The Batman movie.. Batman like you’ve never seen before

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The Batman movie.. Batman like you’ve never seen before

Welcome to Gotham City, where the corrupt and rich rule the city, decision-making positions, and the mafia’s grip on everyone with every passing moment. The least safe city in all of the United States, where the millionaire (Bruce Wayne) lives a seemingly luxurious life, burdened with responsibility for that city infested with crime and corruption, and which desperately needs a glimmer of hope, even if it is a small one. Welcome to The Batman directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson.

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A new color for Batman.. like we’ve never seen it before

It’s been two years since Bruce Wayne – in the movie world – started his crime-fighting life, and these efforts have not yielded anything positive, crime rates have risen and corruption has permeated all corners of the city, but our friend – Bruce Wayne – clings to hope and the honor of trying together. The film begins with a narrative monologue (Narration) by Robert Pattinson (Bronwyn/Batman) in which he tells about his method of fighting crime and instilling fear in his enemies until they become afraid of the dark itself, and they feel that Batman may appear at any time. There are those who need him in the city, but he cannot be in more than one place, so he has to choose his “prey” correctly.

From the beginning and with the introduction I realized that I was in front of a completely different movie from all the films of the same character that I had seen before. The similarities to The Joker have been felt in a positive way. Dark, realistic, and focused on crime and investigation, what more could I ask for, in a movie about a character dubbed “the best detective in the world” in the comics?

The story of the movie without burning

The film extends for approximately three hours (2 hours and 56 minutes) and this duration is divided into three chapters, the first being the most intense as it spreads the red carpet for the viewer to enter the world of Gotham City that was masterfully designed and built by the director “Matt Reeves” and the staff writing the story in the film The second chapter deals with some personal matters related to the film’s hero (Bruce Wayne), and the third chapter revolves entirely around the “solution” or the final confrontation with extreme evil that Gotham faces for the first time. “The Riddler”.

But what is the story of “The Riddler”? He is a serial killer who tries to shed light on crimes of great corruption by committing murders of characters involved in that grand corruption in a dramatic manner, and thus creates media attention around him, and through that great interest implicates Batman by directing messages and puzzles to him to solve, hoping to uncover the next crime. before it happens.

The barman trailer

Great sources of inspiration on which the director builds a solid foundation that rests on an attractive and coherent foundation

Those of you who watched the two films, The Long Halloween, released in 2021 for the character of Batman, may find great similarity in how the film deals with the story of the character “Ridler”, and this was my belief at the beginning of the movie, but by the end I had clearly seen differences that made me unfazed by that simple similarity At first.

The Riddler is beautifully presented and majestic, reminding me of the films Se7en and Zodiac in terms of mystery, and the way the narration is. Batman and Jim Jordan side-by-side in a race with a serial criminal terrorizing the city, clues to his identity, or his next crime, are scarce. Little clues turn into the most important things in the case, and little clues are chased by our hero and come to dead ends. Matt Reeves has made a noire movie with Batman that I consider to be one of the best movies of the genre in a long time.

What about action?

Because of those inspirations, you might feel the movie is a bit quiet, doesn’t offer as much action or at least not as much as you’d expect from a Batman movie. And I think this is true, but let me explain to you that the character of Batman has more than one side, and they are the intelligence that enables him to investigate complex crimes and collect evidence intelligently, the fighting side – which any movie focuses on the character – and the side of stealth. Batman can plan and reach his goals without making a fuss, which distinguishes him from other characters such as (Superman), for example, whose powers are based on the physical aspect only.

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Those of you who have experienced the Batman Arkham series of games will know how this wonderful series brought these aspects together to be one of the most comprehensive works of the true capabilities of the Batman character. I think Matt Reeves tried to deliver that as well, focusing on the investigative aspect to be the degree to which his film rises above the others, to be distinct, which he did.

Despite that, there are great action scenes in the movie that show how strong Batman is, and he resorts to violence whenever things go wrong, and the design of those fights was great and the camera angles in them were distinct, especially one of the fights that took place inside a nightclub. Lights, camera angles, and loud music are cleverly used to deliver one of the best fights in the Batman movies combined.

The Batman movie.. Batman like you’ve never seen before

‘The Riddler’: Can he beat the Joker from the Nolan trilogy?

“The Riddler” (performed by Paul Dano) is similar to the serial killers from Se7en and Mindhunter, David Fincher’s works that largely explore the psychology of crime. David Fincher’s heroes always rely on an understanding of the psychology of a criminal in the hope of getting one step ahead of him. This is how Batman and Jordan confront “The Riddler”, full of bewilderment and attempts to understand his way of thinking. While Paul Dano doesn’t appear often, he does appear at key moments and in an attractive and suspicious manner. So I don’t think the Joker likeness is appropriate, but we shouldn’t underestimate Paul and director Matt Reeves for introducing a fantastic villain in a new, powerful way.

What about the performances?

Fortunately, Gotham City has a lot of important characters apart from the central duo (Ridler and Batman), including Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), Penguin (Colin Farrell), Jim Jordan (Jeffrey Wright), and others.

In fact, it would be unfair to say that one of these characters stole the spotlight for himself because they all gave different and elaborate performances. But I’m especially mentioning Jordan and Penguin because I’m a fan of the Gotham series that spanned six full seasons, introduced these characters in unusual ways, and involuntarily made me want to always see them that way. The Batman movie and director (Matt Reeves) manage to make a different version of these two characters, and at the same time an interesting version that makes you want to see more of them. Fortunately, a spin-off from the movie has been announced about The Penguin and his ascent.

I consider Colin Farrell and Italian Mafia boss Carmine Falcone in the movie, played by John Turturro, to be the best portrayals of these two characters so far in all of the Batman films. Their appearances were hugely influential in presenting the world of Gotham for what it is. They are the two characters who have the best consistency with the writing of the world and how it is presented.

We also have to point out that Robert Pattinson’s performance exceeded expectations, he delivered one of the best versions of Batman’s character and his dialogues were both fantastic, poignant, and realistic. From the introduction to the monologue to the end, he was an attractive character that forces you to listen and think about what he had to say, and he developed over the course of the film to change his intellectual system with the end in a very satisfactory manner.

I consider Robert Pattinson a great actor now because of his work in recent years, most notably TENET and The Light House, and The Batman emphasizes that again.

The Batman movie.. Batman like you’ve never seen before

But is the movie flawless?

I think the weakest aspect of the movie was Bruce Wayne, who didn’t make much difference from Batman. There is a philosophical idea about Batman in general, that wearing a face mask enables you to become the true version of yourself. In the case of Batman, he unleashes his violence and impulsiveness by putting on his bat mask, but one of the most important aspects of the character (Batman) in all his films and even in the comics is the aspect of dual identity, trying to move from the terrifying crime fighter by night, to the playful, sometimes influential millionaire by morning.

I think that if I had not known the strength of Robert Pattinson’s performance, I would have blamed him, but I have been following him since the announcement of his starring role. There is nothing wrong with the embodiment and scope, but I think that the problem was in the writing. Bruce Wayne is presented as the introverted millionaire obsessed with saving the world neglecting all other aspects of his life, most importantly Bruce Wayne’s influence on the city’s leaders and centers of power. Bruce Wayne only used his identity to get close to Gotham City’s powerhouses once in the second act of the movie, which was especially frustrating because (Ben Affleck) had been a great Bruce Wayne (perhaps the best) and before him the Nolan trilogy starring Christian Bale and Tim Burton’s duo.

Director (Matt Reeves) tried to show the character of (Bruce Wayne) and limit him to his scenes with (Catwoman), but it was not enough. The relationship between them is wonderfully dynamic, each pursuing a goal and cooperating to reach each one’s goal, but for reasons I won’t mention – to avoid burning – they affect each other. This dynamic, changing relationship was one of the funniest aspects of the movie, but is it enough to be our only window, almost, into Bruce Wayne’s character? I do not think so.

That missing piece of the DNA of the Batman movies was the element that most influenced the movie experience as a whole. But with the possibility of new parts of the movie, I think a solution is within reach.

The Batman movie.. Batman like you’ve never seen before

The hidden weapon of The Batman movie

Composed by Michael Giacchino, best known for Spiderman No way Home, Homecoming, The Incredibles 2, Jojo Rabbit, Kingdom Heart III and Oscar winner for UP. It is considered one of the pillars of the film, and its pleasant surprises. It completely dispelled my anxiety about (Hans Zimmer) retiring from superhero movies (he said after Batman V Superman).

The music sets the mood perfectly and goes well with every moment of the movie. Action, mystery, shock drama, and even a few romantic moments. All added to the film’s great music.

By the end of The Batman, I realized why (Zach Snyder) failed in Batman V Superman, which I consider a flawed masterpiece. In many cases, increasing the complexity of events is not in your favor, and this is evident with the movie The Batman, which you can enter the cinema to watch as a fan of classic mystery crime films, or as a fan of the Batman character, and in both cases, you will find what you want. A dark journey full of fun, mystery, and action, and carefully written characters driven by great music to say the least, The Batman movie is a masterpiece in the field of narrative and cinematography.

The Batman movie.. Batman like you’ve never seen before

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