Martin Seligman and the strongest test of optimism in Positive Psychology

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Martin Seligman and the strongest test of optimism in Positive Psychology

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Let this quiz by Martin Seligman in Positive Psychology rule

What is positive psychology ?

Psychology arrived after the European Renaissance to be a science dedicated to healing, as it focused on fixing the imbalance in the performance of the individual through the use of pathological models, which led to the neglect of the potential and potential forces of the individual,
With the development of science in the twentieth century, positive psychology emerged, which seeks to focus on treatment by building positive thoughts and feelings, as well as developing positive qualities as a source of personal growth instead of being preoccupied with illness and its accompanying problems.

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Positive psychology can be defined as one of the modern sciences that focuses on the study and development of the human personality, as well as the search for everything that helps a person to make his life better by studying the adaptive roles of positive emotions and traits,

As well as everything that connects the individual to psychological well-being and happiness, positive psychology has been interested in searching for the positive aspects of the individual and understanding his strengths, as an alternative to searching for negative aspects and psychological disorders, as was prevalent in psychopathology.

Positive psychology and the positive areas it includes contribute to maintaining individuals’ mental health. Positive feelings and thoughts help people to make their lives valuable and meaningful, to clarify what positive psychology is; Peterson and Selman formalized the principles of positive psychology by authoring a book, The Strengths of Character and Virtues ,

The book includes classifications of the strengths that enable a person to thrive, divided into six virtues, from which twenty-four sections emerge.

When a person possesses these virtues, they help him to enhance the psychological and intellectual ability of the individual and face the challenges and difficulties he faces, as well as reach satisfaction and a feeling of happiness and a peaceful life. Knowing these virtues will help answer the question: What is positive psychology, these virtues include: Wisdom, knowledge and humanity Moderation, self-control, transcendence, courage and justice.

In this article, I will present to you a smart test prepared by Dr. Martin Seligman , founder of Positive Psychology. It is a very accurate test that reveals several issues, including the extent of your optimism, the extent of your pessimism, and the level of hope you have.

This test left many who thought they were optimists perplexed, when they discovered that they were pessimists! As long as you answer truthfully, you will discover for yourself whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. You will find appropriate proposals to develop your optimism and eliminate pessimism.

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Martin Seligman and the strongest test of optimism

Although Martin Seligman gave many tests after this test, some of them are fast and you can do it directly, and the average speed includes fewer questions than our test and without dividing these questions into groups, but the test that I present here remains the most accurate and has been published by the Franklin Covey Program in cooperation with the Horizons Without Borders Foundation in Damascus in 2006.

Take your time according to your need to answer each question. In general, this test usually takes a quarter of an hour, and there is no correct or incorrect answer. Read each case and visualize, conscientiously, that it is happening to you.

You may be one of the few who have a few of these cases, and none of them may happen to you, yet keep answering and circle A or B as you see fit. You may find an expression that you do not like, and in this case you choose the answer that may be suitable for you.

Circle only one of the two answers, forgetting the symbols that we will explain later.

Answer the optimism test questions accurately and honestly
Forty-eight questions from Martin Seligman All you have to do is write down what you have chosen on your paper, you will not be able to put the circle here, and do not forget that the symbols will be explained during the analysis of the test.

Did your result surprise you?

I hope that your result in the Martin Seligman test is good, and if it is, I congratulate you with all my heart, but if it is not, then you should study the result in detail through the previous tables to know where your defects are, and by returning to the previous article to remember the dimensions of optimism and look forward to its benefits, work on changing Get yourself better by following the steps I’m going to tell you, then retake the test, and your result will change, I promise.

Martin Seligman’s tips for turning from a pessimist to an optimist
Here are ten steps that will change your life. When you become an optimist, you will be able to succeed and achieve your goals.

Focus on the positives

Keep a daily diary of your own notes. Highlight the good things that happened and the things you enjoyed, and focus on them. Reflect on how it happened, and consider what you can do to keep it recurring. Do not mention the things that are not good, for it is the first thing to forget them.

Overcoming negative situations

You may sometimes find yourself drawn into negative situations that happened to you, your thoughts taking you in an uninterrupted chain from one situation to another. In this case, you have to use the outside world to interrupt this sequence, such as playing music, reading a novel, talking to close friends on the phone or visiting them.

Stay away from depressing words

I can’t, I’m not prepared for this task, this work is beyond my capabilities. All of these words are negative messages that you send to your subconscious mind. If you replace them with positive words such as: I appreciate, I can do the job, my energies are limitless… These hidden messages of the subconscious part of your mind will transform you into an optimistic person who makes his success.

Don’t think bad things will stay the same

You have to be sure that the bad things in your life are experiences that will add to you a lot of experiences, and therefore you have to start again after each failed experiment, taking advantage of the experiences you gained from it to make your success.

You are not a victim of fate as you think

When you believe that man is the one who makes his destiny with his will, effort and determination to succeed, you will stop this belief. Although there are many fates that we cannot control, but we can adapt to them and direct them to achieve what we aspire to.

Think of your surroundings and let go of the world’s worries

Your pessimism may be caused by your anxiety about world affairs. You can dissipate this anxiety by doing the role you can. You can be positive in your environment and surroundings, even with a small act, such as donating some clothes to relief organizations, planting a neighborhood park, or volunteering in after-school programs with neighborhood friends or schoolmates.

Pamper yourself and pamper yourself

Self-compassion is a trait that optimists share. Be kind to yourself by taking good care of your body, eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Try to forgive yourself for past transgressions, whether real or imagined, and move on with life.

Free your mind

You have to focus on the present moment and accept it without passing judgment on it, especially if the event at this moment is unpleasant. Judging the events is not at the moment of their occurrence. positive on you. Freeing the mind goes hand in hand with controlling feelings.

Think best of those around you

The pessimist thinks that the whole world is against him, and that he is the only oppressed person in this world. Stay away from thoughts like this, as these thoughts make you more pessimistic. Believe that opportunities are achieved for everyone in the same proportion, and we are the ones who make our failures with our bad thinking.

Don’t miss opportunities and don’t postpone tasks

Accomplish your task today, you do not know what will happen tomorrow, today your health is with you, tomorrow you do not know, today your time is yours, and tomorrow you do not know what will occupy you, it is a lifestyle followed by true optimists, so be optimistic and follow it.

Martin Seligman and the strongest test of optimism in Positive Psychology

Martin Seligman and the strongest test of optimism in Positive Psychology

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