How do I write an experience certificate?

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How do I write an experience certificate?

Experience Certificate

An experience certificate is a written document that certifies that its owner, i.e. employee, worked for a ministry, institution, or company, whether in the public or private sector. In that, he gained practical and scientific experience with this institution, and many foundations and rules must be adhered to when writing it, and this is what we will mention in this article.

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How do I write an experience certificate?

How to write an experience certificate

When writing an experience certificate, you must pay attention to two important things: the sufficient information that must be provided in the certificate, and the general form of the certificate. In writing this certificate, several basics must be taken into account, including:

Personal information

All personal information related to the employee, such as his full name, date of birth, place of birth, and other personal details, must be written to avoid manipulation, forgery, or similarity of names, and therefore these details serve as a guarantee that the holder of this certificate is actually its holder and not someone else.

Years of work

The number of years of work the employee has spent in this institution must be mentioned, even if it is a short period, so the duration of the period in which his work was proven, and the date on which he finished his work must be mentioned.

Job title

The job title in which the employee was working within the institution, his job grade, and the positions he held, must be mentioned, along with the length of his stay in each position.

work nature

It must be mentioned in some detail about the job title in which the employee was working, and whether his position was leadership, supervisory, or administrative.

Certificate form

The certificate must be arranged and clear so that others can read it, so some things must be taken into account when writing it, including:

  • Header: The certificate must be tagged with the name of the institution, as well as with its address, logo, phone number, e-mail, and mailbox, so that others can easily access it.
  • Signature and authentication: The certificate must be issued by the person qualified to issue this certificate, signed by his signature, and stamped with the seal of the institution.
  • Certificate title: It must be written in the name of an experience certificate, or directed by the phrase (To Whom It May Concern).

Experience Certificate Template with Outline

Drafted below, is an outline of an experience certificate to give you a better idea of how a work experience is prepared.

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(name of organization).
Date: —————–
Subject: —————-

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that ————, Son/ Daughter of ———– was appointed in our firm on the ——- of —–, 20— on the position of ———-. 

The candidate served our organization for ——— months/ years and was relieved of his/ her duties on the —— of —–, 20–.

During the candidate’s stay in our organization, he/ she has worked on ————- projects. We found the candidate to be extremely hardworking and efficient. He/ she bears a good moral character.

We wish the candidate success in the future.

(designation of issuing authority),
(name of issuing authority),
(signature of issuing authority).

Contact info:-
Phone number: —————
Email address: —————-.


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