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How to play Tarneeb?

How to play Tarneeb?

Playing cards

Cards They are made of heavy paper, thin cardboard or plastic, and are characterized by distinctive and beautiful decorations on the back, and their size is slightly less than the size of the palm, and the number of cards in one stress is 52 cards, and some games use 54 cards by adding two balls They are known as the Joker.

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The playing cards contain four categories or branches, and each category has 13 cards and is divided into kippah cards that are in the form of (hearts) in red, diamond and take the shape of a rhombus, and their color is red, and spades with black hearts, and the spike, which is in the form of two heads Two pointed ones, topped by another head, similar to a tree, and it is black.

The cards are divided into numbers from 2 to 10, and a card with the letter J, which is known as the boy, the letter Q, which means girl, the letter K, which means sheik or old man, and the letter A, which means shear, which is the highest value of cards, and many games can be played with these cards such as Tarneeb and Tricks, and poker.


The Tarneeb game is one of the games that appeared in the Arab arena, especially in the countries of the Middle East and the Levant, and uses only one intensity, and is usually played by two teams, and each team has two players who meet together, and you can play alone, that is, each person is alone from three players. However, it is rare to play, and it is inspired by many other Arab games that are played with these cards, and it originated in the Levant, specifically in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine, and the game has flourished since the beginning of the early eighteenth century.

Play Tarneeb

The game begins when one of the two teams shuffles the cards well; So that it is difficult for the player who sits next to him diagonally from the left side to know the locations of the cards, and when he finishes the messing process, he puts all the cards on the ground, and the role of the left opponent team member comes to choose which two parts he thinks are the best; As if he says the first group to the partner, and the second group to me.

The number of cards in each group is 13 cards, and he can divide the cards so that the cards that have been divided are placed at the bottom of the cards, and then the player who shuffled the cards gives the opponent player to his right the first set, his partner the second set, and the second opponent player the third set, and he loots by taking the last set, then the opposing team player chooses his card; So that it is not less than 7, and if there are ten or more cards of the same color with him, he must request a bot, which is the highest value requested in the game, or he must unfold the cards. The person who chooses the highest value is the one who starts playing on the color that he chooses, and he must bring the value he requested or more, and in case he cannot do so, his request is reduced from the original value of the team, and the game ends when the team scores 63 points.

How to play Tarneeb?

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