Football: Why should you stop watching football and start having sex?

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Football: Why should you stop watching football and start having sex?

Assuming that everyone should write about what he is an expert in, then I am one of the last candidates to write a single line about football. Frankly, and without any compliments, my knowledge of this ball is not much better than my grandmother’s in nuclear engineering and quantum physics! She and I are both in the air.

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Despite this, there remain some scenes stuck in my rusty football memory, especially that solemn scene when Zidane headbutts the Italian player who soon falls to the ground, and later reveals the reason for what happened that he cursed him or his mother, sister, or religion, Or anything else, the important thing is that he cursed him at a sensitive point, as Zidane had nothing but to head off him and expelled him from the field.

The years pass quickly, and I see Zidane becoming a coach! After leaving France, leave playing! And he went to Spain, and then retired from training after he retired from football years before! All this only assures me of one thing, that this sport needs diligent follow-up, and it is not correct for a follower like me every ten years to see one or two matches.

Despite this I find it right to speak a little in this field, it is okay to raise an idea here, and a distraction there. Especially now that the World Cup period and feelings are raging, and everyone supports a team, and everyone insults the genitals of the mother of everyone who supports another team other than what he encourages.

So let’s get rid of all this, and let’s talk about something that might be useful here.

More important than watching football, having sex!

It is important to watch football, to watch your favorite players run after the ball, but most importantly to play the game yourself! To play soccer with your feet and your own shoes! Don’t just be cheering, yelling, burning nerves, and getting into unimportant arguments with your peers here and there. Play the game yourself.

I have a friend whose size and weight are very high, and yet he is a fierce fan of football! I certainly don’t criticize what he does, but what does it do! What’s the use of just watching silent, unworkable! It is unfortunate that you only follow what is going on and encourage and burn your nerves, but your body is a weak athlete! And maybe even worse!

Football is horrifyingly like having sex. It is wrong to watch porn and get addicted to it, you should have sex! To practice – by the conditions and rules that are common to all – this eternal relationship, which all religions, laws, and trends stipulate as sacred!

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Watching excessive football without actually playing the ball itself, is very similar to watching porn even though you are in fact not married and have not entered into a real sacred relationship with anyone! You have to be the player, not the spectator! To run by yourself, not to watch them run!

Football as a sport is an amazing thing, it will give you a consistent body, long endurance, speed, and high agility, while football is just watching without playing an actual sport, an unimportant addiction that is useless, and it can also be harmful.

So, stop watching football, and start having actual sex, man!

Millions of dollars players

It amazes me how much players get paid for goals they score or transfer contracts they sign. I do not understand the reason for all these sums, is it capitalism? Or FIFA terms? Or sports club federations? Or the greed of the players themselves? Or is it just a trade like other profitable trades! I can’t understand all this money they earn, are they really happy with it?

It is known that the person who rejoices for a huge amount of money is the poor person, and even the average person with a higher income on the economic ladder, but a player who has millions to which millions are added, what will he feel about her! Will he be affected when you increase his millions by another million? When you increase fifty to become sixty! And when you increase the hundred to become two hundred!

Does the general rejoice when he takes the 65th medal because of his bravery! Always the biggest impact of the 1st Medal of Courage and the 2nd Medal of Honor! But when the decorations increase and everything become exaggerated, the topic loses its meaning and becomes just a boring routine that must only be done!

I understand that a poor person rejoices over the million dollars that came down on him from the sky, but that the millionaire increases by a million, and the billionaire are a billion things that I no longer comprehend, especially in the field of football and its players.

If it was football, another ball!

It is very surprising to find the authors of intellectual articles calling for change and religious/political openness, astonishing that people do not change and that the process is nothing more than a windmills battle! My dear friend, most people are not ready to change their opinion of this club and the public team, and they may enter into conflicts and be killed for that. After all this, you want her to change her religious and political opinion and be open about it!

Although playing soccer is important, there is another ball called the skull that must be kicked and goals scored too!

I always get reminded of the nice example that says that man is a weak being if we detail his qualities. In terms of body strength, any lion can crush humans, in terms of longevity, i.e.

a turtle that lives many times more than humans. In terms of length, the giraffe surpasses him, in terms of speed, the leopard is ahead of him by stages. This is how man is, compare him with any animal and you will find that every animal has a quality with which he can conquer him, the only feature of man that made him the dominant being in the mind! The skull ball that everyone tries not to kick to score a real goal!

Stop catching the football, catch the skull ball! What made man a man is an advanced brain that he carries between his shoulders, so never slack in operating it. I do not hate sports, I am one of the hardest practitioners of it daily, but we have to slow down a little bit to run after it, and at least start jogging lightly towards another more important ball!

Football will indeed give you prizes and maybe world cups, but mind ball will make you human!

Close this post and immediately start running, but this time behind another ball, a ball that you don’t use to run behind or behind, a ball that I hope you are now well aware of.

Football: Why should you stop watching football and start having sex?

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