Finch movie | Tom Hanks renews his isolation without the silent wisdom of “Wilson”

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Finch movie | Tom Hanks renews his isolation without the silent wisdom of “Wilson”

Many artists in the United States are resorting to digital platforms to display their films, to escape the crisis that theaters have been exposed to in the world during the past two years due to the Corona pandemic, which led to significant financial losses. Tom Hanks decided to resort to the Apple TV + platform this year to show the movie “Finch”, co-starring Caleb Landry Jones, Laura Martinez Cunningham, Mary Wagman, Oscar Avila, and directed by Miguel Sabognik, and this work is a collaboration. The second is between Tom Hanks and Apple TV Plus, after the movie “Greyhound”.

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The movie “Finch” is shown over 115 minutes, and it cannot be placed in one classification, but rather combines three types, which are “science fiction”, due to the world reaching its end and how some humans try to deal with changes through robots, and the movie “Drama” ”, because of its many dramatic and human scenes, finally, is the movie “The Road”, as most of its events revolve around moving from one place to another to reach a haven, through the hero living the events of the work on the street.

Finch movie

“Finch” movie and the end of the world

The events of the film revolve around a scientist who decided to stay away from humans and live isolated after the earth was exposed to the destruction of the ozone layer, which led to the annihilation of the earth, and humans fight each other to obtain food and complete life, as some of them were able to create a new life for them, after protecting themselves From the scorching ultraviolet rays, which lead to burning of the skin and the like.

Tom Hanes brings back the loneliness and alienation he embodied in Cast Away, but this time without volleyball character Wilson, who remains wisely silent. Finch has had to go away, due to some weather that is set to affect his shelter, where he lives alone with his dog.

He decided to make a “robot”, and feed him with some books according to his point of view, to help him become useful to the dog, especially since the hero suffers from a serious illness that makes him on the verge of death, and one of these books was: “How does a person live? The effect of exposure to ionizing radiation, effects of ultraviolet radiation, and others.

Tom Hanks tweets solo

The movie “Finch” begins by revealing the heroes of the movie, which are confined to one human being, Tom Hanks, a dog and a robot that he decided to make, and create through them a dramatic situation that arouses the admiration and pity of the audience together, especially after you find yourself in front of a human situation between the hero and the dog, The hero and the robot are the creation of his hands, who lives with the latter in a state of skipping adolescence, which is similar to its human counterpart, in terms of trying to control the recklessness that he is doing, and his desire to learn human behavior quickly during their journey to a safe place.

With the presence of a single human hero in the events of the film, we find that Tom Hanks has to pass through most of the scenes that were at the beginning of the film, which took approximately 15 minutes of silence, with his body parts, most of which he expressed with his eyes, whether it was joy or Sadness, even moments of triumph that sometimes brought tears.

We find that the character of Finch, played by Tom Hanks, did not fully tell her story at the beginning of the events, but rather the matter came in a sequence, that does not bore the viewer, with some conflicts at work followed by a novel about his life with the robot who became a friend of the journey, we find that we are in front of A person who hated violence between humans and terrorism even if it was for the sake of obtaining food, so he decided to stay away from the world after failing to save lives that were killed in front of his eyes.

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During the events of the film, Finch explained that the annihilation of the planet is due to humans and their behavior, stressing that we are the ones who create terrorism, and that fear is the main support for this and that we are in front of a character who has become secure at night with all its fears more than humans who do not know where their thinking will lead them to reach their goals In what way will they achieve this?

With Finch trying to bring the robot and the dog to safety so that they can start a new life after they became his family and helped him in his illness, whose death became certain for him because of him, a state of humanity is created in many scenes, making you sympathize sometimes with the robot and at other times with the hero, to come to The “Master Sin” scene of the work, with a duration of approximately 10 minutes, in which the hero tells the rest of his life story to the robot, and in an arena of emptiness comes the sea behind him and the desert surrounds him from all directions, and the hero dies, after that due to illness.

Weird Tom Hanks

As the events of the movie “Finch” follow, we find music in the background that accompanies some scenes that emphasize the presence of natural disasters. The music is sarcastic and comedic, to implicitly express the irony of what the world has come to. The music accompanied many scenes, especially at the end, which was able to cover the silence of the final 15 minutes, which combined the robot with the dog, but it expressed greatly humanely what is going on in the scenes.

On the other hand, we find that Tom Hanks does not change much in the previous films he presented that expressed his alienation, either in the sea or the air or the like, but with a difference, even if a little in Finch, his belief and success in the theme he presents and the continued demand of the public for it And their enjoyment of watching it, makes him not need to get out of it and look away from it. Tom Hanks has been here for about two hours as if searching for a plot.

Finch movie | Tom Hanks renews his isolation without the silent wisdom of “Wilson”

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