How to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit money

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How to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit money

There are many ways to distinguish between genuine local money and counterfeit money, there are special lamps and pens that detect counterfeiting in ultraviolet rays, through which the safety line is seen, as these strips must light up a certain color, but not everyone can certainly have Such devices may be owned by those who have large financial transactions such as merchants, so ordinary people must use other simpler and easier means, even if they are not accurate, but it may be a preliminary indication to know if the banknotes are original or not until it is confirmed by other, more methods Accuracy.

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These methods depend on the physical properties of banknotes, such as the ink with which the papers are printed, as well as watermarks, etc., and they can be identified through the use of the senses of touch and sight.

We will mention some of these methods that enable people to distinguish between these currencies without the need for special tools or methods. Technique.

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Watermarks printed on original money

Watermarks are one of the main ways to distinguish the original money from the counterfeit, and this mark is an exact copy of the face on the banknotes, and to distinguish this mark must pay attention to the following things:

  • This sign is only visible when the banknote is raised in front of the light.
  • The watermark must exactly match what is on the banknote, if this watermark is a face, then that face must be exactly the same as the face on the banknote.

The feel of money paper

The feel of the paper is another way to distinguish genuine money from counterfeit. Genuine money is somewhat rough, as the ink used is a little high, so if it feels very smooth, there is a good chance that it is a counterfeit.

Having a warranty line

The guaranteed line extends from the top of the banknote to the bottom and is woven inside the banknote and is not printed, and this line can be distinguished by raising the paper to the light, it contains accurate printing, so this line is not one of the things that can be easily forged.

The emergence of written numbers

The protrusion of written numbers is an easy way to distinguish counterfeit currencies. When we touch the banknotes, we feel that there is a slight protrusion of the numbers and printing, so the lack of printing on the papers may indicate that this paper currency is counterfeit.

Background graphics of original money paper

One way to distinguish genuine banknotes is the background graphics of real money, as these graphics are often dark and mixed with the rest of the image, while on counterfeit currency these graphics are light and faded.

Use an organic solvent

The organic solvent is defined as a substance such as chloroform or water, which can be used to find out if this currency is original or counterfeit, as the paper currency is placed in it for several minutes. The original coin is not affected or damaged by such materials.

There are other ways through which it is possible to detect counterfeit and original banknotes, such as:

The outer borders of the paper, as they must be clear and uninterrupted, as well as through the serial numbers on the side of the image, and can also be distinguished by the thickness of the paper, as the original papers are less thick than the fake papers, and one of the simplest ways is also to compare the banknote with another paper Originals of the same class, to ensure in principle that they are safe and not falsified.

How can blind people distinguish genuine money from counterfeit?

Blind people can easily identify money, but the problem lies in recognizing banknotes, and discovering whether these coins are genuine or fake. The focus is on distinguishing the monetary denominations and not knowing whether these coins are original or not. Blind people can distinguish them through some of the ways we mentioned earlier, which depend on the sense of touch as follows:

  • The feel of the money paper : As we mentioned that the original coins have a somewhat rough feel and not soft, but if the blind feel that these coins are very soft, this is an indication for them that these coins are counterfeit.
  • The emergence of written numbers: As we mentioned that there is a slight protrusion of numbers and printing on the original money, and therefore when the blind touch this currency, they can distinguish counterfeit money.

The process of counterfeiting banknotes is possible in our societies, and it has spread recently due to technological and technical development, but counterfeiting is a dangerous operation, because it may affect the economy if a large number of banknotes are forged and circulated among citizens without knowing it, so it must Everyone should be careful when trading banknotes, especially if the amounts of money are large, through the methods we mentioned earlier, such as the texture of money, the emergence of written numbers, the watermark and others.

How to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit money

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