How much is tesla.worth?

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How much is tesla.worth?

How much tesla worth? On Monday, October 25, 2021, American businessman Elon Musk tweeted via his Twitter account, to announce that the market value of his global company, Tesla, had reached a trillion dollars! Thus, Tesla booked a seat next to the major international companies, led by Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

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Tesla reaches the first trillion dollars… What’s the story behind that?

Several years before that…

In 2003, two American engineers, who wanted to put what they had learned in engineering college into practice, got together to help the environment and direct people to the correct consumption of cars. On the other hand, they are achieving achievement in the field of entrepreneurship, they are “Martin Eberhard” and “Marc Tarpenning”, the Americans who decided to establish the global company “Tesla”, to manufacture electric cars that are a clean source of energy in the environment.

It was named Tesla, after the American scientist “Nikola Tesla”. However, we don’t hear any name associated with “Tesla” except the beloved adventurer “Elon Musk”. What’s the story behind that?

How much is tesla.worth?
Martin Eberhard & Marc Tarpenning

A plan to attract Elon-Mask through his weak point

Martin and Marc knew that they could not afford to build these cars and that they needed financing. But it was difficult to convince someone like Elon Musk, that young man in his thirties who was able to become a millionaire at this age and start his own company Paypal, that he moves with calculations and numbers and aspires to move humans from Earth and build colonies on Mars.

So the two friends resorted to Musk’s weakness, and knew that he would attend the “Mars Society” conference, and decided to open a door to talk to him there and attract him, as Marc Tarpenning told him that they needed a partner who aspires to build missiles and spaceships as well, which provoked Musk and decided to participate in Tesla in 2004, He served as the second chairman of the company’s board of directors, and the first amount he contributed was about $6.3 million.

The three partners kept working in silence, and the company was hidden until 2008, when the “Roadster” was launched, ushering in the era of electric cars that conquered the world today and became one of the best-selling and sought-after cars in the world.

On management chair

“I didn’t really want to be CEO of Tesla”

Tesla was able to manufacture electric cars to move humans from fossil consumption to sustainable energy, under the auspices and supervision of Elon Musk, who took over the leadership in October 2008, where he became CEO of Tesla, at that time Musk had made sure that this company was worth the investment and work on, and spent More. Although he didn’t want to start driving Tesla, because he had founded his dream space company, “Space X”, working 80 hours a week, and he didn’t want to work 160 hours a week.

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How much is tesla.worth?

There was no one qualified for the job but Musk who finally believed in the company, and that’s his habit, our adventurous friend likes different ideas, and Tesla was the first company to work with a different operating culture which is electricity and solar panels, at that time, the prevailing culture was fossil fuel cars harmful to the environment and causes greenhouse gases to erupt. On January 22, 2020, Tesla’s market capitalization reached $100 billion for the first time thanks to Musk’s efforts and support.

How much is tesla.worth?

The richest man in the world again

In January 2021, Elon Musk became the richest man in the world, but he did not hold the title much, as his clever opponent Jeff Bezos preceded him again. But at the end of September 2021, his fortune exceeded $200 billion, and he became the richest man in the world. Thus, he became the third man in the world, with a fortune exceeding $200 billion.

But with the increase in the market value of Tesla, whose value exceeded one trillion dollars – as Musk announced – it is normal for the value of Musk’s wealth to rise to 241.4 billion dollars, according to the “Bloomberg” index on October 26, 2021. Thanks to his shares in Tesla, where he formed The value of “Space X” of this wealth is only about 17%.

Experts expect that Musk’s wealth may exceed the trillion-dollar barrier and become the first trillionaire in the world due to the expected increase in Tesla shares in the future. At the same time, expectations indicate that Space X needs more time to be able to contribute to increasing Musk’s fortune in the future.

Tesla was not the first

On August 2, 2018, the market value of Apple exceeded one trillion dollars, and it was the first company to break this record, followed by other companies such as Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Alphabet (which includes Google), and Amazon. Facebook also managed to break the trillion-dollar barrier in June 2021, but then its valuation fell to $927 billion.

Let’s go back to Apple.

Experts expected the value of Apple to rise again and that it would become the first company whose value exceeded the $2 trillion barriers, and it was, as its market value exceeded $2 trillion in August 2020, that Saudi Aramco, which is considered the king of oil in the world, would rise again. As the value of Apple shares increased as follows:

  • In 2019, the value of the shares increased by 120%.
  • In 2020, the value of the shares increased by more than 60%.

Unlike many companies, Apple was one of the lucky companies that benefited from the Corona pandemic, and its presence on the Internet became strong, purchases were made successfully, and its sales increased, which helped it rise again to record $ 2 trillion.

How much is tesla.worth?

How did the value of Tesla rise to a trillion dollars?

Like other emerging companies, Tesla was able to achieve high sales, becoming the first car company in the world to reserve a seat next to technology and oil companies in the ranks of trillions, as the value of its shares rose during the recent period to reach 14.9% or 1045.02 dollars, thus becoming the most car company value in the world.

Car rental company Hertz has ordered 100,000 cars from Tesla in a deal that extends to the end of 2022, as Hertz CEO Mark Fields sees the future in electric cars, describing it as an excellent experience for the consumer, making electric cars from Tesla the best-selling in the world during Soon, experts predict, what Hertz has done will direct the world’s attention to Tesla in particular.

On the other hand, the value of Tesla’s shares rose on Monday, October 25, to reach $25.6 billion, an increase of 13%, after Hertz announced its deal with Tesla, which boosted the value of the shares to $1024.86, and the company’s marketing value increased by the end of the day. Today is the most valuable stock day in Tesla’s history, and the company has never seen such a crazy jump.

In addition, Elon Musk aspires to increase Tesla’s productivity, as he set a plan to produce 20 million cars annually, an increase of about 50 percent from the norm.

The Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car in Europe during September 2021 (at the end of the same month, Musk became the world’s richest man). Musk did not lose sight of the regulatory problems threatening Tesla’s business in China and began to solve them.

Finally, Tesla may be the dominant automaker soon, despite the rapid and massive increase in its value, until Musk himself stated that he was surprised by the rise in the marketing value of Tesla, like others. Can Tesla dominate the global car sales market? The answer will come over time, but what is certain is that the environment is environmentally friendly, and Tesla is environmentally friendly because it relies on clean energy in the first place.

how much is tesla.worth

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