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how much calories in banana

Banana is a healthy fruit rich in many nutrients that the body needs, but dieters are concerned about the calories and carbohydrates in it.
Bananas contain plenty of fiber, vitamin C, B6, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, copper, manganese, and others.

How much calories in banana

The calories in bananas vary depending on the size of the fruit and the amount eaten. Calories that come from carbohydrates in bananas occupy 93%, protein 4%, and fat 3%.

  • One small banana (101 grams) = 90 .
  • One medium banana (118 grams) = 105 .
  • One large banana (136 grams) = 121 calories.
  • One very large banana (152 grams) = 135 .
  • A cup of banana slices (150 grams) = 134 .
  • A cup of mashed bananas (225 grams) = 200 calories.

How many carbohydrates are in bananas

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Bananas are high in water and carbohydrates, and the amount of carbohydrates depends on the size of the banana.

  • One small banana (101 grams) = 23 grams.
  • One medium banana (118 grams) = 27 grams.
  • One large banana (136 grams) = 31 grams.
  • A very large banana (152 grams) = 35 grams.
  • A cup of banana slices (150 grams) = 34 grams.
  • 1 cup of mashed bananas (225 grams) = 51 grams.

How many bananas can you eat per day?

You can eat a medium fruit or 2 small bananas per day, and it is preferable to add it to a plate of oats for breakfast. It is not recommended to drink banana juice because it contains more than one fruit and a large amount of sugar, which leads to weight gain and high blood sugar.

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