How to Write a CV (Curriculum Vitae) To apply for a job important tips

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How to Write a CV (Curriculum Vitae) To apply for a job important tips

Curriculum Vitae

A CV is a set of papers that contain all the information about the applicant for the job to be submitted to the employers. These pages include information about the applicant and information regarding his academic qualifications, experiences, and achievements.

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It gives a clear picture of the applicant for the employer. Therefore, the CV is considered a major key to help the person market himself on the one hand and help employers to choose among the applicants on the other hand. Therefore, the applicant must pay attention to the way to write his CV so that it attracts the attention of the employer and gives him an excellent impression of the owner of the CV.

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How to write a CV

To apply for a job for the applicant to be able to write a CV, he must follow the following steps in order:

  • Identification of personal data
  • In this part, the applicant writes all his basic personal information:
  • Quadruple name.
  • Nationality.
  • Birth date.
  • Address.
  • Phone number or cell phone number.
  • E-mail, and the address of social networking sites, if any, and it is preferable to put an effective, practical and suitable e-mail for work use, as well as for social networking sites, it must be in an explicit name and not contain inappropriate names.
  • Social status.

Determine academic qualifications

In this item, the applicant must write the academic qualifications he reached, the specialization, the college, which university he graduated and the year of graduation, and it is preferable to write the estimate if the estimate is good or more, and in many types of CVs, all academic qualifications are written, starting from high school and branch to the last degree He reached it, whether it was a bachelor’s or a master’s degree or he had a postgraduate study, and next to each qualification the previous information is written.

Determine job experience

This part is dedicated to writing all the previous experiences of the applicant, meaning if he worked in any previous work or trained in certain companies and institutions so that you write the following form:

  • The position (job title) such as Sales Manager must be specified.
  • Write the name of the company or organization in which he worked. The period he worked in the company and written in the form (from-to). Achievements achieved while working in the.

Note: If the applicant has worked in more than one job, he writes for each job the same previous points, and if you are a new graduate, leave this item blank and it is better not to write it in the CV.

Specify training courses

Here the applicant writes all the training courses he took previously that might benefit him by applying for the job, such as administrative, technical, or computer courses, and include the following information:

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  • Course name.
  • The name of the organization organizing the course.
  • The time period (from-to).

Define social activities

The activities and works item gives an impression to the employer about the personality of the applicant, the skills he possesses, such as the extent of his ability to cooperate, communicate and communicate between members of his group, bear work pressure, and reveal talents in the job applicant that he may not feel in the previous items, such as activities in charitable societies or voluntary work that he does The name of the activity, its nature, and its purpose should be written.

Determine computer skills

Since the computer is the basis of work at present, employers prefer to choose an employee with good computer skills. Skills that the applicant must possess:

  • Good knowledge of Office in its different versions.
  • Desktop skills.
  • Outlook program.
  • Print speed.

Decide which languages you speak

Here, the applicant writes the languages he is fluent in and appreciates his proficiency, especially if the job requires a variety of languages, such as the Spanish language with an excellent grade, the French language with a good grade, and so on.

Tips when writing a CV

  • Attach all files and proofs that support all the previous information such as experience certificates and academic certificates.
  • Do not write incorrect information.
  • Focus on the advantages and positives that attract the attention of the employer, and stay away from the negatives.
  • There is no need to mention details that are not related to the job or do not support the applicant.
  • Choose distinctive and strong words.
  • Arrange the biography in a sequential and organized manner.
  • The CV should not exceed two pages.
  • Print the CV and format it well, and it is not preferable to add any inappropriate effects.
  • Free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Not to explain, but to mention the points briefly and useful.
  • Not to be exposed to any political topics or to mention very personal details.

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How to Write a CV (Curriculum Vitae) To apply for a job important tips

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