female full list

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