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Tartary Continent – Is there a hidden history of the Earth?

Tartary Continent – Is there a hidden history of the Earth?

By searching in the recent period, it was noticed that the name of a strange continent called Tartary was the largest country in the world, yet we have never heard of it and the most strange thing is that no matter how you search for details of the name “Tartary”, you will not find anything as if it was hidden or secret the emblem of the ancient Tartary continent The “owl” and as we know the symbol of the owl is often associated with secret organizations and magic, and even legends also there are hypotheses that say that the story we know about the Great Wall of China is not true and that it was built by the Tartary people to keep the Chinese away! Or why would the doors be built on the other side of the China Wall? Marco Polo, who traveled to Asia from 1271 AD to 1295 AD, did not mention the Great Wall once, which is strange because he was known to document his travels on a large scale.

So is the history wrong?

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Some theories say that Tartary was once a very advanced civilization and that they have free energy that is drawn directly from the atmosphere, and it was said that they have power stations that work to unite the population through sound waves.

where did this technology go? Fans of conspiracy theorists answered this question and said that energy-draining machines still exist today and have been converted into cathedrals, temples, and churches, and are now drawing energy for nefarious purposes.

Now let’s get back to the real question, where did that continent go? If you search in the history of ancient Russia you will find books entitled:

  • “Forbidden History of Russia”
  • “How history has been falsified”
  • “The Empire They Are Silent About”

The fact is that during a certain period of history, a war was waged to exterminate the peoples of Tartaria by the Russian Principality of Moscow and exterminated the original settlers, and this means that the history of modern Russia is based on the blood of other people, so we did not study about this continent and did not know anything about it and it remained a secret.

That continent existed in ancient times, but for some reason, its history was erased, and the evidence for this is the ancient maps and books in which the Tartary history was mentioned. The other evidence of the existence and disappearance of that continent is the melting sandy sites in the Kobe desert (indicating an ancient nuclear explosion).

Tartary Continent – Is there a hidden history of the Earth?

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