How to do google advertising Google Ads step by step

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How to do google advertising Google Ads step by step

When thinking about spending any amount of money to market a product and ensure access to the largest possible audience, the right place to ensure this is Google, which has more than 246 million visitors and 3.5 billion daily interactions, and this is done through Google ads that were launched two years after the spread Google search engine ( to become the most famous website in the world. In this article, we will learn about what Google ads are and how to professionalize their industry? And what are the points that help raise its rank?

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Google ads

Google Ads (Google AdWords) is the largest online advertising network operated by Google, used by millions of companies to reach the largest number of customers in order to increase their number and grow their business. It allows advertisers to choose to display their products across two major networks: the Search Network and the Display Network; The search network includes pay-per-click advertising that works by bidding advertisers for their products on keywords relevant to their business.

With the ability to display ads to users who enter keywords related to these ads when searching on Google, while the Display Network allows advertisers to display their products in the form of interfaces in various websites, which is the most widely used and widespread method of advertisements, reaching about 90% of Internet users around the world.

Google ads allow you to create an account on it in several ways according to the advertiser’s need, as the account is structured depending on the type of products or services offered by the advertiser’s website or according to the advertiser’s geographical location.

How to do google ads

If we want to maximize ROI from Google Ads, we can follow the following key steps to run an organized and successful ad campaign:

1- Determine the purpose of the advertisement

Before you start spending any single dollar on an advertising campaign it is important to identify all its strengths and weaknesses in order to lead it well and find the best way to increase sales.

2- Determine the target audience

Likewise for the audience, the way of thinking and interests of the target audience must be understood from the advertisement, and everything that can attract them to view the service or purchase the product, starting from the style of language used in the sites, to the voice used, the site interface and other attractions, and the keywords must be chosen in a way Good for specifying the search terms to target.

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3- Directing the campaign towards one goal only

It should not be dispersed by the abundance of products or services provided by the advertising campaign, but rather it should be unified towards a unified goal, which will benefit and significantly improve the return on investment for the campaign.

4- Create an advertisement page

The biggest and most common mistake that new companies make when they resort to Google ads is directing customers’ visits when clicking on their paid ads to the home pages of their sites instead of a page for ads only that provides what they need directly; Which distracts visitors and makes them feel bored and useless from these ads.

5- Drafting the advertisement in more than one way

Before starting a campaign, you should create several variations of your ad text, as simple changes to your ad text can have a huge impact on your visitors’ conversion rates.

6- Check return on investment

When you start publishing the campaign, you must check its return on investment by multiplying the percentage of clicks that go to the ad site by the amount paid for each click and then comparing the result with the expected value of profit.

7 -Modify the campaign frequently and test its results

You should constantly make adjustments to your ad text, keywords, pages, and everything else, and test whether it works or not, keeping in mind that a small change in ROI can make a big difference in the long run to your profits.

Ad Rank

It is the position in which the pay-per-click ad is displayed in the search results, that is, it determines whether the ad will appear as a first, second or third result; Which increases the chance of seeing the ad by a larger number of users, and thus increasing the chance of being clicked. Ad Rank is determined by a number of different factors, including:

  • The percentage of match between the ad text and the keyword that the user searched for.
  • The compatibility between the ad text and its pages.
  • Google’s Quality Score is based on the quality and relevance of an advertisement to the audience to which it is shown.
  • Bidding in the price of the product or service offered by the advertisement.

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