Squid Game review of the Korean series: Between the theory of desire and the struggle of the human psyche

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Squid Game review of the Korean series: Between the theory of desire and the struggle of the human psyche

Let’s start with a simple question, which one is more honest? Prison or the world we live in? Which one is the real face of life? The open world in which the sun visits you daily, but you may be able to hide your truth from people, or the prison life in which the facts are not hidden? The murderer cannot be described without the description of the murder, and the thief cannot be described as anything other than theft, as well as the corrupt, the unemployed, the pimp, and the debtor.

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Then we ask another question if your outside life is full of problems and you may end up being killed or imprisoned due to your many debts. What do you say if a businessman you don’t know offers you to participate in a group of games but you will gamble with your life? Yes, you will gamble your life through a set of games, and losing in them means exclusion, but not from the game but life as a whole. When you accept the offer of games from the competent authority, you will have two choices: either to complete the journey of games in which you will be threatened with continuous killing, but perhaps, in the end, you will win the money that saves your life Or go back to your miserable life to escape the death you might meet in the future!

From here, the events of the South Korean squid game series, shown on the Netflix network, began with this crazy, a group of people whose normal lives are no longer worth mentioning and are always fraught with danger, but each of them has a chance to revive it again by accepting entry into that game system, and it was an excellent glimpse into the scenario that Shows you as a viewer how weak and marginalized these people are by accepting slapped in the face instead of paying 100,000 won in a game that later makes them accept to go to that world they don’t know.

Each world has its rules, and certainly, this hidden world in the squid game series had laws that must be followed, players do not have the right to withdraw from playing after approval, but they have the right to leave the game alive to their outside world by shooting the majority.

Of course, as soon as these people discovered that killing is the fate of the loser, they voted to end these games, which allowed everyone who objected to completing the game to return to his life as it was before, but after days of discovering or rather making sure that their lives are lifeless they decide, but this time with their desire Complete return to complete gameplay without fear of death.

And in this way, the events in the squid game series are going on in a permanent escalation and continuous development of the characters and their interaction with each game, so whoever was looking to go out to see her son and give him a name, returned of her own volition and no longer afraid of death as it was, and even the wise old man who awaits death due to his suffering From a brain tumor, he returns to live his remaining days with more excitement and a smile that does not leave him, all the characters notice a part of humanity when necessary and part of the darkness of the soul often.

Scenes that touch and surprise the human soul, and in which there is a lot of honesty, the more people believe, the most slanderous, the most intelligent, and the most successful in the past are being chased by their former success and use cunning to survive, almost everyone, no matter how peaceful and obvious they seem, themselves and they’re melancholy remain the most influential, constant deception and a constant fight for the desire to survive.

In light of these events in the squid game series, and in parallel, a policeman who has been searching for his brother who has been absent for a week or more and with a trick he can enter this world participates in. One of the most important features of the work is the intelligent sequence. You may be able to discover the end of each stage, but the road to This ending is full of surprises and tricks that keep you surprised and anticipating most of the time.

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The theory of desire and the human subject

The squid game series addresses the human psyche directly and clearly and addresses meanings of a philosophical nature such as desire and self-conflict. Let me explain to you what the word desire means: it is the heart of human existence and the hidden engine of man in his life, especially the unconscious desire, which is completely sexual as Jacques Lacan claims. Desire is the one that results from want, i.e. need, which is always looking for perfection and gratification. Man and his instinct and his use of tricks, no matter how imprudent, for his survival.

The desire to win billions, the desire to survive, the desire to kill, the desire to escape, or even the desire to help, exchange guards and share food, all belong to the same term. Alienation works in all directions either in a positive, beneficial way or in a negative, destructive way, but the only thing that can triumph over desire and reduce it once and for all is the death they all seek to avoid.

Every time one of the characters in the squid game series faces danger, he is driven by his desire to either fight, take revenge, or even escape, and this leads us to the term conflict with the self. Your friend has a chance to survive as long as you don’t have a chance of surviving just like Ji Young did and she preferred her friend Kang Sae to stay.

The difficulty of the self-conflict lies in your attempt to feel respect for yourself, to accept yourself despite its ugliness and the desire to control it. This is seen in the game in which the contestants were asked to unite together to form a group of 10 people.

We talked together about the composition of the elements of the dramatic work, the sequence of events, and then the psychological projection, but there remains a part that cannot be overlooked, which is the direction and color consistency. with the viewer.

Park Hae Soo played his role perfectly, with strong emotions and expressions, as well as Wai Ha Joon and Hyun Joong. The script ideas and dialogue style allowed opening some side topics such as racism, equality, etc. Of course, it did not take much space, but it remains an addition to the idea of ​​​​work and principles of suspense.

This dramatic work addresses the human conscience and shows you the hierarchy of societies and the difficulty and impossibility of life at times, and that perhaps your only chance lies in salvation, a work that cannot be ignored, as you cannot ignore watching the Korean film industry that was and still shines, a series that will dive with you into the depths of the human soul. I wish you to watch Fun but beware of watching it while you are in debt.

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