The most important applications of cloud computing

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The most important applications of cloud computing

As a result of the technology development and the abundance of inventions, there are many technologies that have shortened humanity’s effort and time, and saved a lot of costs and material expenses for companies and even individuals, to the extent that you can meet the needs of individuals without placing those high costs as was the case previously, and among those technologies are Cloud computing, what is it? And who uses it? What are the most prominent cloud computing applications today?

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Cloud computing concept

Cloud computing

They are network services through which you can use platforms to work such as servers and large computing devices with the resources that you want, so that instead of incurring the costs of purchasing and maintaining those servers, you can get the storage space and speed of data processing that you want with the flexibility of modification. And all this only when subscribing with providers that support this type of services such as (Amazon Web Services) or AWS for short.

Cloud computing applications are generally divided into categories, and the services they provide are classified as:

  • Platforms and sites as a Service (PaaS).
  • Software or applications such as Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Infrastructures as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The most prominent applications of cloud computing

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Cloud computing has turned from being a recent invention to an innovative technology that has accelerated the development of companies in the field of cloud services, including quick access from anywhere connected to the Internet to the data you want, and this is applied at the level of companies and even individuals. Cloud services are divided into several types and areas, the most prominent of which are:

  • Cloud Storage: The most popular cloud computing application, used by major companies around the world; The cloud provides the user with the ability to store and access personal files from anywhere on the Internet, either through web interfaces or applications supported by cloud storage providers. In addition, you can get the space you want for companies or individuals, for a monthly fee that you pay to cloud storage providers such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

  • Backup: Backup is considered one of the most important security and safety standards for data, and it has always been a complex process that takes a lot of time to complete, but with the presence of the cloud, companies can create and store multiple copies of their data, without complaining about capacity or reliability issues. Storage is the best in terms of accessibility and reliability.

  • Big Data Analytics: Cloud computing applications provide the opportunity to benefit from data and data that have been previously stored and organized, as well as facilitate the processing of large amounts of data through powerful cloud servers. This enabled marketing experts to take advantage of the cloud’s data analytics power to study customer patterns and build advertising and marketing campaigns. Knowing that when this technology is used by central servers, it will be very difficult to collect and organize data, especially for small companies.

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  • Test and Development: You can secure a suitable environment for software development in the presence of the cloud, as it reduces many costs that you may have to spend in purchasing physical hardware, as the cloud facilitates many procedures for developers by providing customized environments to work with the required flexibility.

  • Chat-bots: A chat-bot is a program that uses artificial intelligence to simulate conversations with a user such as Siri and Google Assistant, and it may also be found in messaging applications or websites As it derives all its information from the cloud, so that through the power of the cloud in storing data and information, we can obtain the results of users’ preferences, and this helps in providing customized solutions, responses and messages aimed at dealing with customers, and answering their inquiries. And all this in an effort to secure the best environment for the user.

  • Social Networking: Social media platforms have always been the most widely used cloud computing application, but they are not as highlighted as the rest of the services. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media that have turned the world into a small village that can collect information about anyone in the world, no matter how far the distance. These networks are designed to find people you may know or want to know, by imposing policies and rules on the user that force him to add a lot of his personal information, which is not only shared with users of the platform, but with its owners. To deal with this huge amount of data, we need to use the cloud to store and organize the data as it should, and this is where the role of cloud computing appears.

The most important applications of cloud computing

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