khaby Lame: From a factory worker in Italy to the most famous TikTok celebrity with over 100 million followers!

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khaby Lame : From a factory worker in Italy to the most famous TikTok celebrity with over 100 million followers!

In the world of the Internet, every day many new talents appear on the surface, and people celebrate them in different ways, but there is no doubt that entertainment platforms, in particular, have the lion’s share of the cake, and is there a stronger entertainment platform than Tik Tok these days in the world?

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The platform was able to gain global popularity in a very short period, until many great countries began to try to reduce it in one way or another, as did former US President Donald Trump, within a constellation of decisions related to China, arguing that the Chinese government is spying on American customers by installing The program is available on various devices (note that Apple specifically does not allow this on its App Store).

But with that, it gained more and more global fame, and its content makers were able to reach millions of people all over the world, some of whom do not even speak at all or provide the famous kinetic content of Tik Tok, yet they succeeded. The most prominent example of these particularly successful people is Mr. Javi Lam, a factory worker in Italy who made Tik Tok world-famous and made it to the top!


We reached 100M?Thanks to all my fans,thx for ur time and ur love and ur positive energy,every single thing I do is for u guys ??❤️ #learnfromkhaby

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

Young khaby Lame has been able to climb the ladder of glory in Tik Tok through videos in which he shows that complex daily tasks, there is always an easier way, and he comes out in each clip looking at others doing the tasks in complex ways, while he does it in the very easy and primitive way Then he joins his hands to indicate his internally saying: “It is that simple!”.

These satirical clips managed to publicize the young man more and more with time, until recently reaching a giant number on the Tik Tok platform… More than 100 million followers completely and completely, only for his nice comic clips that show people’s complexity and their deviation from a life of simplicity and calm, and perhaps their reluctance to Intuitions sometimes, too.

The life of Xabi Lam before the fame of Tik Tok was a little sad, as he lost his job in an Italian factory in March 2020, and this is in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the whole world, and jobs are among the basics of life in general, precisely at the time when every dollar Pantry for a time of need is a precious gem. Out of grief and desperation, Khabe opened his TikTok account and proceeded to make React clips and comment “my body” on other people’s videos in general, in each clip making fun of them without saying a word.

All he does in the clips is hold his lips to the side and bring his hands down in front of him a little, in a mockery of who he just watched, which are usually “innovative ways” of doing things on TikTok. For example, instead of following the advice of a famous TikTok celebrity to cut a banana in a creative way, just show Khapi Lam holding the banana from the top, and simply peel it down.

Sold billions for 800$

Then his popularity increased sharply and he began to receive invitations from famous Tik Tok and other media, but his nationality caused him some problems. Whereas, although he was brought up in Italy from his first year of life, he is not a citizen of the country, nor does he hold citizenship; He still has Senegalese citizenship.

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The Senegalese passport has certain geographical borders and countries that can only be traveled with extreme complications and a lot of official papers and money in banks, and even language certificates as well. However, Xabi Lam is very happy with the success he has achieved, and once said that celebrities such as Will Smith, Omar Psy, and Eddie Murphy are his role models and he always wanted to be like them.

khaby Lame: From a factory worker in Italy to the most famous TikTok celebrity with over 100 million followers!

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