Important tips for programmers / app developers and app idea owners to get the best deals

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Important tips for programmers / app developers and app idea owners to get the best deals

Applications are the beating heart of any smart mobile phone, and – some – users can tolerate the idea of dispensing with anything, but he cannot do without his mobile phone even for a short period. .

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The issue of building a phone application is the first step for any project owner or entrepreneur who thinks about the success of his project, and therefore everyone working in the field of application development is in great demand, and the demand for them is constantly increasing.

Fortunately, there are many app developers in the market, and finding one to employ in building your future app is not that difficult. However, the main problem is to find the right person who is highly compatible with your app idea, this process is not that easy and it takes very careful thought and thought in answering precisely the question How do you find the developer who adds value to your idea?

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Well, here are these steps that may help you in your journey to search for the desired application developer, noting that the developer does not have to be a full-time employee, the word “developer” that will be mentioned frequently in the body of this article includes both Freelancer and companies, and the following lines will also include Important tips for programmers to get the best deals:

Look for professional and professionalism

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When looking for someone to design your next application, you should look at the professional developer, who has great professionalism in this field through his previous work, and be frank and direct in asking him about his previous work and the extent of his experience in this field.

If you discover that he has no previous work or weak experience in this field, do not take risks. Although there are those who are waiting for the opportunity to unleash their talents in this field by receiving more serious work, the risk with them may blow up your idea before launching, so you are here looking for the launch There is no room for experimentation or risk unless you are ready for this step, and therefore you will not be able to blame him in the future if it goes the wrong way.

Protect your full rights in legally

It is important to choose a developer that you can trust and build a long-term business relationship with, and to make the dots in the letters the primary and first factor between you before starting work and brainstorming ideas, and this comes by formally and authoritatively agreeing on a legal formula, and this comes by signing both of you on A non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

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This agreement comes in many different names and forms, but most of them revolve around these basic terms:

  • Do not share the code.
  • Do not reuse the code.
  • You can’t work on a similar or close idea for 24 months.
  • Can’t work with your competitors for an agreed period.
  • The developer cannot use your idea or part of it with any other entity or person.

Price is not important and don’t make it a priority

Of course you have to work within a clearly laid out budget, but nevertheless do not make this your main concern in searching and choosing an application developer based on it, but in some cases the cheapest option may become a waste of money, and it can become more expensive in the long run Additional costs may apply if the application does not work or does not turn out the way you expected.

Therefore, look for someone who translates your ideas as you want them, not for someone who accepts little.

Application development is not just programming

Ask the developer to give you contact information for some of his previous clients. This is to get feedback from people who have already worked with him. Talking with previous clients can help you deeply understand the developer’s ethics, time management skills, communication skills, and how helpful previous clients are. And communicate with them.

Also, you are not only limited to programming and launching the application, but tell him about your future plan in developing the application and the extent to which it can exist continuously in the reform and development of the application, making improvements and fixing defects that appear with users actually using the application, and their acceptance of the application and their suggestions and reactions that can be It will be entered into the application in the future.

Design is the first issue

If you want to keep going, app design is what should be on your mind throughout the app build phase, beyond, and in the future. So, look for a developer who has a clear experience in design and not just programming, and focus on developers who will add value to your app in terms of the usability of the app and how users interact with it.

The developer’s response to you is the key

The extent to which the developer has communicated with you during the app development process can give you a glimpse into the future and how seriously they are working with you. If they don’t answer your emails on time, or don’t respond to calls or texts, then find someone else.

It is important for the developer to provide you with periodic reports on the progress of the work, and you should have frequent calls with him at first, later you can be satisfied with the weekly meetings.

Multitasking improves productivity and slows delivery

Some application developers are very talented at what they do, but they may have many orders on their list, these developers may not be able to deliver your work on time, they also may not have time to update and develop your application in the future.

Before you start working with the developer, have an honest conversation with him about your expectations, ask him about his schedule, how many projects he is currently working on, and his availability to focus on your project, give him your schedule and deadlines, and ask if he can Being able to deliver work on time, no one can give you the exact time, but being aware of delivery times is definitely a comforting thing.

These days it is very easy to get an application developer for various systems. However, it is important to have a clear vision of what you want, and then choose an app developer who can help you build your dream.

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