Miss excel / Her account on TikTok exceeds 100 thousand dollars daily / Kat Norton

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Miss excel / Her account on TikTok exceeds 100 thousand dollars daily / Kat Norton

Are you thinking of being an influencer on social media programs and applications? And most importantly, do you want to get thousands of dollars a day? Or stop for a bit, or even tens of thousands of dollars a day? Well then, how would you like to know about the Kat Norton experiment that brings in daily earnings of up to 100,000 dollars? Yes, my dear, you read the number correctly, it is 100 thousand dollars indeed, and I did not miss writing and did not add one zero to it.

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Million followers

Kat Norton, popularly known as Miss Excel, has more than a million followers on Instagram and Tik Tok, and she has been able to create many videos with her iPhone, and become famous in addition to millions as well, and that’s only since June of 2020! That is, it achieved success in a very short period of time.

In an interview with Ferg, Kat says she has expanded her business in just six months, and today she sells Microsoft Excel courses and all other Microsoft products. It has Google Sheets courses too.

In the same interview, Kat emphasizes that social media sites are the main marketing place for her products, she also hosts webinars, and has created a set of courses that she describes as really interesting, with each course containing about 100 videos, without the help of anyone she herself makes The content alone, a really cool idea! She doesn’t have to share her profits with anyone!

Kat then sells her products, at $297 price points, adding that for $997, people can buy lifetime access to all of her courses, and she hosts them through the Thinkific platform.

Starting with Corona!

Although the Coronavirus has caused many people around the world to lose their jobs and jobs, it was a great start for Norton. Time to devote to herself, she says, and adds that she has begun to delve into the inner workings, such as meditation, vigilance, and manifestation.

Miss Excel, says she was very shy, and had a lot of anxiety before starting her new project, and offers advice to everyone who wants to start this business, saying that before anyone posts themselves dancing on the Internet, they must make sure they can handle With everything that comes after that.

Kat doesn’t provide regular educational content, she dances and dances, and dances, it’s nice to think that dancing can be so influential that you can earn $100k a day, it’s a great opportunity for women!

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Kat says that the CEO of an IT company told her he liked her way of teaching and was looking forward to creating training videos for students, parents, and teachers, and she replied yes, and here was the major turning point in her famous life today.

Established her own company

Kat then founded a limited liability company, started recording the required videos, publishes them on TikTok, and sells them to the manager, and suddenly, within three weeks of working, she realized that one of her videos had 3.6 million views, and she had a hundred thousand followers on Tik Tok.

In response, to a question about how she made her video go viral on Instagram, Kat said she has some inner tech, and she relies on energy and intuition, well my reader friend it’s good to realize your inner voice, it’s never wrong.

At that point Kat didn’t have any courses, she just created viral content, gained a lot of popularity on social media, and in October of 2020, she got the chance to sell a course and it was her first course.

Two months later, Kat says the course was making more money per month than her day job, she began a process of reassessing and comparing her job to creating training content, and just two days later she resigned.

The training content provided by Kat began to spread, and in April of 2021 I started offering a second training course, and today it is almost generating a daily profit that sometimes exceeds 100,000 dollars, she says.

Reader friend, don’t be less lucky, just think logically, have fun and be able to work, if you have that, you may be partnering with Norton in similar profits!

No competition here

Cat Norton’s secret is, not to be competitive, she says she works on herself and looks authentic every day, assuring that she’s there to help people, and what she does is really giving life to what she creates and presents there.

Kat didn’t have to buy a lot of equipment, and when she was earning a six-digit number every day, she only paid $500 a month, it’s really profitable, pay $500 a month and get $100,000 a day.

But it is not without some challenges, here you earn a hundred thousand dollars, you must expect some difficulties, today Norton is facing the challenge of instability, one application may be closed, which may force you to use another application, she says, and adds: “You should I have to stay present in apps because they are essential marketing functions, so now I have to make sure I know what Instagram wants from me.”

Earn millions without getting tired

In her response to Ferg’s question, about her fatigue, and whether she has reached that point where she is trying to manage fatigue or not, Kat says, no, she has not reached that point and does not see the world that way, and the first thing she does is manage Energy, and it doesn’t do anything it can’t handle.

Our millionaire friend and social media star, feels comfortable when she says yes to things, and she has a lot of stress relief methods, when she meditates she comes back after ten minutes and she is ready to take over the world, and confirms that it is really successful management, you see with ten minutes of meditation what might do we? Let’s leave it to control the world and work on controlling ourselves as an initial step, what do you think?

Life seems so simple to Kat, she – and she says – when she goes a week without publishing, nothing bad happens, and she says herself that she will be publishing more quickly next week and her audience increases by a hundred thousand.

Simple and natural despite success

Kat aims to show people how she can really create and manage such a healthy relationship with social media, and she wants to show them how she’s growing her business, and at the same time, she wants to tell them how, after all this success, she’s managed to stay simple, normal and very happy.

Our friend, the social media star, does not mind going back to the old recordings she made earlier and making new adjustments to them, as she will eventually update some of her videos, especially when new and different features appear from those that were popular when she made her first video.

She adds that she often looks at her courses and says to herself, “I was really fun today!” So ​​if she saw herself like this, what would the audience say when they watched it and what impression would they make? In short, Kat seems so content with herself that you can sometimes get a sense of arrogance from her, and I think she deserves to be a little arrogant.

Kat can’t tell us about her upcoming projects, not because she wants to monopolize them or because they’re secret, no, but because everything is flowing with her, and there’s a lot of training stuff over the next few weeks, and a lot of courses will be launched in the short term, she says, and she’s very excited. Coming to 2022.

Looking at a young woman who earns millions of dollars a month, Kat Norton seems so simple, natural and so fun, to me, I didn’t think that combining dance with education would pay such a profit, what about you? I think maybe one day I’ll start using my talents!

Miss excel / Her account on TikTok exceeds 100 thousand dollars daily / Kat Norton

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