Smartphone Addiction: Problem and Solutions

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Smartphone Addiction: Problem and Solutions

Addiction to anything is wrong, isn’t it? And if you come up with excuses every time you overuse your phone, you are most probably wrong. Technology is growing very fastly. Just a few years back and there was Landline, and today smartphones’ popularity doesn’t need any mention. But with the popularity of Mobile Phones, “Smartphone addiction” is also increasing.

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Today in 2021 there are 6.378 billion users of smartphones in the world. This means we created 6.378 billion virtual homes for us and we live, laugh, cry and work in 5-6 inches of screen. This came into our lives in the past 5 years. This is the time when Smombi – The smartphone zombi captured our daily routine and we are ignoring what is happening around us. This is the case more often than not known as smartphone addiction.

Sometimes we go busy with our smartphones so deeply that it gets more addictive than even drugs and alcohol. Smartphone addiction has one more quality, We have an age restriction on the use of drugs and alcohol. But there is no age restriction on the uses of smartphones.

The Problem

A newborn baby starts taking interest in the phone even before books. So, in some or other ways, people from all age groups are now addicted to this. The researchers said that whenever we use our smartphones our brain release a chemical called dopamine.

This is the same hormone released when we smoke, drink or have sex and makes us feel happy. This is why when we get texts it feels good.

It may surprise you that a normal smartphone user gives their 2 hrs and 25 min every day on their smartphone. 

This is up to 3 hrs and 45 min for a heavy user. Time is finite for all of us and we can’t make more of it. Some people use it for achieving good heights in their life and some waste it. Wasting often giving up on smartphone addiction.

Smartphones are completely fine but to a certain limit. It is quite addictive and it is so attached to daily life that every third of us is using phones while being with friends and family. It is very influenced that if we have someone using a smartphone near us we take our one out.

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A study says that 50% of people use their smartphones while walking on the road and traveling on trains, etc. An easy to notice smartphone addiction case is a third of us wake up and check our smartphones within 5 minutes. In one study Psychologists found that one in ten of us responded to the smartphone even while having sex.

So weird but still true. There is always a subconscious reaction to these devices. When we use our phones while talking to someone else, we subconsciously signal them that they are not important to us.

The problem is not smartphones but the problem is our attitude towards the smartphone. It is not that worrying because we have the power to change our behavior and stop looking down and start looking up.

Smartphone Addiction: Problem and Solutions

Solutions for Smartphone Addiction

After much research scientists and psychologists found some solutions to get rid of smartphone addiction. Here are the solutions for Smartphone Addiction

1. Know to Use

You have to know what you use your smartphone for. And this is the first step for you to start using it correctly. Some apps help you to do so since they monetize your phone and also give an analysis of how much time did you spend on your device. If you understand the value of time then it is easy for you to stop wasting your time playing games on your device.

2. Start Living in Present

We have to start living in the present. When we are with our friends or family we just simply switch off our mobile and pay attention to them. We are more productive in our work when our smartphones are not around us.

3. Take help of Others

Ask other people to do the same, when the people around us start paying attention to us we can’t focus on our phone and have to pay attention to them. This will make a change around us and would also make you feel good.

4. Change Some Habits

If you want to get rid of smartphone addiction you need to change some of your habits. Don’t put your phone around your bed while going to sleep. If you need a smartphone for waking up then it is much better to buy an alarm clock because when our virtual home is around our bedside we always want to check it. Also setting an alarm on the phone and putting it away has more chance of waking you Successfully up.

5. Change Response toward Notification

Change your behavior for notifications. Whenever we see the notification on our phone we respond the same to it as the dog responds to when they see their food. So what you can do is to turn off notifications and when you see them don’t react to them like a dog. This will eventually help you cope with smartphone addiction.

6. Make a schedule to use Smartphone

Make a schedule to use your phones and make sure that it is not more than 1 hr 30 mins to 2 hrs. Scheduling hours for using your smartphones will also help you in time management and make you productive.

7. Digital Detox

Digital Detox is the best way to get rid of Smartphone addiction. It means that leave the digital world for a day or two and spend some time doing your favorite work. Do this once a month and you will start getting results.


These are some ways that will help you to get rid of your smartphone addiction. We can say that the technology of the smartphone is good and is continuously making our life easy. But we have to use it correctly and have awareness not to spend too much time on smartphones. Excess of everything is bad

Smartphone Addiction: Problem and Solutions

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