Facebook download video / Download video from Facebook without APP

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Facebook download video / Download video from Facebook without APP

While browsing Facebook, you can find all kinds of videos, and as we know, Facebook allows users to watch, but it does not allow downloading videos from Facebook on your device, so you need to download an external program, or you can download what you want without any program.

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However, keep in mind that this can lead to many unpleasant consequences such as viruses and even hacking of your Facebook profile, and today we are talking about ways to download a video from Facebook without software.

How to download a video from Facebook without APP / programs

When you see an interesting recipe, training session, or a funny video and you want to upload that content and share it with your friends, you can do it very quickly and without using any external tools, software, or extensions. To download a video from Facebook, follow one of these methods:

Download video from Facebook via the following site fdown.net

Download a video from Facebook by Getfvid

  • Log in to your Facebook account through the browser or the application.
  • Open the video you want to download.
  • Copy the video link (URL) by pressing the three dots and choosing Copy Link.
  • Use any internet browser on your smartphone or mobile device and head to Getfvid or fdown.net.
  • Paste the title of the video you want to download in the designated place within the site.
  • Click on Download.
  • You will be presented with options to download the video in either HD or normal resolution, or the ability to download only the audio file.
  • Click on the resolution that suits you and the download will start automatically.
  • In some browsers, the download does not start automatically, but the browser opens the video file, so you can long press on it and choose Save As (or right-click if you are using a computer), or press the three-dot icon and choose Download.

Download a video from Facebook through savefrom.net

  1. You have to open the Facebook video you want to download.
  2. Then copy the Facebook video link (URL).
  3. Open a new tab in any browser you use, whether it’s on your computer or on your smartphone.
  4. Head to this site.
  5. Paste the video title and hit Download.
  6. The resolution and format available for download will appear, click on Download.

Risk of downloading videos from Facebook

(Watch the video by clicking on the image or through a link) You must have read such a message while browsing the site, this is the message many browsers received, including a link to a video or Facebook post.

As in many similar cases in the past, there is no video and only downloads malicious software (malicious software) that allows its distributors to remotely access computers and Facebook accounts and spread messages.
Clicking on the video won’t load and play the clip, but rather prompts a plugin to be installed on the browser. Once the videos are downloaded from Facebook, they infect your device, allowing them to get passwords to web services and display ads whose revenue goes directly to the hackers’ account.

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