How to make a reading habit / daily reading habit

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How to make a reading habit / daily reading habit

If you are an aficionado of reading, you will probably live a day when you are sitting on your sofa enthusiastically holding the book you bought after a long wait, but you find yourself for a moment confused, not aware of what you are reading, as if you are doing it against your will, no desire comes from within you! Here, you have to slow down a bit.

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There must be a reason that pushes you to reach this state. Did you find reading boring? Or is something on your mind and visiting you every time you hold the book? Do you find it difficult to make reading a daily habit?

Allow me, my dear, to tell you that if you do not find a solution to this problem, you will reach a situation where you lose your passion for reading and your favorite book remains on the shelf until it is eaten by dust. So, follow along with me.

How do you make reading a daily habit?

It is known about reading that it is a world full of secrets and stories that draw you in its details little by little to become a captive to it and addicted to reading it daily. :

Read at the beginning and end of your day

If you devote a short time to reading, even if it is 10 minutes or a quarter of an hour daily, at the beginning and end of the day, it will never hinder you from performing your daily tasks. Rather, you will start with a broad and open mind and end your day with peace of mind and peaceful sleep.

Add reading to your daily schedule

Writing daily tasks within a schedule dedicated to them is one of the best things that lead to accomplishing everything you desire during the hours of the day. It has its own time and you should invest it in it without worry or tension.

Combine reading with exercises

This advice can be somewhat confusing, but it is possible and not impossible. If you are a sports fan and do exercises daily, whether in the club or at home, do not worry. You can kill two birds with one stone, that is, you read and exercise together, but you will not be able to apply this The option is unless you choose simple exercises with which you can replace the music you usually use with your favorite book. For example, while walking on the treadmill, you can put the book in front of you and read.

Reading while traveling and commuting

The hours of travel and daily commuting bring boredom over time, many need to move through different means of transportation to reach the workplace, and no matter how long it takes, the boredom of waiting can be eliminated, by taking the book with you and starting reading when boarding the bus Or the train, so you will not feel the length of the road and at the same time you will have achieved the benefit and read several pages to receive your work with openness and comfort.

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Relieve your social media addiction

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the addiction is caused by social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, so you see that most of the time you hold your cell phone and start browsing without realizing the passage of time, you may even spend long hours in vain while you are just watching what others are doing, What do you think if you tried to reduce the use of these applications and put the book at your fingertips instead of your cell phone, to read whenever you want to take a break or in leisure time.

Use audiobooks

Your day may be full of work that prevents you from picking up a book and reading, even for a short time. Do not worry and rest assured that every problem has a solution.

Yes, some books come in the form of audio clips that you can hear while doing any work, some many businessmen and celebrities resort to such books in order not to dispense with the practice of reading, for this reason, you can be like them and download your favorite book from the sites dedicated to those books and then put the headphones and start diving into the details of the book while you do what you want.

Read while you wait

Sometimes you will need to stay waiting somewhere like when you go to the doctor’s office or when you have an appointment with a friend.

Use e-books

Sometimes you won’t be able to carry a book with you for many different reasons, so it’s best to resort to e-books that can replace the real book and relieve you of the issue of carrying it in the bag or forgetting it at home.

How to make a reading habit / daily reading habit

How to make a reading habit / daily reading habit

What are the benefits of reading books?

Reading is not just a hobby or a habit that you spend your time without purpose. It offers you several benefits in terms of physical and mental health that will continue with you throughout your life, it would be good to know about it.

strengthening the mind

Reading increases mental activity by stimulating brain cells, especially those in the somatosensory cortex. With the continuation of reading for a continuous period, the activity of these cells increases little by little until the entire brain works and the body becomes in a state of response to the feelings and sensations reaching it from the lines it reads.

In response to this information, specialized researchers conducted several studies for some readers of Pompeii’s novel to see how their brain works while reading, through the use of magnetic resonance imaging of the brain over several days, which showed them lighting areas of the brain continuously day after day with the increase in the events of the novel.

Increase feeling and emotion

Reading fiction and literary stories based on fiction contributes to arousing feelings, and thus helps you to be more sensitive to the events you read.

Increase the balance of new sentences and vocabulary

Continuous reading will allow you to get acquainted with many of the vocabularies of the Arabic language that may be somewhat new to you, and this matter is very useful for you in your life. Complimentary.

Preventing age-related mental problems

As it is known to everyone that as a person gets older, his mental abilities begin to decline little by little, and he may even suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The brain is always active and performing well.

Reducing stress and fatigue

Research has not only studied the effect of reading on the elderly but has gone beyond that to studies comparing its effect to the effect of yoga on the human body. One of the most prominent results of this research is that reading contributes to lowering blood pressure and regulating heart rate, just like performing yoga exercises, thus relieving stress and psychological pressure. that a person may be exposed to in his daily life.

Reading helps you sleep peacefully

When you try to read a book before bed, you will notice the amount of calm you will feel instead of using the cell phone while you are in bed and shining the light from it on your eyes, this will prevent you from sleeping for a short time and calmly.

Some tips for reading addicts

As it is said, ask an experienced and do not ask a wise one. This saying can apply to the issue of reading when you have doubts and obsessions that there is no point in reading books and that they are nothing but a waste of time. Here comes the role of those who have tried to learn more about the subject. In the United Kingdom, a survey of a large number of committed readers read:

Read because you want to

This is the advice of Christina Chiborisi, who started reading from a young age as she was constantly reading books, but at some point in her life she lost her passion for reading, and with time she came to the idea that reading needs a good mood and desire as well, for this reason, it is better not to hold the book until when they desire to do so.

Choose the way of reading that is most comfortable to you

Kidd, one of the readers, says that the reading process should not be restricted in a certain way or the quality of one book, but the reader should choose only the books that he likes and find pleasure in, in addition to choosing a comfortable and appropriate reading method such as electronic books, for example, which he relied on because he found them. Much easier than carrying the book with him wherever he goes.

Try the rule of fifty

In the words of Mrs. Marie Kondo, following the rule of fifty has a great influence on choosing books carefully, and that rule leads to reading the first 50 pages of a book then you will be able to determine your desire whether you liked the book or not, so you will never feel like a waste of time when reading your favorite book You have.

Stay away from unrealistic goals

Sometimes a person may race with the number of books he reads, thinking that the more he reads, the more he becomes a distinguished reader, so he begins to make plans to read a certain number of them per month, then he may fall into the trap of boredom and fatigue until he stops reading permanently, this idea that the lady touched upon Andra Zaharia advised everyone to set a realistic number of books to read at an appropriate time to avoid boredom and aversion to the idea, saying, “Set a realistic goal.”

And in the end, my dear, you have to return to your heart in everything, not only in the matter of reading books, so you return to doing what you love only and stay away from the things that you do while you are forced and hated, for the truth will not add any positive impact to you in your life.

How to make a reading habit / daily reading habit

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