Malignant movie It seems to be a full season of psychological horror and projections

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Malignant movie It seems to be a full season of psychological horror and projections

The movie “Malignant” was released on September 1, directed by James Wan. In the same season, two films of the same category were released, namely, the old and the night house, which in different forms are based on psychological horror.

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It seems that it is not much different from the movie “Malignant“, although it is in a phenomenon that does not suggest that.

Malignant movie trailer

The movie Malignant – Malignant and the new bloody horror

Wan is one of the most famous directors and producers of horror films, the Saw series, the Annabelle series, the Insidious series, and finally the most famous series The Conjuring, and he contributed to writing some of these works.

With a quick look at them, you can see the similarity of Wan’s style, whether in writing or directing, as well as in the movie malignant you see the same glimpse.

Malignant or “The Malicious” is a movie starring Annabella Wallis, Maddie Hasson, and George Young.

It revolves around Madison, the abused pregnant wife who wakes up one night to the sounds of a commotion to discover that someone has attacked her husband to death and proceeds to attack her.

With the help of the police, Madison reaches a strong link between her and the killer who returns from her childhood memories, who initially thinks he is just an imaginary friend, only to discover that Gabriel is nothing but a malignant tumor with which she was born as a parasite on her nervous system and mind, and the doctors had to eradicate him because of his psychological impact on her, meaning that Madison and Gabriel are two different bodies that share the same brain.

Wan relies in his films, especially the Sao series, on bloody horror, scenes with violence, flying parts, blood, eyes, etc. And those scenes are the basis on which the horror is built, and although these scenes are found in the movie Malignant-Malignant in abundance, the movie contains more and deeper than that.

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Malignant movie It seems to be a full season of psychological horror

A new and different experience for James Wan, did you agree with it?

The film extends for approximately 110 minutes, until the last five minutes.

The film looks like a classic horror movie that shows the director’s distinguished style, especially the use of unfamiliar frames that suggest constriction in addition to the change in lighting that emphasizes the general terrifying atmosphere, raw horror.

But in the end scene, in a preaching gesture, the heroine Madison begins to address a violent speech to Gabriel, or the malignant tumor that controls her body and killed their mother and sister, which means that she is the one who controls him, to the extent that she was able to manipulate his awareness to show him things that did not happen – the killing of the two women – that is, she The owner of the game, and the scene certainly paves the way for the presence of a second part, as usual in the Wan films.

Malignant movie It seems to be a full season of psychological horror

At first, it was believed that Madison suffers from dissociative schizophrenia and that she is the one who kills in an unconscious state.

The matter did not differ much after solving the plot and knowing that Gabriel is Madison’s parasitic twin with supernatural abilities, he can talk through electromagnetic waves as well as affects the movement of electricity and so on.

In the Ensedias film series, the director presented a plot based on astral projection, which is a condition that can be described as a mixture of the paranormal, metaphysics, and psychology, as well as in the movie Malignant, where the horror achieved in the film stems from first the certain mystery and secondly from the strange medical condition that she suffers from Madison.

But what if this “malignant” is the mental illness itself, it is medically known that some cases of tumors cause hallucinations and some psychotic diseases such as schizophrenia, for example.

Therefore, when Madison addressed the speech at the end of the film that she can control things, she also speaks for the condition of warriors of mental illness in general and psychotic patients in particular that their war with their illness is not an easy matter, so imagine that your brain is your first enemy!

Unmissable hiccups in the movie Malignant

On the visual level, the film is an enjoyable experience, as we mentioned previously, the director’s style is distinctive, especially for those who prefer horror films and the gripping situation that accompanies it.

But in terms of casting, for example, Annabelle Wallis, with her sharp features and dark hair, was perfectly suited to complete the horrifying picture, but the rest of the cast is poor.

For example, the action scene in the film during the pursuit of Gabriel by the policeman played by George Young is bad and unconvincing, as well as of course Young’s flat performance throughout the film.

Malignant movie It seems to be a full season of psychological horror

And at the level of the script in Malignant, there are some points that are unexplained and others that are poorly justified.

As for the unjustified points, we did not understand, for example, how Gabriel Madison was physically attacked at the beginning of the movie, while they shared the same body! Also, Madison’s jump and control of this malignant tumor did not provide her with any justification or preamble.

Gabriel kills all the heroes of the movie and suddenly! Madison wakes up and is able to control it! As for the weak points, and the funny one is the use of hypnosis to help Madison remember, what is that? Regardless of the fact that this technique has been discontinued in psychiatric clinics since the 1920s and is considered an obsolete method, even the way it is presented is funny, incorrect, and has nothing to do with “hypnosis” in any way, and when it comes to the phrase “I will put my hand on her forehead and she will wake up from this strong flow of memories.” “I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, really!

“What we are now we chose before, and what we will be doing now..and so on.”

The movie relies heavily on “decisions” and how each decision leads to results that you might not have imagined happen because of such a simple decision.

Starting with the mother giving up the twins instead of caring for them, especially that Gabriel needs care and love more than any ordinary child.

Also, the doctors’ decision to keep the parasite and allow it to grow and develop in the hope of a new scientific discovery, which led to its development more than necessary and this led to their death in the end.

Malignant movie It seems to be a full season of psychological horror

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