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How to make a short film

How to make a short film

Writing stage

To write a short film script, you must start reading other scripts from other short filmmakers that give more knowledge and experience in writing techniques to the film industry, as well as finding specialized sites to criticize and discuss film scripts, and then you can start actual writing after conducting the necessary research, and the best possible to start writing A movie script is putting the title, in order to ensure that there is no exaggeration, and also because the title or the name of the movie, in this case, is the first thing the viewer sees and maybe one of the most important factors of attraction, and after the completion of the first writing, the stage of rewriting begins and put details and final touches to improve the quality of the script, In the end, it is preferable to present the written script to friends who are interested in filmmaking and some close people so that they can see the quality of the work before proceeding to the next stage.

Production stage

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The film production stage begins with choosing the location of the filming, which is very vital for any film, although the cinematic language starts from the script, the location of the internal or external shooting is what gives that language a visual identity that distinguishes each film from the others. You may need permits in some countries, which should not be ignored, and after settling on the filming location, you must decide on the type of camera used in filming the film, which is left to the director in the case of self-production, or to the director of photography, if any, and can choose from among many types of digital cameras of all types and quality, starting from the mobile phone camera to semi-professional digital cameras that have advantages, the most important of which are quality, the ability to change lenses and large storage space.

Complete it by using video editing software that can be downloaded from the web, and for the best results, you can use the services of a friend or a professional to adjust the visual and audio effects if needed. to her.

Advertising and promotion stage

Public short film screenings in most cases may face many obstacles due to the lack of available exhibition spaces, so the use of technology in advertising, promoting, and possibly showing the film has also given many options to short filmmakers around the world, and these options vary between using social networking sites to open a discussion about The film and the method of its manufacture, and between the presentation on specialized video platforms, and care must be taken to present the film in different festivals, which increases the possibility of identifying other filmmakers from inside and outside your country. There are also some specialized film sites that include short films in their lists, Which increases the viewership.

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