Squid Game is it really a squid game or a game of death?!

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Squid Game is it really a squid game or a game of death?!

Squid Game is a series shown on the famous Netflix platform, I do not hide a secret from you that it did not catch my attention when I first saw the name, or even the teaser for it (trailer), especially since I am not a fan of Korean drama, but after a few days of its presentation I found millions of followers All over the world, overnight, it became the talk of all media outlets.

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As soon as I opened any browser or social media, I found it leading all the headlines, and here I decided to watch the series, which caused a stir in more than 90 countries.

I started watching it. In the first episodes, there is a series of light sequential events, telling about a man in his forties who suffers from poverty and unemployment, mired in debt, and has a young daughter from his wife, whom he separated from due to his poor financial conditions.

In his attempts to earn money in any way, he is met by a man who offers him a small game that if he wins he wins money. The hero agreed without hesitation, but he lost in the first rounds, and he had to pay the money since he was the loser, and because of course he did not have the money, the man asked him to slap him in return Each round loses out.

The hero agreed to his great need for money. In this scene, my feelings were mixed between sadness over the hero’s condition and disgust at accepting the insult in this way. After several rounds, the hero won and took the money. The number is limited.”

After the hero returns home and thinks, he decides to communicate with them. to sign the contract; To participate in a group of games and the winner wins a major financial prize, which is announced after the completion of the first game, six easy and simple games that most of us played in when we were young, losing the game means excluding the player, and here lies the surprise and that this exclusion means killing the player.

In the beginning, the scenes of violence are limited and do not exceed a minute, but as the episodes pass, you find yourself watching a group of violent scenes only and interspersed with only one or two normal scenes, the strange thing in this work is not only violence, in fact this is not the first time that we watch violent series , the strange thing is that the author of the work made the characters give up all their principles for money, and not one or two players, but all players do that, except for the only hero who did not give up his principles and morals for the sake of money, although in my personal opinion the author did not expose him to himself pressure on the rest.

The mastermind of Squid Game

When you watch the episodes, a question creeps into your mind: Who is the mastermind of this sort of criminal idea?

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At the end of the episodes, his identity is revealed and he is the old man, but if you follow the episodes from the beginning with full focus and a keen eye, you will recognize him through a set of distinctive signs:

  • The name he carries and mentions to the players “number 1” , which is the same as his rank among the players.
  • In the first game, “A red signal… a green signal,” he was very happy while playing without any feelings of fear or turmoil, and this is against human nature when exposed to this kind of pressure.
  • The neighborhood designed in the third game is very similar to the neighborhood he grew up in.
  • His knowledge of the details of the game of tug of war and how to overcome the opponent, is not superficial knowledge, but appeared as a well-thought-out plan.
  • The scanner did not recognize him as a player like other players.
  • The only one who got into the truck and completed the road in full consciousness.

Squid Game is it really a squid game or a game of death?!

Netflix and the accuracy of the details

Netflix excelled in the production of this work, the scenes were integrated from all angles, good directing and a tight script, careful and thoughtful attention to detail, and great intelligence in choosing harmonious and bright colors, a soundtrack that attracts you from the first moment, and scenes that carry many symbolic meanings, and the appearance of This is evident in many scenes.

Choose the PlayStation shield symbols close and familiar to your eyes on the soldiers’ masks to distinguish them, the circles were for workers, the triangles for soldiers and the square for managers.

And the construction of stairs in a way similar to the distinctive paintings to match the atmosphere of the camp games on the work.

When the first game was implemented, there were actually 456 players to play the game without using any effects to make the game more realistic, the playing places were actually created and no effects were used for people or scenes. And the doll was real, specially made for this work.

Squid Game is it really a squid game or a game of death?!

Squid Game Surprises

When the episodes were shown, many surprises appeared even for the work makers, the first of which was the actress “HoYeon Jung”, whose genius and unexpected performance, who was famous in Korea only as a model, and the strange thing is that this is her first acting role, and after the episodes were shown, her fame expanded all over the world In just a few hours, the number of her followers on Instagram has crossed one million.

The second surprise was in the number on the communication card, that this number is real, and the owner of the number received more than 4,000 calls per day after showing the episodes, to the point that he offered this number for sale, and it was sold for 85,000 US dollars, and its owner stated that this amount saved him from financial hardship. big.

Squid game errors

Despite the elaborate attention to detail, but every horse has a setback, when you watch the work more than once and with concentration, you will find several errors and paradoxes that the work makers did not notice:

  • The first mistake: When the commander checked the file of the glass factory worker, it was recorded with data that he worked from 1897 to 2020, meaning that the man’s age would have exceeded 200 years in 2021.
  • Second error: When the hero enters his date of birth in the first episodes to open the credit card, he enters his date of birth and it was 26/4, and when viewing his data with the game designer, his date of birth was 31/10.
  • The third mistake: In the scene of the hero traveling at the airport, he was using the Samsung S7 phone, and in the same scene, while turning again, he appeared while talking with the Samsung S3 phone.
  • Mistake 4: Changing the numbers and characters of non-main players. In more than one episode, you find a player with a specific number, and in another episode, you find this player has become a woman and carries the same number.

Squid game and the pioneers of Tik Tok

After the episodes of the series were shown, many competitive videos appeared on Tik Tok to make the candy that was shown in the series, and try to extract and extract the shapes from them without breaking them, as the players did in the episodes of the series.

But the strange thing is the emergence of many bloggers who make many mistakes in translating many scenes, and most of these videos were made by Korean people who explain serious mistakes by translating many scenes, not simple mistakes but mistakes that changed the meanings of the sentences completely and the course of the episodes, and so far they have not commented Netflix on this matter.

Squid Game is it really a squid game or a game of death?!

School teachers and squid game

After the episodes were shown, the teachers showed great concern and fear at the idea of ​​students and children imitating the games in the series, and that the punishment of the loser would be violent and painful.

In East London, the John Bramston School sent a letter to parents explaining its fear; It is possible that children who have seen the work will pretend to shoot each other as a kind of imitation of the work they have seen.

And the British newspaper, The Independent, stated that the content of the message was: “Children who watch the series are exposed to scenes of violence, and unfortunately, children practice these behaviors, which will not be tolerated, because they cause conflict within groups of friends.”

Not only this school, but also another school in England began to provide lessons about violence and harm via the Internet, due to the wide popularity of the series, and that it became at the top of the list of views in many countries, the most famous of which are Britain and the United States of America.

KCC Squid Game Event

When the series was shown, its viewers wished to play these games in reality, and it seems that the dream has come true. The Korean Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi decided to simulate the games in the series on the ground, and about 300 candidates were submitted, only 30 were approved, and the start date was announced. On October 12th, all precautions and safety measures will be taken.

After watching this work, a single question came to my mind, “Is it really possible for a person to sacrifice his life in order to get millions of dollars?!” In fact, I do not expect to agree to such an offer one day, but what about you, my friend? Would you agree to play these games for your life?

Squid Game is it really a squid game or a game of death?!

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