Sagittarius worst traits / Sagittarius good traits

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Sagittarius worst traits / Sagittarius good traits


What are the characteristics of a Sagittarius? Those born between November 22 and December 21 belong to the sign of Sagittarius, which is one of the fiery constellations, as it is ranked ninth in the zodiac and follows the rule of Jupiter. Libra, Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius tend to love the light blue color, but all of these things may not apply to all Sagittarians.

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Sagittarius man traits

A Sagittarius man is characterized by several qualities, the most important of which are the following:

  • Childish spirit: The Sagittarius man has a childish spirit, and is happy with gifts presented to him, no matter how small or large.
  • Loyal: The Sagittarius man is spontaneous and romantic, which makes him fall in love quickly, and is loyal to his partner to the extreme.
  • Volatility: The Sagittarius man is fickle in his behavior very quickly, due to the influence of the fire element.
  • Honesty: The Sagittarius man is not good at lying, so that when he resorts to lying, he does not practice it against other people, but rather lies to himself in order to create a rosy and perfect world around him as he wants.
  • Belief in Luck: The Sagittarius man believes in luck exaggeratedly, which makes him engage in a lot of activities without awareness of how dangerous they are.
  • Optimism: The Sagittarius man is optimistic and energetic, full of energy that enables him to achieve what he thinks of, and through which he can also help others.
  • Love of adventure: The Sagittarius man is characterized by his love of adventure, exploration, and examination of everything in life, he is very curious.
  • Good listening: The Sagittarius man is distinguished by his enthusiastic listening to others.

Sagittarius woman traits

A Sagittarius woman is distinguished by several qualities, the most important of which are the following:

  • Vitality: Sagittarius women are lively and have charming and attractive smiles, which makes them friendly with others.
  • Honesty and trust: A Sagittarius woman is distinguished by her honesty and quick confidence in others, which makes it easier for others to woo her and get close to her to form friendships with her.
  • Adventure: The Sagittarius woman is characterized by a love of adventure and learning about everything new.
  • Boldness: A Sagittarius woman is daring, she can do whatever she wants when she decides to, and it is worth noting that she does not get along with people who can’t keep up with her energy.
  • Shyness and the spirit of childhood: The woman of Sagittarius tends to be the person who shares her laughter and happiness, and treats her as childish to match her shy and childish personality.
  • Romance: The Sagittarius woman is described as emotional, and she is looking for a partner who loves her and satisfies her in this aspect.
  • Fun and happiness: Others cling to the Sagittarius woman because she is fun and not boring, as she seeks a renewed and exciting lifestyle and makes those who deal with her happy, and she deals with various situations with a sense of humor.
  • Simplicity: Sagittarius women are happy with the gifts presented to them, no matter how simple and regardless of their quality or value. They are satisfied with expressing interest and appreciation.
  • Storytelling: Sagittarius women are distinguished by their love of telling beautiful stories, as well as their interest in other people’s stories and their good listening.
  • Spontaneity: Sagittarius women may act spontaneously, lacking planning and coordination at times.
  • Good time management: Sagittarius women are distinguished by their ability to think well, which makes them able to organize their time well.
  • Enthusiasm: The Sagittarius woman has a lot of enthusiasm that makes her find her way without getting tired or bored, as she does not know the way to failure.

Money and work for Sagittarius

For Sagittarius owners, the collection of money is not a matter of concern, as they do not care much about this matter. By managing financial matters well, they spend it wisely, and they choose the work that gives them a field of freedom and independence, and if they get that, they will withdraw from work and do not pay any attention to money in this case.

Sagittarius’s personalities balance work and life. They love their work and strive to perform it to the utmost to appear in the best possible way. As for the professions that suit them, professions that require fluency in speaking usually suit them, in addition to professions that require creative people in the fields of writing, philosophy, and storytelling.

Since the characters of the sign of Sagittarius are constantly seeking information, and it is indicated that the characters of this sign tend to be free and not restricted in the field of work, so they do not want work that contains repetition, or is free of innovations.

Family and friends at Sagittarius

Sagittarius people have many friends because they are friendly, fun, and funny, as they can entertain others and turn any boring activity into an enjoyable one. It makes them get along with anyone easily, and concerning the family, the personalities of this sign form a strange contradiction, as, despite their distance and lack of regular contact with their families, as well as their inability to express their feelings towards their families, they value them greatly and cherish family relationships, and it is worth noting that Sagittarius personalities can assume the responsibilities entrusted to them towards their families from an early age; Because they are independent and ambitious.

Sagittarius worst traits / Sagittarius good traits

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