How to tie a tie easily | Pictures & Video

How to tie a tie easily | Pictures & Video

The man does not dispense with the “necktie”, especially on official occasions and with the shirt, as this tie adds to the suit, coordinating its color and “model”, arranging its color and “model”, its color, shirt, and even shoes.

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It must be tied correctly in place. In this article, we have detailed the steps that you must adopt to implement the knot that is appropriate for your occasion.


It is one of the important and attractive elements that some people often use for formal outfits to make its owner more elegant and distinguished, and give him an attractive look that highlights his presence on that occasion, the most prominent of these occasions: weddings, jobs, various businesses, official interviews for work, in addition to some important meetings and events Which a person wants to be glamorous and give them a special character, and may be used to break the usual and familiar style by wearing them in elegant ways with casual clothes.

Here are the pictures step by step in 10 ways

1- Balthus knot

Balthus knot

2- Bow

Bow tie

3- Eldredge knot

Eldredge tie knot

4- Four in hand knots

 Four in hand knots

5- Half Windsor Knot

Half Windsor Knot

6- Nudo Christensen Knot

Nudo Christensen Knot

7- Oriental Knot

Oriental Knot

8- Pratt Knot

Pratt Knot

9- Trinity Knot

Trinity Knot

10- Victoria knot

Victoria knot

ون ميديا

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