Is it worth to get mba business administration degree mba study

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Is it worth to get mba business administration degree mba study

Decades ago, this question has been asked , is it really worthwhile to complete my MBA studies? Here I will try to convey the answer according to the American labor market specifically, and through it you can measure your situation.

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Students are often allowed to choose some elective courses that help sharpen their talents and know their skills during the study stage.

In short: Yes, all indicators in America indicate that studying an MBA is economically and financially feasible.


Two years of your life
Loss of income that could be earned in the period
Tuition fees range from 25 thousand dollars – 105 thousand dollars

The Graduate Admissions Council GMAC conducted a study of more than 14,000 business school graduates and the results were:

1- MBA holders whose salaries reach a minimum of one million dollars within 20 years after graduation, if you do not obtain the certificate, it will be less than this limit

2- The recovery rate of capital and expenses for studying an MBA is an average of 3.5 years. We are talking here about a two-year, full-time, regular study.

3- The rate of return on investment after five years of obtaining a master’s degree ranges between 221% to 491%, depending on the program you studied, whether it was full-time or part-time.

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4- 89% of MBA holders consider that their degree gives professional returns and reward.

If you are in an Arab country. You have different study costs and expected salary rates , but in general, if you go in a correct professional path, it is economically feasible. Of course, you will need to conduct your own study according to your expenses and expected salary rates in your labor market and the extent to which the MBA degree is appreciated and requested.

What is an mba business administration ? and why you should get MBA degree

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Is it worth to get mba business administration degree mba study

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