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Snapchat Spotlight platform .. How to make money from creating content on Snapchat?

Snapchat Spotlight platform .. How to make money from creating content on Snapchat? There is no doubt that short entertainment clips that do not exceed sixty seconds in length have captured everyone’s attention, and we have the control of TikTok on the video market as a vivid example of that, and from that moment on, all platforms began working to launch their own version of TikTok, starting from Instagram to SnapChat, The service that we will talk about today is the SnapChat Spotlight platform, which has recently become available in Arab countries. Our conversation will focus on what this service is, its main features, and the mechanism of publishing videos on it.

What is the platform Spotlight Snapchat?

Spotlight Snapchat

Snapchat Spotlight is one of the new services coming to the platform, which has become one of the most used services. The idea of ​​the new platform is to publish entertainment and entertainment content only so that all users can see it, and content creators get paid for these clips that are published on Snapchat lights. Speaking about the purpose of the Spotlight platform, we can say that the real goal is to have a safe and positive space that users can visit to get an entertaining dose of political news that is worrying.

The spotlight platform can be classified as an entertainment platform primarily, where users post videos that do not exceed one minute in length, and all users can watch them in a very simple way, all you have to do is watch the current clip, and drag the screen up until you see the next clip in a series Never ending one-minute clips.

Spotlight platform operates according to a set of conditions in order to preserve the rights of everyone, so that the company can maintain the platform in a safe place that is used fairly by everyone, and since the company announced this service for the first time, it has acquired a place for itself in this sector, because it is a service Others really want it to exist, as well as giving money to content creators, which encouraged them to create better content.

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What are the features of the Snapchat Spotlight platform?

Snapchat Spotlight platform .. How to make money from creating content on Snapchat?
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This platform has a number of features, most notably:

  • Privacy: The company that developed this platform protects the privacy of all users, so no one can see the data of underage users, in addition, users can modify settings from within the account so that they limit the type of data that others can access.
  • Ease of registration and use: One of the most important things that contribute to keeping users away from digital services is the difficulty of registration and use, so we can say that the Snapchat Spotlight platform is one of the easy platforms on which you can register from the Snapchat application, which works very smoothly with phones and tablets, and you can publish The application is within the spotlight from within the application or through the website.
  • Get money: Users can get some extra money when they post videos on the Snapchat spotlight platform. .
  • Fame and highlighting emerging talent: The presence of services like this helps to highlight the emerging talent who is looking for a place in social media platforms, that is, the owner of the talent can show what he can do through short videos that all users from around the world can watch and share with Friends, that is, it is a free marketing tool for talent owners, and these emerging talents can reach millions of users for free through this platform.

How do I increase viewers and make more money?

How do I increase viewers and make more money?

Content is the king: This rule is the golden rule in the world of content on the Internet, the surest way to reach your content to a larger number of users, and to make more money is to pay attention to the content and create beautiful, creative content with creative ideas that you really want to watch, rate your content In the eyes of the viewer, and give your opinion with complete impartiality, if the content is not appropriate from your point of view, do not publish it on the platform, but try to reach better content, and you should focus on new ideas, because the entire platform is built on the entertainment factor where users want to travel through time a little and forget The problems and issues they are thinking about, you have to make this potion exactly, it is the real door to get more money.

Publishing original content: No one wants to see duplicate things, that is, in order to succeed on this platform, you must create completely original content, designed professionally in the way you see fit, and you should stay away from the repeated things that content creators publish continuously, if the clip is repeated, he will not want Nobody watched it.

Depend on the type: Although quantity is important and one of the means of success in the world of visual content industry, but do not depend on the quantity only, but on the quality of the videos that you make, that is, instead of publishing ten clips during one week, choose only three but design them With full focus, quality, interesting clips bring better results compared to many boring clips, and since the video world depends on excellence, rely on the quality of the videos you publish and try to improve it on a daily basis.

How do we publish videos on the Snapchat spotlight platform?

Snapchat Spotlight platform .. How to make money from creating content on Snapchat?

Posting on Snapchat Spotlight is very easy, all you have to do is adhere to the following steps:

  • Download the latest version of the Snapchat app.
  • Register the clip you want to publish in the lights platform.
  • When you have finished recording the shot, you have to click on the send icon at the bottom, to go to the send screen.
  • Then you have to select Spotlight from the options that you can see, and in the end you have to click on Send to.
  • When you send one of the clips to the spotlight platform, you are faced with two options, either the snapshot is accepted and published, and then you see “Published” on the clip, or the clip is rejected and marked with “Unspecified” from the top, so at first you send the snapshot, and you watch The phrase has been sent, and then you have to wait a little while until the platform either publishes it on the platform or rejects it because it violates one of the conditions.

Snapchat Spotlight platform .. How to make money from creating content on Snapchat?

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