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How do you deal with difficult customers Here are tips to avoid work frustrations

How do you deal with difficult customers Here are tips to avoid work frustrations

In any field of work in life, whether in direct contact with the customer or remotely, you need – as an employee or business owner – to maintain a good, healthy relationship with customers, in order to win yourself and your business project, and perhaps it does not need much preparation, because it happens daily If it’s not around the clock, you meet a difficult consumer just because he’s nervous, or because he argued with his wife before he came to you, or maybe the taxi driver yelled at him for inadvertently slamming the door.

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These things happen around the clock as we said, and as a normal human being is not devoid of life problems as well, you will fall between two fires: self-control and sympathy with him to eventually get a successful business with a future of growth and attract a lot of clients like him and the good ones, because you are good to deal with, or that Get out of your skin, in the end, you are human as he is.

Logic requires maintaining the best customer service, in order to keep your name in the job market, so we will list below the most important tips to come out with a better understanding of how to deal with a difficult customer, and not to explode your bitterness and depression until the end of the day because of someone you care about for several minutes because he is a customer.

Top tips for dealing with difficult clients and avoiding work frustrations

Top tips for dealing with difficult clients and avoiding work frustrations

Do not take customer concerns personally

How do you deal with difficult customers Here are tips to avoid work frustrations

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You do not know this person often, and the treatment between you is based on pure interest, so why do you project his anger, worries and nervousness on yourself? It drains your daily energy, draws in negativity and takes it to your family and those around you. It doesn’t work that way, try not to take it personally as if he’s got revenge on you, and he’s coming to get his due. Deal with him calmly, coolly, and keep smiling, tell him, “It’s okay, problems don’t end…”.

Of course, we mean the nervous people who don’t seem nice to you just because they’re having a bad day. As for those who have problems with you, according to the degree of the problem, action is required. Certainly, if he wants to insult you and wear you down, you will not remain silent to him. Here another article is needed to deal with those who seek you. You will defend yourself even though some keep pace with customers even in this case just to maintain the trade name. But in this article, we turn to confronting people who are nervous by nature, Or those who had a difficult day and made you a part of their day.

Shut up.. give them a smiling look.. listen to them in silence.

Shut up.. give them a smiling look.. listen to them in silence.

You know they are wrong in their way, they are not right in this way, but you have no hand in the matter, and yet they do not understand it because they are blinded by anger. Simply shut up and put a nice smile on their face, make them feel like you care and hear them, so they can vent their anger within minutes. Eventually, the customer will wake up, act naturally in spite of you out of respect, and may even apologize to you.

Excessive empathy is good here

Scientists have demonstrated the importance of excessive empathy at times, such as when a patient gains excessive sympathy from doctors, and here, by excessive empathy, you can put aside his aggressive and wrong behavior.

Whatever he is going through, you can help him by listening to him, showing that you are sincere in his sympathy by showing a willingness to help him – even if his behavior does not make him want to help him – and to prove it, use the sincere look in your eyes towards him, the movements of your body that make him feel With your interest . The most important point is to give him the pleasure of starting and ending his speech first.

Make yourself calm..speak slowly..the gentle tone of voice

Make yourself calm..speak slowly..the gentle tone of voice

This item is essential in different business and interest areas, so even if the customer raises his tone of voice, you don’t have to respond in the same way. Slow down your voice, and try to be very calm, i.e. slow down your speaking speed as well so that you do the opposite of what he does to have a positive effect. You are the north pole and it is the south pole of a magnet. The goal is not to raise a problem—the negative impact is definitely on you—first, and second, to set an example for the client by being respectful, assertive, and relaxed in your tone of voice.

When you feel watched, pay more attention to yourself: imagine that there are a lot of people around

In the event that you are reacting wrongly with his nervousness and it is difficult to understand him, imagine that there are a lot of customers around you who may one day be your customers, and everyone is turning to you and paying attention to your fight just because your customer is having a bad day and you did not appreciate it, imagine that they get a bad idea About you and they talk: “Isn’t he supposed to be calm and know how to proactively resolve conflict?! What an arrogant he is!” You will surely become the convict, the customer is always right! Your business will be affected, because bad news or a bad reputation is easy to spread.

Try to find the point of balance within you: try to find out what irritates you the most and avoid it

Try to discover what angers you, provokes you, and frustrates you. This will help you deal with situations from a different, more neutral and objective angle. When you know what most causes an angry reaction in you, and you identify the situations, words, and the level of the customer’s voice that bothers you, then you will appreciate the situation in a more practical way, and calm you down when these situations arise, because it will seem more expected, and you know if you should talk to the person in front of you calmly only, Or wait to have an in-depth conversation with him later, or not talk at all until he does and asks.

FroMLE is good for ending stupid conversations

FroMLE, an acronym for From My Limited Experience, is used to change what someone has said, from negative to positive “for you” in your subconscious mind.

Sometimes, some customers irritate you just to make fun of your workplace, and the simplest example that can be given is in Arab countries, when you study at the College of Pharmacy, you are said to be a seller who has a certificate, but in reality, no one knows how much you suffered until you obtained this certificate, And the extent of your experience and knowledge in the field of medicine, no one knows, so add this sentence to the thinking process in your head as soon as you hear a sentence that angers you towards any customer, such as the previous sentence: “You are a seller with a certificate.. (An answer stemming from your limited experience).” , Note that you completed the phrase he said with another that will satisfy you because you know that this person in front of you is stupid, and with limited experience.

Pretend to be wrong but not excessively: choose your words carefully

Suppose he wanted to have a discussion with you about what’s bothering him, to find out if he’s wrong? Of course you should not be a hypocrite and support him in any word he says: “Certainly you are right, no they should not treat you like this, the right is on them, do not silence them..” Assuming that he is not right, or you do not know what the whole thing is so you cannot Judging, but on the whole, you shouldn’t go along with him because if he’s a little smart, he’ll reveal that you treat him like a child or scorn him, and that makes him rage. You can pass the matter with appropriate phrases such as “I don’t blame you, maybe I’m right with you”…and so on, that is, you try to calm him down anyway.

If you are not one of those who argue and try to hear the client calm down a bit, at least be an active worker, and try to fulfill his request quickly: “How may I serve you, sir? One minute and he’ll get your order ready..” That would give him some hope of getting out of his hard day.

Treat him like a friend: let’s have a cup of coffee together

Share these details with him even if he’s someone you don’t know beforehand. Offer him a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, offer him a section of your bar of chocolate, yes share anything with him as if you two are friends, it calms his nerves against his will by 50%.

In order to keep yourself in control and deal with customers kindly, and in order to win yourself, your business and yourself, try to read this article every morning before you start work, consider it your duty for yourself, because we are not all infallible, but we can control ourselves and act rationally.

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How do you deal with difficult customers Here are tips to avoid work frustrations

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