Samsung Empire: Amazing facts and figures about Samsung started with the dream of a man selling rice and sugar!

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Samsung Empire: Amazing facts and figures about Samsung started with the dream of a man selling rice and sugar!

We often wonder why there are no major companies, especially in the world of technology, and today I will answer this question with a model for a company we all know but we don’t know anything about!

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Not in America or Europe, but in a small country in the far east of Asia, yet the profits of this company exceed the profits of Microsoft, Google and Apple combined! It’s Samsung

Did you know that the number of employees in Samsung is more than 344,000 people?!!
And that its profits in 2010 only exceeded 220 billion dollars!!

And if we consider Samsung as a country, it will be ranked No. 35 in the world’s largest economies, according to 2006 statistics!

Let’s take a trip through this topic to the success story of a company that started with the dream of a man selling rice and sugar…

From rice and sugar to the industry of the future!

Samsung beginning

The beginning of Samsung was different from anything we can expect. It began in 1938 when Byung-Chul Lee established a store selling rice and sugar and called it “Sam-sung”:

This company started with a shop selling sugar and rice

In Korean, Samsung means “three stars,” by which Byung refers to the main principles for which he created his company:

  • Be great.
  • Be strong.
  • Stay forever.

And this is what he actually did. When the world turned to consumer technology, it entered it forcefully, leaving rice and sugar! So Samsung started manufacturing TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators, and supported them with innovative offers in payment methods and after-sales warranty, and it was able to conquer the whole world with its industry!

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Small country!

Samsung Empire

Samsung is a complete digital city

There are no Samsung headquarters in a building or several buildings but entire cities. Samsung owns eight cities in South Korea in the name of “Samsung Digital Cities”, which are integrated cities in which the company’s employees work and contain banks, hospitals, clinics, stadiums, and restaurants!!

City entrance

Samsung digital city entrance

As for entering and exiting this city, it is like passing through a border point between two countries! Cars are searched and bags pass through security detection devices, and you cannot take out any special electronic devices from the company such as a mobile device, camera, laptop, or memory card!!
What you use inside the company stays inside it!

Proud of Samsung!

The funny thing is that the training of new employees at Samsung is not only limited to the technical and professional aspect, but rather they are trained on teamwork through an amazing show that new employees do every year, and here is one of these creative offers:

The participants in this show are neither school students nor athletes, but engineers, technicians, and administrators working for Samsung, and the motto: Proud of Samsung!

Samsung has an army of researchers

Did you know that Samsung alone has 50,000 researchers?

Samsung City

Samsung City

Samsung researchers work in buildings whose secrecy and security measures are equivalent to what happens in the most powerful military institutions, and no stranger, whoever he is, can see what is happening inside these centers out of concern for industrial secrets that are worth billions.

With you after work!

Samsung does not occupy itself with its employees only during work periods, but also after that. Luxury housing units for the company are spread throughout South Korea, such as these buildings:

Residential buildings for company employees
In which the company provides its employees with luxurious housing, transportation to and from the company, schools for their children, and electric buses to transport children to schools, which are schools affiliated to the company but are managed by the Ministry of Education in South Korea.

Innovation with the click of a button!

With an army of researchers and a company with assets of more than 343 billion dollars, you can make anything!
There is no clearer proof of what Samsung did in the smartphone market. The company did not give this area much importance in the past, a mistake that the company quickly corrected, and when it took care of it, it swept all its competitors:

Galaxy s2

Samsung Empire: Amazing facts and figures about Samsung
Galaxy s2

The company’s sales this year exceeded the sales of Nokia and Apple to become the first company in the smartphones market in the world, in addition to entering the tablet market strongly as well!!

Not just a TV manufacturer!

Many of us think that Samsung is specialized in the manufacture of TVs and mobile devices only, but did you know that the Samsung group includes several major companies? And these are some:

Samsung Electronics

It is the company we all know with its smartphones, TVs, and other devices that we use in our daily lives, and it is the largest IT manufacturer in the world.

Samsung Heavy Industries:

  • Ship factory
  • It is the second largest shipyard in the world.

Samsung Engineering and Samsung C&T:

Samsung participated in the construction of the Burj Khalifa
One of these two companies participated in the construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Taipei 101 Tower, which are the 35th and 72nd companies in the list of the largest construction companies in the world!

Samsung cars:

Samsung enters the world of cars
It is the company from which the French Renault bought 70% of its shares.

All this in addition to several other companies such as Samsung Insurance (the company No. 14 in the list of the largest insurance companies in the world), Samsung Security, and Shell Advertising Company (No. 19 in the list of the largest advertising companies in the world), etc.!!

Be the differance you want for the world!

What caught my attention in the story of this company, besides all these amazing numbers and facts, is the way it started, why this amazing building needed more than one person who believed that he could change the world, so he started selling rice and sugar!

The success story of Samsung is the success story of a person named Byung-Chul Lee, many of us may not know him, but his mark is found in the homes of hundreds of millions around the world!

Be the change that you want for the world!

In conclusion, I leave you with this documentary film for the first foreign channel to enter the world of Samsung.

Samsung Empire: Amazing facts and figures about Samsung started with the dream of a man selling rice and sugar!

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